Alex Dejong Brand Expert

About Alex

If you like a nifty saving where possible, be sure to get onboard with Alex. Australian born, Alex is that fun-loving guy...naturally. Well, you would have a permanently optimistic disposition too if you managed to stay on budget and save up to splurge on bigger and better things like Alex. Think travel and fancy meals on the regular, that’s what you can look forward to with this brand expert around.

With a variety of brands in his safe keep, from homeware and decor to beauty brands and travel providers too, you won’t be short of finding excitement. Alex likes to aim high, and while you thought a discount was good, he’ll go above and beyond to make you feel like a VIP. Think rewards galore, and that’s before you’ve even treated yourself for being so savvy with your money-saving! Now you can say yes to a few finer things, like films, creative cooking sessions and sand, lots of sand. Get ready mate, life is about to get big.

Alex Dejong's Brands

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