Konnichiwa! It’s a YO! Sushi Review

YO! Sushi Blue Monday Review

Starting off as a small sushi restaurant in Soho, London, Yo! Sushi has taken the UK by storm and now one can be found in most city centres and has even opened a few branches across the pond in the wonderful US of A! vouchercloud HQ girls Louise, a new diner to the Japanese inspired dining experience and Jess, a seasoned eater of YO! Sushi meals, head on down to Yo! Sushi in Bristol to sample some bowls from the sushi conveyor belt.

Where? YO! Sushi, Cabot Circus, Bristol.

Price? We dined at YO! Sushi on a Blue Monday, a wondrous day where every dish is £2.80!

Rating? 4/5

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The Beginner’s Yo! Sushi Review


I’ve never had sushi in a sushi restaurant before so heading to YO! Sushi I was excited to try out a new way of dining – grabbing your grub from a moving train and pressing a red button for service meant I had more fun dining out than I have done in ages. Gone were the awkward servers asking to take your order and hello to the new get stuck in approach.

I started with the Avocado Maki and with a dip of soy sauce and a side order of Miso Soup I was already on my way to a very delicious meal. YO! Sushi certainly didn’t disappoint and it was so much better than (sorry Tesco!) the Tesco Sushi I usually eat at lunch.

As I was eating I still had my eye on the train, what to order next?! When I spotted the Salmon Firecracker Rice I couldn’t resist picking it up so half eating an Avocado Maki with chopsticks (which I think I was getting the hang of) I dived onto the train before the Salmon could get away. The Salmon was colourful and full of spicy flavour, I sort of gave up on the chopsticks towards the end and I unfortunately finished the dish using a spoon – maybe I haven’t quite got the hang of the chopsticks after all.

Jess picked up the Spicy Tuna Mini ISO and told me I had to try some. Now I’m really not a fish person – I’ve probably already said this when I tried scallops at The Dining Room and raw fish actually scares me slightly but with the spicy sweet chilli sauce I could barely taste the tuna and actually the texture and spice meant for a really nice sushi roll (although I am no expert, I will leave the real review to Jess…) My favourite dish by far had to be the Pumpkin Kerroke. It was devine and the person who suggested this was certainly right to do so. The deep fried pumpkin had a yummy peanut-y sauce and served hot, it was a fantastic end to my sushi savouries.

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Now for dessert! The Doryaki, a Japanese pancake stuffed with custard, served with a raspberry sauce had caught my eye throughout dinner so I couldn’t resist picking up the last blue plate of the meal. I was glad it wasn’t a heavy dessert and the refreshing raspberry sauce was perfect after quite a (not on purpose) spicy main. One more Japanese Green Tea and Jess and I were done.

The service was perfect; we were constantly asked if we needed anything and when we ordered a dish that wasn’t on the train it was quick to make and served immediately – no hanging around here! This was a delicious way to eat relatively healthy fast food and I am definitely going again. Is next week too soon??

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The Seasoned Diner’s Yo! Sushi Review


Next week is definitely not too soon! With the Blue Mondays promotion it makes it too good to refuse!  I really enjoyed the meal and it far surpassed my expectations. I am a lover of all things Japanese food. The great thing about YO! Sushi is they cater for the sushi beginners so Japanese food lovers can introduce newbies knowing YO! Sushi can offer alternatives to the traditional raw fish sushi such as Chicken Teriyaki and lots of delicious vegetarian options.

I started with the Kaiso Seaweed Salad which was so delicious and of course took advantage of the unlimited Miso soup and Japanese Green Tea! I then tried the YO! Roll which had been made right in front of us, the salmon was so fresh! My favourite dish had to be the Spicy Tuna Mini ISO which was so good I had to have two plates!

With a sweet tooth like mine I could not refuse the bright coloured Mochi which was slowly circling us as we dined, if you haven’t tried these delightful morsels of sweet rice cake you really should! Made with glutinous rice and red bean paste they are sweet bites of perfection!!

Some of the plates that we sampled:

Spicy Tuna Mini ISO, Avocado Maki, Kaiso Salad, Salmon Firecracker Rice, Chicken Gyoza, Spicy Chicken ISO, YO! Roll and Pumpkin Kerroke

The desserts (that we just had to try):

Mochi and Dorayaki

If you fancy giving Yo! Sushi a try make sure to take a look over at our Yo! Sushi page for all the latest offers and deals that can help save you money on your next meal out!

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