Who Da Man?! What to Buy Dad

The time has come to treat your old man, and although a pair of socks has never failed to show him how much you care in the past- we’ve found the best gifts around that will really make him smile. We’ve teamed up with Debenhams for gifting ideas that will let your dad be the man! Whatever his style may be, we’ve picked out something something to suit his mojo. Whether he’s a bit suave, into his gadgets or just loves a great BBQ or a cup of coffee- we’ve got some cool inspiration and now the thought of what to buy dad won’t leave you in a sweat.

For the James Bond Dad

If your dad likes to stay on trend and secretly thinks he’s 007, then something from the Debenhams’ dapper dad section is sure to go down just as well as the infamous shaken not stirred martini. With bow ties galore, opt for a knitted version or one with a diamond print to jazz up any tuxedo. A pair of stylish tinted aviator sunglasses will definitely up your old man’s cool whilst doubling up as eye protection from the sun and glare.

gifts for dapper Dad

When it comes to cufflinks, you can seriously hone in on his character and interests here. Whether he’s into cricket, Formula 1, or every man’s best friend- a pair of novelty cufflinks from The Collection can be a no-brainer, personalised present.

cufflinks for dad

1 beard shaver


Let’s not forget that every man enjoys a pampering. The grooming type could really appreciate a manicure set; but for the dad who would rather trim his beard than the lawn- look no further than an innovative beard trimmer. Touch screen and with titanium blades- you don’t get more James Bond than that.







Age is Just a Number – Dad Toys

It’s no secret; we all know that dads still love gadgets big and small. A helicopter or Lamborghini are somewhat extreme purchases, so for now we have the next best things…

Mondo Motor’s give you remote controlled cars- for big kids! The gift of hours of entertainment with a seriously realistic version of your dad’s dream drive is sure to be a win. If you want to give him wings, then take a look at the F22 Raptor with full radio function control so your dad can experience amazing flying stability and speed control for an at home, pilot feeling like no other.

toys for dad


fitbit for dad


Let’s head back to earth now and tackle the father who is still a sucker for gadgets but also a bit of a health freak. The fitbit is a cool and sleek device to be worn around the wrist. This is a veritable Mr. Motivator and more than ideal for getting you on track to a more active lifestyle. Able to count steps, distance travelled and calorie intake- it can even help you sleep better to wake up energized in the morning.





For the Jamie Oliver Dad

Fathers are renowned for taking control when a barbeque is on the horizon; so for all the chefs out there who never fail to turn to Jamie Oliver for inspiration- check out his collection of kitchenware and BBQ man tools. Nowadays, it’s far more than just sticking a steak on the barbie. We’re talking marinades, burger presses and cheese serving platters of course to finish off the garden party. There is also no end to the different types of barbeques that you could invest in. From steel firepits to gas barbeques with motorised rotisseries- at Debenhams the designs are smart and sophisticated so come rain, wind or shine your dad will always be prepared to impress with his culinary delights. Your dad will love whipping this steel and wood barbeque brush out in front of friends and family too- because there really is no better way to enhance the flavours of your meats. Then let the cheeses speak for themselves with these ceramic markers to help point your taste buds in the right direction.

bbq gifts for dad


For the Hipster Barista Dad

gift for dad mugNow for the dads who are part of the coffee connoisseur club. Even if your dad can’t tell the difference between a flat white and an americano- his cuppa joe will definitely be more appreciated when it comes in an amazing mug. Whether he’s No1 Dad, The Boss or a quirky fisherman- there is a mug for every father.

From the classic French press to an Italian Moka- your dad will be the best barista in no time. Now he can even adorn his coffee creations with a sprinkling of cocoa or cinnamon using one of Barista& Co’s quirky coffee stencils. With fancy, pod driven machines bound to bring some cheer too- the gift of awesome coffee will be a memorable one.

coffee gifts for dad

Let the gifts do the talking on your dad’s special day. Giving is always rewarding, but let’s face it- knowing that your gift is going to rock your dad’s world is also pretty great. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to find something that could suit your dad; whatever kind of guy he is, make him feel like a cool dude on the one day where it’s allowed!

Debenhams have a great range of fantastic gifts from the culinary to the electronic – just make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Debenhams page for the very latest in a Debenhams discount code to help you save on your next purchase!

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