Connect your home with a Samsung smart oven or fridge
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Connect your home with a Samsung smart oven or fridge

14 September 2021

samsung smart appliances

How long have you relied on smartphone technology to organise your life? We’ll bet the majority of you are reading this article on your smartphone right now. But how about a Samsung smart fridge freezer that’s clever enough to tell you which of your current groceries are close to expiry date when you’re in the supermarket?

Whether you’re an Apple-devotee or a dedicated Samsung user, for almost 15 years we’ve benefitted from the convenience of smartphones to help keep our busy digital lives in check. However, surprisingly few consumers can name a smart appliance that they use regularly in their homes.

But that’s all about to change. It’s not enough that your fridge keeps your food cold or that your washing machine keeps your washing basket empty. Today, we can expect a Samsung smart fridge that we can see inside of even when we’re away from home, a Samsung Ecobubble washing machine that we can control from our smartphones and a Samsung smart oven that can cook a whole chicken to perfection with little instruction.

The SmartThings app: how it works

Samsung’s dedicated SmartThings app doesn’t just connect up your Samsung appliances – it can also give you remote access to your Ring doorbell, Sonos speaker, Phillips Hue lighting and many other connected devices via your smartphone. For more devices that you can connect to your home, visit our dedicated vouchercloud Samsung TV guide. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of investing in your first connected device, or you’re looking to add to the ever-growing smart network inside your home, we’ve put together a guide to Samsung’s key smart appliances, all designed to make your life a whole lot easier.


Samsung Washing Machine

White goods are no small investment, and no one wants the hassle of a washing machine breakdown. The Samsung 2020 5+ Ecobubble™ Washing Machine comes with an in-built automatic error-monitoring system to avoid costly repairs or breakdowns before they happen. Problem diagnosis and detection is done through a dedicated smartphone app and includes all the information you need about your new washing machine – meaning you can even chuck away the owner manual!

Samsung smart fridge

Having a party? You won’t even need to leave the kitchen to let your guests in – you can answer your door directly from your fridge using the Samsung SmartThings app. The Samsung Family Hub American Style Fridge Freezer features an LCD screen on the fridge door which can be connected to your smart front doorbell, so you can see who’s popped by and what tipple to put in the fridge for them before they even enter the house. The SmartThings app can also send you notifications to your phone when groceries are reaching expiry – very space age.


Samsung smart oven

Fancy yourself as the next Great British Bake Off contestant, but need a little help? Control your Infinite Range Oven using your SmartThings app and have it preheat your oven and cook your food to perfection with predetermined recipes. If you’re out and about, you can even ask your smart oven to keep your banquet warm and temperature controlled until you reach the house, all from your mobile phone.

Samsung smart TV

If you’re tired of squinting into your phone every time you schedule a family video call, think bigger and mirror the conversation onto your Samsung smart TV screen. Cast anything from your smartphone onto your TV simply by tapping your compatible Samsung device on the SmartThings app. Want to watch a film or the big match together? Activate split-screen multi-view and situate the stream from your smartphone next to anything that’s playing on the TV. You can even link up Bixby or Siri to your smart TV for closer control. For more inspiration for buying your next TV at a discounted price, check out our TV guide, exclusive to vouchercloud.

Samsung smart music system

Working from home? When 5pm hits on a Friday, make sure your home is as weekend-ready as you are with Scenes on your SmartThings app. Simply connect up your Harman soundbar and Phillips Hue lighting system and hit ‘Weekend’ mode in your app to dim the lights and turn up the volume. Turn your living room into your own private yoga studio, intimate date night venue or all-singing-all-dancing children’s party – the only limit is your playlist.


Samsung smartphone

At the centre of your smart home sits your Samsung smartphone, controlling your appliances from the palm of your hand. Think of it as like the brain of your network, turning on your lights, talking to your fridge and running stats about your washing machine’s health 24 hours per day. This level of connectivity benefits from good processing power, so try and choose a phone that can keep up with all of your smart devices – we love the Samsung Galaxy S21, now available with £450 off thanks to our vouchercloud offer. We’ve also put together a dedicated vouchercloud guide to our favourite Samsung smartphones and the best prices for each one.

More ways to save with Samsung

For the most up to date Samsung discount codes, Samsung voucher codes and Samsung sales year-round, visit our dedicated vouchercloud Samsung page. We scour the web to update our Samsung deals as we find them, including exclusive discount codes that you'll only find here at vouchercloud.


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