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About Indian

Indian cuisine is part of the rich multicultural tapestry that makes up the culture of Britain. As such there are thousands of Indian restaurants throughout the UK. Indian Restaurant vouchers can be found on vouchercloud to get great deals on many Indian restaurants. A lot of the restaurants in the UK pay homage to Anglo-Indian dishes such as the famous Chicken Tikka Masala (which is now a British staple) as well as traditional Indian dishes. Due to the size of India it is difficult to find a quintessential Indian dish as the different cultures that India consists of has their own unique dishes and tastes.

As well as traditional sit down meals you can also find many restaurants serving buffets. These can be available as part of the general character of the restaurants or they may form part of the lunch or evening meal menu. You can use Indian restaurant discount vouchers for restaurants offering buffets with their menu by browsing out extensive range of Indian restaurants. Buffets are great when you are with a bunch of friends. Pile it high and sample as many dishes as possible and share the experience as a group to compare your choices. So whether you like your curries spicy and hot or creamy and mild then you can find the perfect Indian restaurant for you right here on vouchercloud.