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£10 off Orders at UberEATS

£10 off Orders at UberEATS Online

First Meal Free up to £10 at UberEATS

First Meal Free up to £10 at UberEATS Online

Burgers From £7 at UberEATS

Burgers From £7 at UberEATS Online

Starters From £3 at UberEATS

Starters From £3 at UberEATS Online

Desserts From £2 at UberEATS

Desserts From £2 at UberEATS Online

About UberEATS

The ground-breaking Uber taxi network has a new trick up their sleeves, one which will soon change the way you order fast food. Gone are the days where fast food was limited to the typical selection of pizza, Chinese, and Indian takeaways, because Uber have launched their brand new food delivery network and mobile app – UberEATS. Craving a gourmet burger with sweet potato fries, or cool, refreshing frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings? Enter your UberEATS code, and receive money off your first order on food from the local restaurants near you. Speed is of the essence; choose instant delivery to receive your food in as little as 10 minutes - great for cramming a quick lunch break in on a busy day – otherwise you can expect to receive your order in an average time of 35 minutes.

They won’t leave you in the dark as you pace around the house hungrily waiting in anticipation, you can track your UberEATS order from the restaurant to your home! Plus, just as you can rate your Uber taxi ride, so you can offer feedback in the form of star ratings for your UberEATS experience. Grab an UberEATS promo code to score a free meal or two, and trial out the slick and satisfying service for yourself! Choose from sushi trays, freshly-prepared salad boxes, spicy noodle ramen or hand-stretched sourdough pizza, and fix your food cravings with the urban answer to fast food delivery, by downloading the UberEATS app today.

Here are some offers that you've missed

  • £10 off for New Customers

    Expired: 30/09/2016

  • £30 Towards Next Order if Food Arrives After 30 Minutes

    Expired: 30/09/2016