The Benefits of Digital Coupons
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The Benefits of Digital Coupons

02 September 2016

Digital vouchers are all the rage.

Whether they're being shared in the newspaper or by your favourite online magazine, dug up on the internet halfway through a purchase, or pinged straight to your inbox or your phone from your best-loved brand, employing some kind of discount or money-off deal is now an essential stage in the consumer cycle.

Let vouchercloud guide you through the value of coupons, discount codes and vouchers in digital campaigns - and explain all the reasons why the world of ecommerce would not be lost without them.

Online Coupon Use

The percentage of shoppers using vouchers is consistently growing - among people of all ages. It isn't just the millenials who are hot on savings, as parents especially are notorious for being the first to hunt down a quality offer. The rise of the smartphone has had a huge impact too, as over a third of shoppers will hunt for a deal on their phone while researching or making a purchase.

Voucher use hits obvious seasonal peaks too, with Black Friday vouchers and Cyber Monday discount codes becoming increasingly, and intimidatingly, popular.

In total, 92% of consumers used a coupon across 2013 - with that number even higher today.

The Influence of a Voucher or Discount Code

When 91% of consumers admit they'd shop with a brand again after using a coupon during their purchase, you know that it brings something new to the table when it comes to customer retention.

In fact, 57% admit that they've made purchases where, had they not found a voucher code, the basket would have been abandoned, When a discount code is proven to be the difference between a confirmed sale and a heavy basket being sent to your rival, it becomes increasingly key to be active in the money-saving space.

How Shoppers are Discovering Offers

Coupon websites still top the tables when it comes to showing off deals - 96% of voucher-using consumers discover their deals using a site like this like ours. However, brands and retailers aren't far behind, with over 90% of voucher-users digging deals up direct from the source. This makes it even more key to be actively involved in any affiliate or voucher campaigns you run, sharing deals across your own social media platforms and via your own email database.

That's especially key in the grocery, fashion and beauty spaces, where voucher-hunting is especially (and increasingly) prevalent.

In fact, when vouchers specifically influence new product trials, inspire purchases on their own and even draw attention away from competitors, it's hard to ignore their usefulness!

It's becoming second-nature for consumers to search for discounts before making a purchase, and growing increasingly important for brands to make sure they're fulfilling the money-saving-desires of their customers. The value of digital coupons in marketing campaigns, ecommerce efforts and affiliate-marketing as a whole is only increasing, and missing out could be business-critical.

The Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns

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