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Who doesn’t love a bit of welly-wanging on a rainy afternoon?

Whether it’s a stag-do, team-building with colleagues or friends, or something a little more chilled out, a day of some slightly wacky games and energetic activities can be a fun and entirely unique day out.

… as long as you like getting wet. And tired. And maybe, if you’re lucky, a tiny bit sunburnt.

The vouchercloud team decided it was about time they enjoyed something similar – so broke into their teams, summoned their greatest war-cry, grabbed their giant padded handbags (long-story) and took a day out with West Country Games.

West Country Games Review – Pitch Fork Duel

West Country Games - Pitchfork Duel

This was a favourite for many, and if you’ve ever watched Gladiators – or simply every wanted to swing wildly at your friends with a giant pitchfork and knock ’em off a podium – then it’ll be one of your favourites too.

Stand atop your (incredibly wobbly) podium, grab your ‘pitchfork’, and joust, swing and swat your opponent away to claim victory.

Naturally, there’s no headshots allowed – unless you’re sneaky enough – but that doesn’t mean, like our group, you should aim for the crotch either.

… even on a stag do, that just isn’t cool.

West Country Games Review – That-There Swingy Thing

West Country Games - Swingy Thing

(Just a note that that isn’t the official name – this game has no official title, so we’ve temporarily crowned it in typical West Country fashion).

This was as fun as it looked. For any Total Knockout fans, the sight of a giant spinning log designed specifically to knock you over won’t be new, but there’s nothing quite like trying it out for yourself.

As one person from your rival team cycles, a not-as-hard-as-it-looks-but-still-quite-hard foam baton swings through your team as you try and jump over it – often without success.

Just a hint – keep bouncing. The bouncy castle arena allows you to keep light on your toes and ready to jump whenever you need to, though it does leave you with certain moments when you’re left dangling in mid air, knowing that this thing is going to whomp you just as you land.

… there’s always one person who just can’t get it right. Those are the most fun people.

West Country Games Review – Cider Run

West Country Games - Cider Run 2

Classic bungee shenanigans.

Run as hard and as far as you can – while attached to a giant bungee line – to plonk your velcro ‘cider cup’ as far down the cider run as possible, with points being awarded depending on how far you run.

As the experts say, don’t resist when you start to fall back. One way or another, you’re flying backwards – so tuck your arms in and enjoy the ride as you bounce back away for your next try.

You have to dive though. It isn’t fun unless you dive.

Disclaimer- sadly, this game is relatively cider-free.

West Country Games Review – Wurzel Knockout

West Country Games - Wurzel Knockout

In among all the running, jumping and, well, wrestling, this was a game of skill and co-ordination that some people were frankly terrible at.

… including myself.

Get ready to lie back and create a human catapult – using your feet for support, you’ve got to save the world from the terror and ungodly reign of The Wurzels.

Well, that is, fire tennis balls at wooden cut-outs of those famous West Country boys to score points for your team.

You can generate a fair bit of power if you’re feeling aggressive – though that’s a surefire way to miss just about every target and score a sweet zero points for yourself and your team.

West Country Games Review – Vicky Pollard Handbags

West Country Games -sumo

Don’t let the name confuse you, as this is your traditional sumo-suited battle of endurance; just with some added cushion-y handbags for swingin’.

Pick your most appropriately sized rival – or, if you’re the stag/hen, prepare to take on the strongest member of your party – and slog away in a best-of-three battle for supremacy. Flip the other person on their back or push them out of the ring and you win.

As always, this is as fun as it looks, and if you’re blessed with good weather, it’s as sweaty and tiring as it looks, too.

West Country Games Review – The Whole Shebang

The very short version is that I don’t think there was anyone in our group that didn’t have a great day. Even with completely mixed teams, the support was great and the competition was fierce but friendly.

Every member of staff was bright-eyed and enthusiastic – and sarcastic, when appropriate – and duly rewarded those who put an effort in (and punished those who flouted the rules and were generally being bad sports. There’s always someone…)

You’ll also get introduced to – and weirdly grow accustomed to – some pretty wonderful music too; Wurzels-esque covers of some of your favourite cheesy pop tracks are a pretty wonderful thing.

Although on a sunny day you might get a bit toasty after some of the more exerting games – a couple of rounds with that-there swingy thing will leave you with some aching legs for sure – everyone will enjoy, and have a good chance at doing well at, every game, so there’s no risk of anyone feeling left out or hard done by either.

So, if you’re looking for a team-building or stag/hen-do activity that’ll bring out your competitive side while keeping things fun and energetic, then look no further.

You can see more about the West Country Games and Welsh Games if you fancy having an inflatable, fun-filled and surprisingly tiring day of your own too. Whether you’re surviving a hen-do or looking for an activity with colleagues, they’ll treat you well!

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