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More about JUST EAT


Takeaway Heaven

Get closer to the food you love and enjoy it when you want to the most with JUST EAT - the solution to ordering takeaway meals on the go or from home, all on the web.

It all started as a big idea in Denmark and soon grew into a world dominating plan to help bring takeaways closer to their devoted eaters. JUST EAT is now a global leader in the world of online food ordering, providing a platform for thousands of restaurants to attract even more hungry takeaway orderers. You only need to visit the website or pop onto the app to see the boundless choice of delicious food that could be gracing your plate this very night… The great thing about the JUST EAT solution is, it’s more convenient for you. In a quick click of the mouse or a swipe of your phone’s screen you can view your local takeaway options all in one place - and it only takes another click or two to place your order for delivery to your door.

From the very beginning the aim of JUST EAT has been to provide eating solutions to anyone in a rush and people who just don’t feel like picking up a saucepan. Everyone at JUST EAT HQ is passionate about not cooking. In fact, they’re completely anti-cooking!

Do you want to know if takeaway menus in your area are listed on JUST EAT? Visit JUST-EAT.co.uk and enter your postcode into the search bar on the homepage, or view the full list of locations that are offering easy to order meals near you.

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Sign up for a JUST EAT account and as a member, you’ll be the first to hear about the offers that could save you cash every time you order a takeaway!

How does JUST EAT work?

At JUST-EAT.co.uk tens of thousands of takeaway restaruants list their menus - from deep dish pizzas and noodles to burritos and spicy curries - they’re all there, ready for you to pick a dish that tickles your tastebuds. It’s a really convenient way to order a takeaway meal from home, or on the go. You can pay for your food on the JUST EAT website or choose to hand over the cash on delivery. Each of your orders are sent straight to your chosen restaurant and heypresto - your takeaway request is placed.

Ordering with JUST EAT

Just eat ordering

Using the JUST EAT website or mobile app to order and pay for your takeaways is quick and easy. Begin on the homepage and enter your postcode into the search bar. If you have a hankering for a particular dish, select a cuisine from the drop down list. Not sure what you’re hungry for? Just search for every type of takeaway in your area. Next, click the ‘Find a takeaway’ button to see what’s cooking near you. JUST EAT will compile a list of great local takeaway restaurants that meet your stomach’s requirements. Sort the results by distance to you, or view the restaurants that have been rated highest by other peckish locals.

Depending on the time of day you visit JUST-EAT.co.uk, you’ll see the option to either view a menu or pre-order from each restaurant. Spot something you fancy? Select a takeaway hot spot to find out more about what’s on offer.

just eat indian takeawayjust eat thai takeawayJust eat sandwiches

For each takeaway restaurant you can browse the food and drink on the menu and see what your tummy says. Use the list on the left of the page to peruse a specific section of the menu; from drinks and starters to mains, sides, sauces, toppings, desserts and more. At JUST EAT you’ll find the exhaustive list of appetising dishes and all the extras from each takeaway menu, so you won’t be missing out on the tastiest offerings or any new additions.

When you’ve found a menu that gets your tummy rumbling, it’s time to place your order! Next to each item is a ‘plus sign’ - simply click the icon to add a dish to your order list. Create the perfect combo and watch your meal grow in your order summary on the right hand side of the page. Selected restaurants on JUST EAT require a minimum spend, so make sure you order enough grub to enjoy the benefits of ordering online.

Just Eat menus

When you’ve filled your plate (virtually), decide whether you want to collect your food or arrange for delivery to your door. You’ll see the estimated time for both options above your order details. Before you move on to the checkout page, add any important notes to your order, including details of allergies or delivery information. When you’re ready, click the ‘Go to checkout’ button. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign in or sign up with JUST EAT to continue. Next, confirm your address and select a delivery time or collection slot. The final step to placing your takeaway order is entering your payment details. Alternatively, choose to pay for your meal with cash on delivery. Just don’t forget to enter your takeaway voucher before placing your order!

Once you’ve confirmed your takeaway order, it won’t be long before there’s a knock at the door and the meal you’ve been craving will be on your plate!

How do I use my JUST EAT voucher?

When hunger strikes, you’re never far away from some seriously delicious grub thanks to the JUST EAT website and mobile app. Buying your meals online isn’t only a fast and efficient way of placing an order, it can save you cash too, all thanks to our savvy takeaway food discount codes. Once you’ve decided on a cuisine and a restaurant, follow these steps to ordering a cheaper takeaway with JUST EAT.

  • Choose the dishes, drinks and extras that you desire from the online takeaway menu
  • When you’ve got enough to feed the party, select between collection or home delivery, add any food or delivery notes to your order and click ‘Go to checkout’
  • You’ll need to sign in to your JUST EAT account or sign up as a new customer to continue
  • Next, confirm your delivery address and the time you’d like your food to arrive
  • You’ll need to pay by credit or debit card to use a code, so on the payment page, enter your card details
  • Below the payment section, select the link titled ‘I have a discount voucher’
  • Copy your JUST EAT discount code into the box and click the ‘Apply’ button
  • Your savings will be taken from your order total immediately
  • Finally, click the ‘Place my order’ button at the bottom of the page
  • Your meal requests will be sent straight to the restaurant, so all that’s left to do is warm the plates, lay the table and wait for your cheaper takeaway to arrive!

Just eat voucher

What’s for Dinner?

JUST EAT are here to help you answer that age old question… ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’

This daily conundrum is faced by Mums, Dads, students, couples and lone rangers every week. No matter the time of year, there’s always a day when we just can’t face cooking at home and don’t want to blow the monthly budget on a meal out. The answer? A takeaway meal, ordered from a local favourite and delivered to your door in time for tea. 

If you’re planning to eat in tonight, take your pick from the most popular takeaway cuisines and enjoy a long time favourite, or try something new. Whatever you choose, you'll get it in a hurry thanks to JUST EAT.

Chinese TakeawayTakeaway Fish and ChipsThai Takeaway
Indian TakeawayTakeaway PizzaItalian Takeaway

That’s not the end of it, though. There are more than 100 different types of restaurants and cuisines on the menu at JUST EAT - from African and Spanish eateries to tastes of Thailand, the Netherlands and British food too. If you’re looking for a ‘type’ of meal, rather than a cuisine, choose from cafes, ice cream parlors, sweet shops, sandwich huts and popular brunch spots that all offer delivery too. Visit the JUST EAT website to view the full list of cuisines and see what takes your fancy, or discover the newest places to order great food on the New Takeaways list at JUST-EAT.co.uk. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a meal waiting to feed your hunger!

Food News

JUST EAT poppadom eating challenge

If you love food but would rather not place even one foot in the kitchen, you’ll fit in well with the JUST EAT crowd. They’re all anti-cooking and would much rather you ordered in some lovely fresh grub from your local takeaway than even thought about slaving away over eye burning onions or have to endlessly stir a pot of risotto. To help spread the word of the phenomenon that is JUST EAT, the team created their very own blog- The mini Feed.

The blog is regularly fed with up to date news, articles and ideas for takeaway lovers to enjoy each and every bite. From deep dish pizza day to great award winning dishes, The mini Feed blog celebrates the highlights of the takeaway world. Each small pleasure in convenient home delivery is a massive victory for the team who love to eat and really don’t agree with cooking at home! When there’s a big game coming up, The mini Feed is where you’ll find tips to help you create the perfect takeaway spread for your friends. If there’s a new fad appearing on takeaway menus across the country, you’ll find out about it there first. When someone designs a bed inspired by french fries, you’re sure to learn about it on The mini Feed.

JUST EAT french fries bed

It’s not all serious takeaway talk on The mini Feed - there’s tons of fun to be had too. Just check out some of their hilarious food challenges and videos featuring all of your favourite stars from the takeaway menu.

Order on the Go

Enjoy the convenience of the JUST EAT experience from anywhere with their takeaway app. Whether you’re out and about, on the way home, in a new city or just lazing in bed, the JUST EAT app is the answer to your stomach’s hungry calls. Simply search for the type of takeaway you’re craving and use the interactive in-app map to see what’s nearby. Search for anything from local Chinese and Indian restaurants, to nationwide favourites for pizza delivery and deep filled sandwiches. Browse the menu, add the most tempting dishes to your plate and place your order for delivery to your door or your work address, or choose to collect your meal as you make your way home. The app features all of the great bits from JUST-EAT.co.uk including menu favouriting and address saving, all safely stored within you personal JUST EAT account.

Everyone gets hungry when they’re on the go and the JUST EAT mobile app makes filling the gap quick and convenient. Download it to your Apple, Microsoft or Android smartphone or device and you’ll have the choice of thousands of menus in the palm of your hand, ready for when you need them most.

JUST eat appJust eat mobile app

Contact JUST EAT

Feeling peckish but faced with a problem when you’re on JUST-EAT.co.uk? Don’t fret! Help is at hand in the form of a very friendly group of takeaway food experts based at the JUST EAT HQ.

Although using the website and app is usually a simple and smooth process, if you ever come across an issue or are unsure about how the service works, you can get answers from the customer care staff. Another great way to find solutions to your queries is in the online help centre. Search for answers to a range of queries relating to placing and paying for orders on JUST EAT, what to do if your order is cancelled, how to communicate a food allergy to a restaurant and much more. Select from the frequently asked questions or search for answers to your own enquiry and wrap up any problems quickly so that you can enjoy your food sooner.

How do I contact JUST EAT customer services?

If you have a query regarding a service, menu, previous order or anything else takeaway related, you can contact the team at JUST EAT headquarters via telephone, email or in writing using the details below.

JUST EAT Phone Number

0344 243 7777

JUST EAT Email Address


Write to JUST EAT

JUST-EAT.co.uk Ltd
Imperial Place (IP4)
Maxwell Road,

The JUST EAT customer service staff are on hand Monday to Sunday between 10am and midnight - so if you come across a problem, whether you’re planning your evening meal, in the middle of a lunch order, or feeling peckish late at night, help is at hand. When you email or write to JUST EAT, be sure to include details of the order, restaurant or service you’re referring to so that you can get the help you need sooner.

The team also offer a handy live chat service from the JUST-EAT website. Every day of the week, between 9am and 11pm, you can send instant messages to the customer care team and get answers to all of your burning questions straight away.

Getting Social with JUST EAT

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