The Best Value Secret Holiday Destinations In Europe
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The Best Value Secret Holiday Destinations In Europe

20 January 2020

Fancy getting away from it all? We crunch the numbers on Europe's top secret holiday gems to get you the best value holidays off the beaten track.

Whether you’re in a couple looking to escape the noise or a solo traveller after some solitude, vouchercloud has crunched the numbers on Culture Trip’s list of top undiscovered euro towns to find which remote paradise is best value.

vouchercloud used average flight, hotel and drivetime data from Google, car hire data from eBookers and petrol prices from to work out where you can get off the beaten track for less!

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Viscri, Romania is best value

The overall winner is Romania’s Viscri - a village deep in the heart of Transylvania, costing just £36.89 per night. Replete with a UNESCO World Heritage fortified church, Viscri also boasts the continuing practice of medieval traditions. Don’t be surprised to hear the clanging of a blacksmith’s hammer and the clip-clop of horse drawn cart as farmers take produce to market. Flights and car hire at Bucharest are very reasonable, but it’s the average double hotel room at £13 per person per night that drags the price down to make Viscri the best value on the list.

Colder destinations are more expensive

Not all Culture Trip’s secret getaways are so wallet-friendly. Colder destinations tend to be more expensive. The Faroe Islands is the costliest destination at £115.85 per night. Accommodation is expensive at £61.75 per night, (one night in Torshavn costs the same as 4 in Viscri!), but it’s the flight’s that’ll really get you. You’re looking at £262.50 per person for a round trip. You could go to Madrid and back 3 times for that price.

Appenzell, Switzerland and Arnastapi, Iceland are 14th and 13th best value at £113.96 and £106.89 per night respectively.

Lastovo, Croatia is the most remote destination

If you’re looking to truly get away from it all, the remarkable island of Lastovo, Croatia, is the remotest on our list, based on the time it takes to get to the nearest international airport. It’s a 5 hour drive (including 2 ferries) to get there from Dubrovnik, but pretty good value nonetheless at £62.13 per night.

Clonakilty, Ireland and Lavenham are within easiest reach

If you’re looking for an undiscovered gem a little closer to home, we’d recommend Clonakillty, Ireland and Lavenham, England. Both offer delightfully detached vibes and are the shortest time from the UK’s capital, with Lavenham requiring no flight at all. At £64.82 and £64.88 per person per night, these come in the middle of the price range for this group, largely thanks to their comparatively high accommodation prices.


Prices were calculated for a couple travelling 14th - 21st February 2020. Data was gathered week beginning 13th January 2020.

  • Flights: These were averaged from Google Flight’s Typical Prices function.
  • Accommodation: These averaged Google Hotels’ What You’ll Pay function for 3 star double rooms for the above dates, then halved the figure to get a ‘per person’ price.
  • Car hire and petrol: Car hire was averaged through the first 25 recommended economy cars on ebookers for the above dates, departing the nearest international airport. Petrol prices were calculated as 40 litres of petrol, with prices calculated using on 20th January 2020. These figures were then halved to get the ‘cost per person’.

Destinations taken from Culture Trip’s article:


Vouchercloud founder Greg le Tocq said:

People think booking a holiday means choosing between good value and remoteness. vouchercloud’s research shows it’s possible to venture off the beaten track without paying huge amounts of money. You can mix up your holiday destinations and avoid the cliches whilst still shopping smart!

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