Where's Your Country in the Sex Toy World Rankings?
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Where's Your Country in the Sex Toy World Rankings?

24 May 2017

Ever wondered what Sweden, Denmark and Greenland have in common? Nope, it isn't cold weather - it's sex toys.

Yes, you heard us right. Sweden, Denmark and Greenland sit at the top of the Sex Toy World Rankings, beating the often-assumed-sultry likes of Germany, Japan, Brazil and France to reign supreme.

Vouchercloud looked at 18 popular sex-toy-search-terms - ranging from the relatively vanilla 'dildos' and 'vibrators' to your 'jiggle balls' and 'cock rings' - and translated them into every Google-available language in order to rank every country around by their sex toy searches.

The results were pretty interesting.

Sex Toy World Rankings - Map

Sex Toy World Rankings - Map(Click image - or here - for full version).

Sex Toy World Rankings - Map (minus labels)

Sex Toy World Rankings - Map (minus labels)(Click image - or here - for full version).

Sex Toy World Rankings - Chart

Sex Toy World Rankings - Chart(Click image - or here - for full version).

Sex Toy World Rankings - The Findings

The fiercely romantic lovers in Sweden, Denmark and, strangely, Greenland are the luckiest around the world - with 118, 115 and 108 sex toy searches per 1000 internet users respectively.

The USA (104) and the UK (96) are somewhat less surprisingly following close behind, with the Netherlands (88), Russia (87), Bulgaria (86), Italy (84) and Australia (82) rounding off the top 10.

Some surprises included France (74) in a modest 15th position, Germany (65) only hitting 22nd place, and Japan (44) lingering in a lowly 43rd - seeing well under half as many searches as the UK.

Europe dominates the top positions - as we learned with our original Sex Toy League Table in Europe - with 23 European countries representing in the top 30 overall. African and South American nations lag behind (likely with less of an online industry for sex toy purchases), with areas across Asia also ranking lower than expected.

Unsurprisingly, there are countries with a wholly anti-sexualised culture ranking way down towards the bottom of the list - India (6) lingers in 141st place next to Bangladesh (6), below even the likes of Saudi Arabia (15) in 107th place.


Vouchercloud took 18 of the most popular sex toy products and search terms from Lovehoney – including generic terms like ‘sex toys’ and ‘dildos’ and more niche but still popular products like ‘love eggs’ and ‘jiggle balls’ – and translated them into every Google-accepted language.

We made sure to include a focus on colloquial terms not understood by Google Translate where necessary (there were lots of manual checks and enquiring with the international vouchercloud team – some very interesting discussions were had!)

Then, every keyword – the 18 keywords and international variants (plurals, international colloquial terms, etc.) - was then put through Google’s Keyword Planner to reveal search volume for every country. This allowed us to discover how many monthly searches over the last year each country had seen for the full set of sex toy searches.

Using these numbers, we were able to work out how many times the internet-accessing residents of each country searched for a range of sex toys, based on each country’s respective internet penetration and Google’s market share in each respective country.

This search inevitably excluded niche and product-specific searches (certain types of dildos, etc.) – so total sex-toy focused search for each country will be far, far higher than our data actually suggests.


List of Languages


Internet Users per Country



Google Market Share per Country


Market Share per Country




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