What are today’s modern wedding gifts?

contemporary wedding gifts

Tis the age-old predicament, what to buy the happy couple? Because as excited as you are about the big day, when it comes to choosing a wedding gift – stress can start to brew. When wedding season runs all year round, it’s easy to get a little stuck when it comes to finding unique and modern wedding gifts to perfectly suit the bride and groom. You may have a registry to work with and you may not – we encourage you to go off the beaten track a little and to take this as mere direction for your wedding gift. The key is to find a balance between what they want, need and what they will love.

You want to be generous, whether it’s a family member, your best friend, a neighbour or a colleague; after all, they have personally invited you to share in a beautiful moment and in the celebration of their love. No doubt you’ll want to toast to them, show your support and how you value them as a couple. However, if it’s your 5th wedding occasion of the year, we understand that you may be totting up travel, outfits and a happy hour (on you) if there’s no open bar – so you might be worrying about your budget too.

Contrary to what you may think, buying or rather giving fun loving and contemporary wedding gifts doesn’t (always) need to break the bank. That’s the beauty of gifting – there’s no price tag attached. With more and more far-out takes on the humble and traditional offerings for couples nowadays, it’s never been easier to find inspiration for a wedding gift they won’t forget.

Beautiful and Original Wedding Gifts

What may seem like simple wedding gift ideas are in fact rather thoughtful. An amazing cup of coffee to pull their Sunday brunches together perfectly, and superbly designed kettles, pots and pans will help turn their kitchen into a happy place. Whether newlyweds want to cook romantic meals for just themselves, or start inviting folk over for dinner parties galore – exquisite tableware and kitchenware will always go down a treat and will be appreciated more than you may think.

wedding china

Amazon has an unrivalled selection of machines for the coffee lover plus you can find great value kitchen essentials; whilst John Lewis has some kitsch designs in tableware to make for the most elegant of tea parties.

It goes without saying that personalisation always goes down a treat. Prezzybox has a great selection of wedding gifts, many of which can include a special scribble. This Whisky decanter is sure to go down well at a dinner party, as is the suave wine rack from Amazon and whimsically designed plate from John Lewis.

home wedding gifts

The Different Wedding Gift Ideas

To keep both their hearts and minds entertained, you could give them the gift of adrenaline with an experience day. Book them onto a zorbing trip for two, ice climbing, a helicopter tour or perhaps a more quaint chocolate making lesson – ideas which are sure to keep their fun flame going.

experience gifts for couples

Virgin Experience Days has a very cool selection of activities for couples, often with a good deal going too.

Subscription wedding gifts are also an amazing idea to give them another shared interest. Subscribe them to a monthly magazine on home décor, gardening, travel or something completely different like canoeing – because giving them inspiration for the home or perhaps their next holiday will never go amiss.

organic fruit gift baskets

For the gift of good health, you could even start them up on an organic veg, meat or fish box which will do doubt inspire their inner chef and get them whipping up Michelin star meals within a few months. Abel & Cole have a great choice of organic boxes to choose from and sometimes even include freebies like olive oil and cookbooks.

If they’re having a long honeymoon – they will definitely thank you for this hearty choice on their return. Just make sure to start the deliveries when they are back in the country.

The Green Wedding Gifts

If you’re looking for something a little more wholesome and planet friendly, you could treat the happy couple to a wonderfully lush tree that they can nurture indoors or in their garden. An olive tree represents peace, hope and enduring love – perfect for when you’ve just tied the knot. Still, an apple tree, rose bush or another won’t be frowned upon; the gift of everbearing fruit and flowers is one to be cherished.

wedding flower gifts

Amazon has a wide selection of potted plants and trees that are perfect for gifting.

The Post Honeymoon Gift Ideas

For when they are back from sunnier places, where the sand was warm and the margaritas on tap – get them something lovely to get rid of their honeymoon blues. A hamper filled with an adventure kit to set them off on their next outing will be sure to stir some excitement. Fill it with wine and cookies, binoculars, a map and a compass – whatever a happy camper needs and then let them decide where the wind will take them.

bye honeymoon blues

The Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

For gifts which play on memory, that will joyfully stay on their minds as much as yours. This is when you can add to their home comforts with picture frames to capture those timeless moments and keepsake boxes for them to fill with trinkets collected over the years and those from the years to come. Get personal and include a picture of you with the happy couple or something to remind you all of a great time you’d had together. The options to fill the blank spaces are endless and exciting.

wedding frame gifts

It’s fair to say that gifting newlyweds is far from a snore. Nowadays, the floodgates have opened for fresh takes on traditional options that are still beautiful in thought, memorable and personal – but with a touch more vibrancy to celebrate a truly wonderful milestone moment for a couple and to nurture the future years they’ll have together. With more gifting options than you could imagine at Amazon too, we hope we’ve inspired some creativity in you for your modern wedding gift challenge.

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