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When the weather starts to bite and the nights draw in, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting home and wrapping your hands around a fresh mug of hot chocolate. That smell, the warmth, and the silky chocolatey goodness is irreplaceable, and is the perfect cure for winter (or autumn, or spring, and yeah okay, summer) blues.

Despite being famous for its tea, Whittard of Chelsea is also a dab hand at creating some beautiful blends of hot chocolate too, steeping its offering in luxury to try and provide a drink that is a little bit of something special. We can’t lie, our curiosity was piqued – so we decided to try a couple of the intriguing flavours of Whittards hot chocolate to see if they are on to a winner.

Before you say anything, we did make all of our hot chocolates with milk – as is recommended – but also tried them with water and a dash of milk, tea-style. We’ll comment on both, to appease the traditionalists and rogue modernists among you.

So, hopefully you enjoy our Whittards hot chocolate review – and yes, that does include white hot chocolate, too…

Whittards Hot Chocolate

Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate Review

Where better to start than in the lap of luxury?

Whittards’ self-proclaimed luxury hot chocolate is an attempt to increase the richness, level up that velvet smoothness and enhance the flavour of the pure and wonderful cocoa flavour that makes hot chocolate so moreish and indulgent.

It does that very well, but with a simplicity and elegance that is most welcome. There’s no faffing and frills after all – this is pure and delicious hot chocolate, smooth, warm and embracing.

There’s nothing too sickly-sweet with this classic flavour either, as the high-end hot chocolate does away with all the unnecessary sweetness and artificial-feeling flavours that can often ruin a good hot chocolate (and is sadly draped all over supermarket shelves).

Deliciousness in a mug.

Whittard Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Review

See, this? This was the one that caught my attention. The whole sweet and salty vibe is all good with me, and a touch of that caramel smoothness with some rich and warm hot chocolate sounded truly tempting.

When trying to create flavours for these kinds of sweet treats – hot chocolate and popcorn especially – there is a tendency to push the flavours too far, and either pick flavours that don’t work or try and bring too much to the table in one mouthful.

This, however, doesn’t do that. The sweetness is mellow – never sickly – and you get a little hint of everything you’d want from the chocolate and the salted caramel.

My personal favourite, and there weren’t many people arguing.

Whittard Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Whittard Strawberry White Hot Chocolate Review

This one was a little more out there. White hot chocolate is on the way up, given especially that white chocolate lends itself very well to the milkiness and creaminess that many people look for in that first sip of hot chocolate on a chilly day (though it’s also something of a Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolate speciality).

Naturally, strawberry also blends very well with white chocolate – the two are perfect partners in all kinds of sweets and desserts – and this made the blend feel very natural in a hot chocolate.

White hot chocolate does seem to be an acquired taste though –  some didn’t enjoy the added sweetness, but some found it quite moreish. It’s definitely a unique flavour, and something you have to try at least once before you stick to your guns and stay team milk or team dark (there’s room in everyone’s life for more than one favourite hot chocolate, after all!).

Whittard Vanilla Caramel Flaked Hot Chocolate Review

This was one of the more intriguing options, given the flakey nature of the hot chocolate; rather than a fine and ready-to-go powder, this hot chocolate was readily shredded, making for a slower melt. This is something of a Whittards speciality, and many of the big names (Hotel Chocolat among them) have followed suit.

This flaked approach tends to cut back on the sweetness and add a sprinkle more richness, which blends well with the sweet flavours of vanilla and caramel blended through. All in all, it came together to make for something of a lighter flavour – no flavour, be it chocolate, caramel or vanilla – overpowered the other, and the every sip seemed somehow lighter.

An interesting option, and definitely something we’d recommend – for wow factor alone. I’d just recommend that you pay close attention to the mixing on this one, as the chocolate can melt against the cup fairly quickly (stirring hot chocolate is an art, after all).

Whittard Flaked Hot Chocolate

Whittard Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Review

After indulging in the salted caramel option, we were treated to another sweet-and-salty option by way of peanut butter infused chocolateyness.

Now, obviously, peanut butter is one of those things that can be like catnip to some people, and poison to others – if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, can it be anyone’s hot chocolate?

Short answer, yes – for the peanut butter lovers, this is an unctuous and rich hot chocolate, cut through with a heavy kick of peanut butter (we’re not talking delicate background flavours here). The smell and taste are overwhelmingly wonderful for those who have an affinity for the peanut-buttery things in life.

That said, if you’re not an adoring fan, it’s probably best to avoid and stick to something with the traditional sweetness and warmth of your standard hot chocolates!

Whittard Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Whittard Latte Macchiato Triple Chocolate Spoon Review

Chocolate spoons are wonderful. There’s something unavoidably awesome about seeing this chocolatey marvel, unwrapping it, and getting to stir your way to a slowly melting, colour-swirling delicious delight. It makes people squee, and lean over your shoulder to see what’s going on.

Basically, there’s something to be said for a little bit of showmanship – also, this version came with marshmellows, which helped us pimp out every other cup of hot chocolate we enjoyed…

Naturally, this one also takes a little bit of time to work with – but it deserves your time. The best bit about this beaut is the novelty – standing over it and stirring delicately, watching the various flavours melt into the drink, smelling it as it blends through and, obviously, licking the spoon at the end (#noshame).

When it came to the flavour of this one, the coffee notes were delicate but welcome, and the extra creaminess was noticeable – it made for a really indulgent drink that suited the one-off nature of this gift-minded treat.

Loveliness in/on/of a spoon.

Whittards Hot Chocolate

So after an indulgent day and some delicious insight into the rich and creamy world of hot chocolate, we can safely say that there are a whole heap of flavours out there that you should try – and there’s something to be said for indulging in a little bit of luxury when you’re treating yourself. The jump in quality is noticeable from your run of the mill supermarket brands, and they even stir better too.

A better flavour, a better hot chocolate and way less hassle – how can you even complain?

You can find out whether you agree with my love for salted caramel hot chocolate too, especially if you use a Whittard voucher to save on your next purchase – treat yourself, on vouchercloud!

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