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Boden Sales Guide | Vouchercloud 2024

14 September 2021

Boden Sale

A family favourite for women’s fashion enthusiasts in Britain and beyond, you can pick up fresh Boden pieces for less, using vouchercloud’s guide to Boden sales.

Many fashion-conscious shoppers and their wardrobes are well acquainted with Boden’s colourful and adaptable fashion style, so let’s get you better acquainted with their yearly sale calendar. Sales are hosted almost year-round thanks to Boden clearance sales, seasonal promos and special events, with discounts as high as 50% off or more frequently featured. To ensure you get your hands on the best Boden discount codes of the year, we’ve created a timeline of the most popular, bargain-filled Boden sales to feature throughout the year – as well as additional ways to save.

Boden’s Summer Sale

Boden Summer Sale

The best time for ladies to get hold of Boden summer dresses for half price or less, the summer sale showcases discounts of up to 60% off selected lines for men and women. You’ll often find a Mini Boden sale running alongside, with shoes and accessories for all ages going under the hammer.

This year’s summer sale spans the whole season, from June through August, with even the popular Boden babies range featuring seasonal bargains. As the brand gradually aims to clear stock for the new autumnal range, expect almost everything to eventually be reduced – though you don’t want to miss out on your size selling out, so check back regularly and nab the best Boden sale items from your wishlist before they’re gone.

To give you an idea of the savings on offer, take a look at our top picks from the Boden 2023 Summer Sale:

Boden Jersey Shirt Jacket

Jersey Shirt Jacket

Was £65, now £26 (60% off)

Boden Cotton Poplin Pyjama Bottoms

Cotton Poplin Pyjama Bottoms

Was £40, now £16 (60% off)

Boden Georgina Linen Shorts

Georgina Linen Shorts

Was £60, now £24 (60% off)

Boden Black Clover Print Hattie Jersey Dress

Black Clover Print Hattie Jersey Dress

Was £70, now £28 (60% off)


Boden Black Friday Sale

Boden Black Friday Sale

Surprise, surprise, Boden Black Friday deals are the best bargains of the year! Scheduled to be hosted from the last Friday of November, the Boden Black Friday collection often sees a flat discount applied to its catalogue – like the 30% off menswear, womenswear and Mini Boden offer hosted in 2020.

Unlike many other brands who showcase a separate Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, both are wrapped up into a single long weekend’s worth of Boden discounts. This year’s Black Friday falls on November 26, with the weekend of sales ending Monday 29 November. The date makes it a great time to splurge and save, as payday will have come for many, and there’ll be no better time to pick up some early Christmas presents for cheap.

Any eager beavers looking to get maximum value from their Boden budget can check out the Boden Black Friday page, which is live year-round, to be the first to sample this year’s Boden promos. To give a glimpse into the possible savings coming this November, we’ve highlighted some of the best Boden Black Friday deals from 2020:

Boden Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

Was £110, now £77 (30% off)

Boden Hayden Jersey Dress

Hayden Jersey Dress

Was £110, now £77 (30% off)

Boden Darcey Midi Skirt

Darcey Midi Skirt

Was £110, now £77 (30% off)

Boden Annie Jacquard Dress

Annie Jacquard Dress

Was £90, now £63 (30% off)

Boden Middleham Trim Coat

Middleham Trim Coat

Was £230, now £161 (30% off)

Boden Chichester Knee High Boots

Chichester Knee High Boots

Was £230, now £161 (30% off)


Boden Clearance Sales

Boden Clearance Sale

Those looking to snatch up some discount clothing outside of the seasonal sale periods can have a field day shopping Boden deals in one of their in-store clearance sales. Also known as Boden Town Hall Events, clearance sales are localised sale days that tour around most UK Boden stores. Think it the equivalent of a Boden kids sale, women’s sale and men’s sale all localised into a single store over the course of two days – where every item on offer has the equivalent of a Boden voucher code applied.

As you may expect, such sales are quite regular to help get rid of seasonal stock, so expect a Town Hall Event to feature at your local Boden store once every several months. To see when you can cash in at your nearest Boden outlet, check out the latest Town Hall schedule on the Boden Clearance Sale page.

If you’re worried you don’t have the bank balance to stock up in your local Boden clothes sale, here’s a quick rundown of the best Boden deals hosted at Town Hall Events this year:

  • Dresses from £20
  • Coats and jackets from £30
  • Kids tops from £8

Boden Boxing Day Sale

Boden Christmas Sale

Anyone on the lookout for a Boxing Day binge will certainly get their money’s worth at Boden. Rather than featuring straight-up discounts across a large selection of clothes, the Boden Boxing Day sale differs in that it instead will showcase bigger discounts on specific items – usually whatever didn’t sell in the build-up to Christmas. This makes Boxing Day (and the several days afterwards) a prime time for bargain-hunters to indulge and browse for the best deals – with previous offers including price cuts as high as 60% off.

Forward-thinkers can get ahead of next year’s Christmas plans at Boden, too, as the Boxing Day sale (naturally) features amazing discounts on Christmas clothing. That way, you can secure next year’s Christmas jumper before the New Year fireworks – at a fraction of the price you’d have to pay otherwise.

To give you that extra nudge to get your shopping shoes on this Boxing Day, here’s a couple of special offers from last year’s selection to pique your interest:

  • Jemima Silk Shirt Dress – Was £230, now £115 (50% off)
  • Esme Heels – Was £120, now £48 (60% off)

The last chance to pick up the remainder of the Christmas catalogue comes in the Boden January sale. Again situated right after payday, January is prime time for a good ol’ shopping spree. While similar to the Boxing Day sale, it’s worth noting that cashmere clothing comes in high demand around this time, with the January bargains being the best equivalent of a Boden cashmere sale – so check in at the turn of the year if you’d to add some Boden cashmere jumpers to your wardrobe without paying premium prices.

Boden Bank Holiday Sales

Boden Bank Holiday Sale

A bank holiday is as good an excuse as any for Boden to bring along an impromptu sale. Lasting as long as seven days, expect these sales to feature on iconic dates like Good Friday, Easter Monday and the May and August bank holidays. Landing on key dates around the hottest months of the year, it’s the perfect time to nab some Boden sale dresses and alternative summer getups to soak up some sun.

Expect the following categories to go under the hammer whenever the next bank holiday sale rolls around:

Dresses – Boden’s best-selling products and sought after year-round, Boden dresses are particularly hot picks for the summer and autumn seasons. Bank holiday deals often knock these popular wardrobe additions down by as much as 30%. To ensure you bag a perfect fit on your next sale dress, have a gander at our detailed Boden size guide.

Swimwear – A popular summer staple perfectly suited for British beaches and beyond, Boden swimwear has a variety of options for both the body-conscious and those looking to work on their tan. From bikini shorts up to full-length Boden swimsuits, there’s potential for quintessential beachwear to feature deals of up to 60% off – so browse thoroughly to get the most from your money.

Shoes – Classy sandals and retro trainers never came so reasonably priced than at Boden. If you want the best of both worlds, then you could also invest in a pair of Boden espadrilles that are almost included in every Boden shoe sale. Equal parts snug and suave, these show-stealers are gorgeous to both wear and admire in the summer months, with 30% discounts common on selected lines.

Other ways to save at Boden

If you’re looking to score a deal on another Boden article between sales, let vouchercloud offer some easy ways to cuts costs from your clothing budget:

Boden newsletter – The easiest method for new Boden customers, signing up to the company newsletter guarantees you a Boden discount code that ensures 15% off your first order. Even if you’re not new, there’ll still be a steady influx of Boden discounts, special offers and promotions trickling into your inbox throughout the year.

NHS discount – Like many other popular brands, there is a Boden NHS discount to help our most essentials workers keep their wardrobes packed for a pittance. NHS with a verifiable email address can sign up via and immediately snag a 25% discount on all full-priced items – you need only spend over £30 to qualify. To learn more about Boden’s specific NHS, student and teacher discount, read our vouchercloud guide.

Refer a friend – If you’ve got friends eager to shop and save at Boden, send a quick referral to give you both an easy discount. After sending your unique referral code, your friend can enjoy £20 off their first order online, while you’ll be rewarded with a £10 discount code for your efforts.

John Lewis Boden sale – A highlight from summer 2020, the John Lewis Boden sale offered an alternative way to save on Boden threads during lockdown. To keep on top of the best offers run this year, keep our John Lewis discount codes on an open tab and don’t miss out on another potential Boden sale this year.

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