5 Things You Need in a Zombie Apocalypse


Every good fan of the zombie genre has at one time or another considered whether or not they’d be prepared in the event of an ‘outbreak’ (you know it’s true).  So, in honour of this paranoid delusion, I have compiled a list of 5 things you need in the event of a zombie apocalypse. And wouldn’t you know it, you can get discounts with Vouchercloud for all of these key items!


A good weapon is a must, as is the ability to improvise, and the trusty lawnmower is a perfect example. Ludicrously and (in)famously used by Peter Jackson in his film Braindead, this gardening tool is crucial to the hero as he battles the zombie horde in a truly unique fashion.

Viewer discretion is advised, but here’s a taste of the glorious splatter-fest below:

Braindead Lawnmower gif


When the undead rise, shopping will become a problem and looting will be a further risk you can do without. What you need is a healthy stock of food that’s accessible. Vouchercloud can help you to stockpile and it doesn’t just have to be hundreds of tins, you’ll be surprised at the length of some use-by dates.

By lyzadanger - flickr.com, courtesy of wikipedia

By lyzadanger – flickr.com, courtesy of wikipedia

Sporting Prowess

Let’s be honest, if zombies are on the horizon you won’t always be ‘destroying the brain’, running away will also stand you in good stead. In other words, being fit and healthy will give you an advantage and put you higher up the food chain.

Put simply there’s no time to be sitting around. Finish this article, get some vouchers and put yourself ahead of every other walking picnic!

By Billie Weiss Original uploader Rschuman courtesy of wikipedia

By Billie Weiss Original uploader Rschuman courtesy of wikipedia


Being able to get around quickly will be of huge importance in a dystopian landscape, which is why you should make sure that your car, van or tank(!) is properly serviced. When it’s time to make your getaway, you really don’t want to suffer a breakdown.

Fawlty Towers Car Hit gif

And finally, for those in the know…

Travel Options

This isn’t really a *spoiler alert*, but if we take The Walking Dead for example, it’s a common theme that those in charge are hastily making plans whilst the general public are the last to find out what’s actually going on.

On that basis someone, somewhere will be aware of reanimated corpses before it hits the news. If that’s you, needless to say your immediate schedule will be cleared, blind panic may set in, and then you should get your thinking cap on. If there’s a safe haven in mind, make your travel arrangements and do your best to follow my other points.

British Airways Boeing 747-400: Josh Hallett from Winter Haven, FL. Courtesy of wikipedia

British Airways Boeing 747-400: Josh Hallett (Winter Haven, FL). Courtesy of wikipedia


Good luck everyone and remember, shop smart….

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