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More about eBay

More about eBay

What does eBay sell?

In short, eBay sells everything! It’s the number one online marketplace for buying everyday items, larger investments and special purchases. Online at eBay.co.uk it’s easy to checkout quickly with a small electrical accessory or some new home decor. Or, pick up furniture, a musical instrument, or even a new car! You can treat yourself from the fashion department with something for your new wardrobe, or dress the whole family for less. Browse the beauty products on sale to find all of the big brands, then search for a makeup bag to keep it all in. Find unique items and antiques, or complete your collection of memorabilia. With eBay, you can buy for yourself, or pick up a gift for someone special- and you’ll always pay less! 

Follow your Passion with eBay

Whatever you’re into, you can fuel your hobbies with eBay. If you’re an amateur photographer, eBay’s camera category is the perfect place to buy editing software or a new lens. If you’ve got the fitness bug, add to your home gym from the extensive sports category. Feeling creative? Choose a canvas, sew on some buttons or decorate your home with craft supplies from eBay. For baking enthusiasts, you can practice at home with cake making accessories that are fit for Mary Berry herself!

How do I use my eBay discount code?

You could spend hours browsing the departments on eBay, finding exciting products, amazing gifts and brands at lower prices. Just don’t forget, there are still more savings to be had! Check out our shopping discounts to see what you could save when you buy fashion, electronics and much more from eBay’s online marketplace. Once you’ve found the eBay voucher that is valid with your purchase, follow these steps and enjoy your savings.

  • Click ‘Add to Basket’ on the page of the item you’ve chosen
  • You’ll be taken to your shopping basket where you can check your order
  • Next, click ‘Proceed to checkout’
  • Here you can confirm your delivery address, shipping preference and payment method. This is also where you can add a message for the seller of your item
  • Scroll down the page and enter your eBay discount code into the ‘Redemption code’ box and click ‘Apply’
  • Click ‘Continue’ to carry on with the payment process as normal through PayPal or using a card, enjoying some great savings from eBay!

eBay discount code

eBay Deals

On top of our money saving eBay vouchers, you can benefit from discounts every day with special offers and seasonal product reductions. Each category has an array of reduced items, limited time lower prices and sometimes even multi-buys! To find the best deals at eBay.co.uk take yourself over to the ‘Deals and Special Offers’ tab at the top of the homepage. Here, you can find the biggest discounts on electronics, fashion, home accessories and much more.

eBay Deals

Showcasing top picks and daily deals from the marketplace, eBay’s dedicated offer pages are brimming with massive % discounts. Take a look now and you could save as much as 80% off the retail price of big name products.

How do I Buy Something on eBay?

So now you’re ready to discover more from the world of online shopping, first things first- click here to visit eBay and register a new account. Once you’ve completed the registration form you’ll receive a confirmation email and you’re ready to shop! Everything you need to get started is at the top of the eBay homepage. You can view your account, get help, find the lowest prices, search for what you need or browse and discover something you want.

eBay Search

If you know what you’re looking for, find an item by name in the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the homepage. Alternatively, start off by choosing a relevant department from the category tabs. Use the categories to the left of the page to help narrow your search to a more specific item or type of product. Once you’ve narrowed your search down enough, you’ll see options on the left to refine your results further. Choose a type, price range, colour or material, as well as your preferred condition of the product, to ensure you’re only looking at exactly what you want. You can also decide which location you would prefer to buy from, whether it’s the UK or elsewhere. You’ll also need to choose the ‘format’ of your purchases- do you want an immediate buy, or would you like to bid in an auction?

Buy it Now

If you want to buy a product straight away, at the price shown, you can select the ‘Buy it Now’ option. Simply click on the product you want to buy from your search results. Check the details provided by the seller as well as the shipping details and cost. You can scroll down the page to read the item description by the seller and more photos. The product page shows how many of your chosen item are available in stock too- so if there’s more than 10 you probably have time to browse for longer. If there’s only 1 left, you might want to make your choice sooner before it’s gone! There are also details available to view about the seller and their selling history, feedback rating, payment methods that are accepted and their refund policy.  If you’re happy with your choice, click the ‘Buy it now’ button next to the product image to place your order! 

eBay Buy it Now

eBay Auction


If your ideal purchase is part of an auction, you’re in for a treat! Firstly, see how much time is left on the auction and how many bids have already been placed. This will give you an indication of the competition and what your chances are of winning. Next, think about how much you want to pay for the product. You can place a bid that is just above the minimum shown, or enter your highest bid to secure your place in the auction- until someone bids higher. If you’re outbid you will receive an email notifying you that so you can place another bid if you wish. Bidding in an auction on eBay is simple and safe. Every time you hit ‘Place bid’ you’ll be asked to confirm your decision before it is finalised and added to the auction. When it comes to the end of your item’s auction keep an eye on the site, or use the eBay mobile app wherever you are. You can place bids up until the end of the auction but always keep within your budget! If you win the auction- congratulations!- eBay will send you an email to notify you with a link to complete and pay.

Once you’ve chosen your product and committed to buy via auction or otherwise, you’re ready to pay! You’ll be taken to the checkout process where you can enter your address details, payment option, add a message for the seller, choose a delivery option and enter an eBay promo code for additional discounts. Next, click ‘Continue’ to pay via PayPal, debit or credit card depending on what the seller accepts.

However you want to buy on eBay, if you’re finding it hard to decide, click the ‘Add to Watch List’ link on any item. This will place the product into a list in your eBay account so you can come back to it later, as well as keep an eye on the price!

vouchercloud Top Saving Tip

Choose your buying time wisely. If you want to bid in an auction, find items that are ending soon and have no bids, or are ending at an unsociable hour- there will be less people bidding and if the price is starting low you might get a bargain!

How do I Become an eBay Seller?

In just a few short minutes you can be set up and ready to sell on eBay. If you haven’t already got an eBay account you’ll need to create one. Log in to your account to sign up as a seller. Firstly you’ll need to register your telephone number, your fee payment method and your collection method for your buyer’s payments. You can pay your fees by debit or credit card, BACs or through PayPal. When you sell an item you can collect payment via PayPal, credit card, postal order or if someone is collecting an item they can pay you there and then. Once you’ve created your seller account you are ready to list your first item and start earning!

To read more about becoming a seller on eBay, click here!

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

Unless you are a business, you will be classed as a private seller. This means you’ll pay between nothing and 35p for each listing depending on the type of sale you are making- although it is totally free to add your first 20 listings! You can choose additional upgrades for your listings too, some of which are free. Once you’ve sold your item eBay takes 10% of the final product sale including shipping costs. Fees for some other products, including motor vehicles, are different. Click here to find out all you need to know about eBay seller fees.

What can I sell on eBay?

The better question to ask is ‘what can’t I sell?’- because you can sell almost everything on eBay! From a brand new sound system to a hat you’ve worn a few times, eBay is the online store for selling the new and the used! There are some limitations, however. Click here to read details of prohibited and restricted items. 

What sells best on eBay?

Everyone is looking for something different on eBay. As long as you give your listing an accurate title and realistic price tag, place it in the correct category and include descriptive information, if someone is looking for if you’ll probably sell it! Some of the most popular items to buy and sell on eBay include brand new and unused clothing, genuine branded items and great value product bundles. If you have different colours or types of one item, use the multi-variation listing tool to list several similar products. It’ll be easier for buyers to find what they want from your store and it’s easier for you! Watch this video tutorial to find out more about efficient ways to sell on eBay.


Shopping for your Lifestyle

eBay is a treasure trove of shopping possibility. Buyers from far and wide come to eBay every day because they know they’ll find exactly what they need- usually at a really great price.

eBay Buying Guides

Acting as more than just a busy and bustling marketplace, eBay wants to make sure you make the right decisions, no matter what you’re buying. Before you dive into an auction or click ‘Buy it Now’, why not have a look at the informative shopping guides here. eBay and their knowledgeable industry experts provide and update buying guides for each category on the site. Find out more about buying pretty much everything you could be looking for on eBay! Need help with finishing off your unique antique collection? Or trying to find pushchairs and nursery furniture for a new arrival? Maybe you’re looking into buying your child’s first guitar on a budget, or just need some advice on the best designer clothing available online. Thankfully the guides are extensive and informative, as well as easy to read.

eBay buying guides

eBay Collections

A new way to browse eBay and get buying inspiration is to check out the eBay Collections. The biggest trending items- and some more unique products too- are grouped into themed collections by eBay sellers, buyers and shopping professionals to create inspiring selections of products from each corner of the global marketplace. The Collection topics are never ending, ranging from fashion and gadgets to decor and gifts. Some Collections highlight the lowest priced products available in a category, whereas others show a more glamorous selection of possible purchases. Browsing the eBay Collections is a great way to get started on your shopping spree and see what’s hot right now. As an eBay member you can ‘follow’ your favourite Collections and stay updated when new products are added. To find a collection that you’re interested in, select a category from the drop down menu at the top of the page here. Who knows what you might discover…!

ebay collections

Do you see yourself as a shopping expert? Are you a fashion enthusiast that’s ready to share top looks? Or do you have a passion for something unusual? You can create your very own eBay Collection here! Group together delightful products that are all related to your chosen theme and help inspire eBay shoppers all over the world!

Gifts from eBay

Every inch of the online marketplace holds gifting possibilities. It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for, there’s always something for kids and adults alike on eBay! Browse for educational toys and outdoor playsets, fragrance sets and famous brand watches, novelty homeware and entertainment boxsets- all in the easy to navigate online store. When you need inspiration the perfect place to search is in the eBay Collections! Each selection of beautiful items could contain the perfect gift for a loved one. 

The great thing about shopping on eBay is that the vast collections offer choice for every budget- and a lot of products are being sold for less! Visit eBay.co.uk to start your search for the perfect gift at a more affordable price!

eBay Delivery

When you buy from eBay the delivery methods on offer by each seller are made clear on the product listing page. Choose express, standard, economy, click and collect or collection from the seller for a variety of items on sale. Whether you are buying from a seller in the UK or internationally, there are delivery options available to suit everyone. Of course, delivery from other countries may cost more and take longer but this is always shown on the product information page. Wherever you buy from you’ll be given an estimated arrival date and postage cost. Once you’ve ordered your item, the seller may update the order status so you can check your account to see if and when the product has been sent. For more information and tips on delivery, click here.

Express Delivery

eBay’s best delivery choice is the ‘Fast ‘n’ Free’ express option. Sellers offering this option will post your purchase as soon as possible and you should receive it in the next 3 working days! Keep an eye out on each listing for the ‘Fast ‘n’ Free’ mark!

eBay Returns Policy

Returns policies are different for each individual seller on eBay but the majority will accept a hassle free product return. Businesses on eBay will often offer a 14 day returns policy and other sellers will offer different conditions. You can find the specific item return options on the product page. If you want to return an item that you are not 100% happy with you can do so using your eBay account online. Simply view your previous purchases, choose the option to return the item and you can then either contact the seller or complete the returns process, depending on the product type. When you’re sending something back to an eBay seller you should repackage the item carefully and keep in contact with the seller with regards to a refund or exchange where applicable.

Click here to find out more about returning your eBay purchase.

Bid, Buy and Sell on the Go

ebay mobile app

As a fast paced and ever changing marketplace, you need to take eBay with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re buying or selling you’ll love the eBay app for your mobile or tablet. From your iPhone, Android smartphone or Windows phone you’ll be able to keep track of everything that’s happening on eBay- from auctions you’re watching to orders you’re waiting for, it’s all at your fingertips. Download the app, pick up your phone and start browsing for lower priced products you’ll love. From used but perfectly formed clothing to brand new electronics, you can view images and details of thousands of products quickly, easily and in the palm of your hand. If you’re an eBay seller, use the mobile app to your advantage. Sync your account with your mobile and take photos for listings, upload details of products and keep up to date on what’s selling from your store. To help keep you informed eBay will send you notifications on your phone too, letting you know when you’ve been outbid, if you’ve won an auction and if you’ve sold an item.

Choose from the range of different eBay related apps here, including eBay Fashion, eBay, Motors and PayPal, to make buying and selling as easy as pie.

The eBay Money Back Guarantee

Although you probably won’t have to worry about your order not arriving, or it not being what you asked for, if you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase eBay is here to make sure you get exactly what you wanted, or your money back. Your first port of call is to contact the seller within 30 days of the item’s predicted arrival date or actual arrival date, using your eBay account. Hopefully they will be happy to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you still need help you can contact customer services through your eBay account to get your money back as soon as possible. The service is only available for orders paid for using PayPal and includes almost every listing. 

Read the full terms and conditions for eBay’s guarantees here.

Contact eBay

If you need help when buying or selling on eBay, the best place to start is the online help centre. Find the support centre by clicking the ‘Help & Contact’ link at the top of the homepage. Here you can search for an answer or read the common query topics. From help with bidding and buying to delivery and payment enquiries, you’ll probably find a quick and easy answer in the help centre.

How do I contact eBay?

You can contact eBay using live online chat, via email or by telephone. To find the best contact details for your query use the ‘Contact eBay’ tab in the online customer services centre here. You can search for your query by topic and if the suggested help points don’t answer your question you can use the contact methods provided for that type of query. You can usually choose to call eBay, ask the team to call you or use the online live chat service.

The eBay customer services team are available between 8am - 10pm Monday to Friday and between 9am - 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Getting Social with eBay

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