How can I be more green at festivals in 2022?
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How can I be more green at festivals in 2022?

26 July 2019

Don your wellies and get set for 2022’s festival season! There’s nothing like a weekend-long party, but spare a thought for the environment before you get glittered up. As we all know by now, summer festivals come with a hefty impact on both the planet and your wallet. If you’re wondering ‘how can I be more green at festivals?’ We’ve got a few top tips to make your festival experience more sustainable — and cheaper, too! Take our advice on board for cleaner, greener, eco-friendly festivals in 2022!

How do you celebrate festivals in a more eco-friendly way?

1. Choose ethical festival clothing

Instead of super cheap festival clothing, you’ll never wear again, opt for stylish sustainable outfits you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe. There’s no reason your festival getup has to be a one-wear-wonder, so use this opportunity to invest in a few timeless summer looks from secondhand retailers or sustainable brands.


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If you want to stand out from the crowd, make a beeline for eBay. The sponsors of Love Island 2022 offer a treasure trove of outfits from festival seasons past — perfect for a virtual rummage while reducing fashion industry waste! ASOS Marketplace is another option for vintage festival outfits and preloved gems, featuring wares from independent brands and vintage boutiques. If you’re a fan of 90s festival fashion or 1970s festival style, this is the place to come to find your new favourite sustainable look.


Cut-off denim, crochet, and crop tops are festival outfit staples that will go the distance while secondhand sequins will add disco fever to your next alfresco event. Don’t forget to thrift a light raincoat and festival wellies — it may be summer, but it is the UK after all.

If you do have the budget to invest in some quality sustainable fashion, choose statement jumpsuits or boho dresses from B Corp brand Wolf & Badger. With its sustainable ethos and festival-friendly designs, you can look good as well as do good when you shop with this ethical clothing brand.


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2. Go zero waste and make it a plastic-free festival

Most major festivals have vowed to go plastic-free, so stay in step with a few sustainable swaps of your own. Stay hydrated and BYOB with a sustainable water bottle made from metal — it’ll keep your drinks cool all day whether that’s H2) or some other tasty tipple.


If you’re looking forward to sampling some tasty food truck treats, don’t be afraid to bring along your own lunch box and cutlery. You’ll keep your food safe from spillage, and won’t be stuck with flimsy plastic forks. Pick up an enamel set from your favourite camping store and you’ll be set for 2023’s festival season, too!


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3. Opt for natural and biodegradable festival beauty products

Opt for natural skincare and haircare products that come sans packaging like the Ethical Superstore’s range of solid shampoos and cleansers. Solid options last way longer than bulky bottled liquids, so you’ll save money and valuable bag space. And if you do manage to nab yourself a shower, you can trust that these festival beauty products are chemical-free.


Unlikely to attempt a full hair wash at your favourite eco-friendly festival? Manage your festival hair with this vegan dry shampoo from Lush and add some biodegradable baby wipes to your eco-friendly festival beauty kit. These Cheeky Panda bamboo wipes from Amazon are the best alternative to wet wipes we’ve found. Made from virgin pulp bamboo, these wipes are 100% biodegradable, naturally anti-bacterial, and cruelty-free too.


All that’s left to do is top your look off with some biodegradable glitter from Lush and you’ll be set to party!


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4. Cut your carbon footprint with eco-friendly travel options

It seems simple, but transport to and from an event can leave the largest environmental impact. Most event websites have a ‘how to get there’ section, so review your options and choose public transport wherever possible. Grab a Trainline discount code from us for great ticket deals that cut costs and your carbon footprint — it’s a win-win! If your event is a bit further afield, we also offer Eurotunnel vouchers to help you swerve those pesky airport carry on requirements. After all, you’re going to need a lot more than 100ml of sunscreen!


If public transport isn’t an option, why not get by with a little help from your friend? Carpooling splits both petrol costs and the environmental impact. Plus, you can share road trip playlists on the way — bonus!


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5. Support eco-friendly music festivals in 2022

Making better choices doesn’t have to mean missing out this festival season. Keep an eye out for local and environmentally friendly events on Festicket and you could use our Festicket deals to score a great package on your tickets and accommodation.


Do a bit of research and find out what sustainable schemes your favourite festival is pushing. For example, major events like Glastonbury, Reading Festival and Latitude have pledged to cut plastic waste, and you can make back some of your ticket cost at Boomtown and Bestival when you return a full bag of recycling in the cleanup. Plus, Shambala and Green Man are both champions for renewable energy — forget plugging your phone into your car, solar stations will keep you charged up without the environmental impact.


Read up in advance about any initiatives on offer — from cardboard tents to donation schemes, there are loads of easy ways to stay green!  Whichever eco-friendly music festival you choose, a few simple swaps and greener choices will help cut your environmental impact (and save you a few pennies, while you’re at it)!


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 Don’t forget to check out our camping offers for great deals on sustainable outdoor gear, and explore our collection of discounts for some of the best sustainable brands in the UK. From ethical festival fashion to eco-friendly beauty products, you could nab a bargain with vouchercloud. After all, being a sustainable festival-goer doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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