Fun and Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts – for Young Couples

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There’s always room for challenging traditions.

If you aren’t the kind of couple who likes to follow the years with paper, silk and cotton – let’s be honest, who is – or are simply buying anniversary gifts for your favourite couple friends who you know would hate a china dining set, then take the chance to think outside the box and buy something unique and heartfelt.

Let vouchercloud guide you through some fun anniversary gifts – and unique anniversary gifts for young couples in particular.

Biscuiteers - Annviersary Biscuit Box

An Anniversary Biscuit Box

For a young couple, particularly fairly soon after their wedding, there’s not going to be a ridiculous hunger to have loads of extra homewares or furniture items. In real life, unless it’s been asked for specifically, you’re just piling on extras at this point.

And that is why something delicious is a great option – especially when you can save on it, too.

Biscuiteers’ ‘Love Bird’ anniversary biscuit tin is the most beautiful example – it is almost exclusively adorable, and is full of intricately designed (and optionally personalised) vanilla biscuits. They will stand out because they are genuinely stunning, and will be remembered because they’re a thoughtful gift which tastes delicious.

They also make for an utterly fabulous Instagram picture. What more can you ask for?

Food with Friends

A Dinner or Date Night

This works on two levels – you can either ensure your favourite couple gets a night to themselves on you, or you can drag them out of the house with a group of friends they haven’t seen in a while for dinner and drinks.

Every couple needs their time alone – and post-Wedding, the purse-strings may be tightened for things like meals out, so it can be a really nice treat. Equally, sometimes those first few years of post-Wedding bliss can isolate you from the other people in your life, whether it be because you’re busy planning houses and babies, or are simply rushed off your feet – this means that bringing a group of your friends together and footing the bill for food can be an incredibly sweet gesture and gift (and give you something a little more lovely than the material things!)

Vouchercloud naturally has a whole host of restaurant vouchers ready and waiting to help you pick a venue – you’ll already know where your favourites are!

Hot Air Balloon Experience

An Unforgettable Experience

Chalk this one up as another idea under the ‘get them out of the house’ category.

Those early years of marriage are ones to make the most of, so setting the happy couple on their way with a unique experience – whether it be day trip, gastronomical experience or spa day, or something a little more extravagant (hot air balloon ride or skydiving, anyone?)

When it comes to anniversary gifts for young couples, giving the something they’ll enjoy together and likely remember for the rest of their lives is a unique way to go, but something they’ll definitely be thankful for.

The likes of Virgin Experience Days offer a pretty wide variety and normally have a good offer or two – regardless of how high-end you’re looking.

Wedding Picture Frames

Wedding Prints and Framed Pictures

If you’re looking at a 1st or 2nd anniversary, appropriately beautiful pictures of the happy couple can make for an excellent gift – especially if you know the happy couples’ home decor well enough to spot where a great picture could go.

If there’s a picture you remember that you truly loved, a scene that would be perfect for a stunning frame or simply a small, sweet and intimate photo of the couple that reminds you of their happy day, a simply and classy frame can do wonders.

For the basics, Wilkos is utterly fabulous for a picture frame – but on the slightly more high-end side, the likes of Oliver Bonas could pull something stunning out of the bag.

Wine For Days

Wine or Beer Boxes

And from classy and thoughtful to wonderful delicious alcohol.

If you’re going to go with a material-goods-gift, why not offer something that has a long shelf-life, can be used for a casual meal and special occasions alike, and is always going to be welcome in someone’s home? A good collection of wine – or a craft beer subscription for those not partial to a red, white or rosé tipple – is an investment in a rather fun future (at least over the short-term).

This kind of gift will – all fun aside – be a useful investment, as those semi-luxury gifts that are also chunky to carry are majorly appreciated when they aren’t being lugged around by the happy couple.

The likes of Flavourly offer beer subscriptions that you can pick the ideal time period for, while Laithwaites Wine and Majestic Wine are great for order some top quality wines (potentially en masse). Deliciousssss.

Be modern, be fun, and go with some unique wedding anniversary gifts that’ll suit younger couples down to a tee. You’ll seen the appreciation in their face when they don’t receive their fourth set of fine china in 3 years!

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