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About Japanese & Sushi

Japanese and Sushi food is a great alternative to the regular meals that most of us consume every day. Traditional British dishes are very tasty and continue to make up the bulk of what we consume for our lunch and dinner but there is definitely a lot to be said for tasty delicacies from foreign shores. Whether you are just starting to explore the Sushi world, or you are already well versed in all of the dishes that make up this cuisine, you can benefit from exclusive savings from vouchercloud. After all, why should filling your stomach with something a little different have to cost a fortune?

Sushi first appeared in Japan in the 8th century, when fish was fermented in rice in order to preserve it. It wasn’t until the Muromachi period that people actually started eating the rice itself, after realising that the combination was delicious. Today, we are able to enjoy this experimentation as a culinary treat, available in restaurants and cafes all over the country. As an added bonus, now you’ll pay less for the tastiest Japanese and Sushi in your local area, thanks to our vouchers and offers for the best places, which is the perfect excuse for trying something new with your friends and loved ones.