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About Diving / Watersports

Dreaming of living the life aquatic but can’t quite afford the cost of learning to scuba, surf, canoe or spelunk? Our water sport discount codes offer an easy way for you to dip your toes into the exciting world of the deep blue, without spending a fortune. Find an offer for a centre near you and book yourself in for a lesson in deep-sea diving or scuba diving. For aqua based fun that sees you spending more time above the surface (or that’s the idea, anyway!) enjoy a day of surfing, kayaking or skydiving and book your space with a discount, on us.

Diving has got to be one of the most popular water sports but to try it out for real you’ll need help from qualified trainers. The UK is home to a number of indoor diving schools, as well as a gorgeous coastline rich in opportunities to explore the depths of the ocean. If you’re aiming to achieve a PADI diving qualification or just want to test the water, we have a number of scuba diving vouchers to help you reach your goals and explore offshore for less. Take it one step further and you could become a qualified instructor or learn about rescue and lifesaving in open water. Visiting a dive centre is a great day out for families with kids and groups of adults, with plenty of centres offering leisure courses as well advanced training.