Designing the Children of the Greatest GoT Couples

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Considering the sheer amount of war and winter, Westeros is quite the hotspot for a cheeky bit of romance.

As most Game of Thrones fan will already know, the show is famous for, among other things, its unashamed and often fairly inappropriate approach to sex and relationships. However, in among all the filth, some truly beautiful relationships have bloomed - and there is always speculation as to which characters will eventually couple up.

Inspired by the pseudo-storybook romances, vouchercloud decided to combine some of the dream Game of Thrones couples for good - and imagine what their children would grow up to become.

From the what-could-have-beens to the what-should-bes, take a look at some of the Children of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow and Daenerys

The offspring of the breaker of chains, Mother of Dragons and Queen of Meereen was always going to be a girl, right? Those are some powerful female genes to contend with, even if the guy has come back from the dead.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Child - Game of Thrones Children

The King in the North and the Dragon Queen would be quite the power couple, and a pairing of the two to take on all comers across Westeros is oft-discussed. 

We've given the (assumed) Princess violet-purple eyes - matching up to the Targaryen bloodline in the novel - alongside Jon's trademark black locks (with some blonde streaks cut through for good measure).

The Stark insignia rests on her dress, calling back to her - and Jon Snow's - proud roots (although that's now pretty disputable), and her style represents many of the elegant dresses that Daenerys often finds herself adventuring in (with a little bit more attitude).

Naturally, she would also be one with the creatures of the world, and her own young dragon and tiny direwolf would be consistent - and adorable - companions.

You can view the all-powerful offspring here, take a look at our graphics for Jon Snow and Daenerys, or enjoy a GIF of all of them here.

Tormund and Brienne

I want someone to look at me the way Tormund looks at Brienne. Well, maybe slightly less intense, but we can't want for everything.

Tormund and Brienne had some beautiful, hilarious moments during Series 6 of Game of Thrones, and could be one of the greatest power couples across all of Westeros - in size and strength, at the very least.

Tormund and Brianne Child - Game of Thrones Children
But, for Tormund and Brienne's offspring we've gone for the complete opposite - a feisty, firey young girl who's representing with the wildling spirit and holding onto the stubborn, powerful approach to life of Brienne - despite her small stature.

It's pretty tough to escape being a redhead with all of that wildling influence, though - and her armour is representative of the boiled leather and assorted colours of the wildlings, with some stronger steel on top.

She did, however, keep her mother's blue eyes - and could potentially be carrying the name Catelyn, in honour of the Stark Brienne failed to protect.

Naturally, she's also been handed over the Oathkeeper, too. Such stubbornness offers many oaths you need to keep, after all.

You can view the child of the dream team here, take a look at our individual graphics for Tormund and Brienne, or view a GIF of all three here.

Tyrion and Shae

So close, yet so far. It's sad nowadays just how many relationships fall apart when the guy has to kill the girl because she gave false testimony against him because he sent her away after she was in danger after he was forcibly married to the girl she was a handmaiden and confidant to.

Tyrion and Shae Child - Children of Game of Thrones

Tyrion and Shae had an impassioned relationship that, for a long while, most of us were rooting for. Very few ladies would be as appropriate for our little lord Tyrion as a whore, and despite the messy ending - when circumstances pulled them apart into suspicion and, eventually, murder - they were one of our favourite Game of Thrones couples.

We've, naturally, imbued both of their fire and relative sassiness into their child - a goblet in hand and a dagger at her hip tells a pretty elaborate story in and of itself.

She's gathered up most of Shae's good looks, beauty and figure, with her hair tending towards Tyrion's and her eyes (one green, one brown) giving a nod to the novels and Tyrion's hetereochromia. 

...without sounding too mean, she's fairly lucky she got most of her looks from the mum's side of the family, and is clearly used to the finer things in life.

You can see what is probably the most troublesome girl in Westeros in all her glory here, take a look at our individual graphics for Tyrion and Shae, or a wonderful GIF of them here.

Brienne and Jaime

Brienne is a popular lady, after all - and some close moments and lingering waves are hard to ignore.

... that, and Jaime does have a thing for blondes.

Brienne and Jaime Offspring - Game of Thrones Children

Jaime's bloodline needed a little bit of a boost given the recent departures of just about every other Lannister, so the Tarth-Lannister child is a boy. 

Brienne's hair is dominant, but Jaime's green eyes and strong jaw appear in force. He definitely caught the arrogance of his father though - and a touch of the 5 o'clock shadow

The Oathkeeper has once again been handed down to a Brienne child, but this young one's armour is far more traditional and inspired by his father - the Lannister gold and red is definitely shown off in earnest, but with a darkened leather coat to finish off a pretty dark, stern look.

You can view the child of the other blonde couple here, take a look at our individual graphics for Jaime and Brienne, or a great GIF of them here.

Greyworm and Missandei

... yes, we know. Love conquers all, but it can't quite conquer anatomical anomalies.

Even so, the adorable tension and blossoming relationship between Daenerys' right-hand man and left-hand lady is too good to ignore.

Greyworm and Missandei child - Game of Thrones Children

The hypothetical coming-together of two of the cuter characters in Game of Thrones results in a still stern and unsullied-style soldier. 

'Golden' eyes represent his Naathi heritage (courtesy of Missandei), with skin and hair a generous combination of the two. The slightly gentle facial features come from Missandei, with the sternness and scowl of a soldier - naturally.

Hopefully, the spear, shield and armour speak for themselves, though.

You can take a closer look at the impossible child here, glance at full graphics of Greyworm and Missandei, or enjoy the GIF of this trio here.

Jon Snow and Ygritte

One of the true heartbreakers of the series. Ygritte's quick-wit and firey personality warmed Jon Snow and, despite their rocky start (y'know, taking her captive, despite the kind treatment) they quickly became one of our favourite couples.

For a short while, everything was surprisingly sweet and rather encouraging - which, naturally, didn't last long at all.  Ygritte shot Jon Snow a couple of times after he 'betrayed' her, and as the wildlings rampaged, and eventually launched their assault on Castle Black, she was shot from behind by Olly.

Oh, what could have been </3.

John Snow and Ygritte Child - Game of Thrones Children

The half wildling, quarter Stark and quarter Snow (technically) offspring adopted his mother's fighting style - representing with a bow and quiver - but drew most of his looks - including the iconic facial hair - from his father.

... aside from, of course, the firey hair colour. His appearance blends the wildling style with the essentially safer and more efficient armour that he could likely afford, given his father's ever-emerging importance in the world of Westeros.

Quite the young warrior we have at hand, then - and lest we forget that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie are a couple in real life, so there's still real life potential for this couple...

You can view that assumedly-feisty young-one here, take a look at our graphics for Jon Snow and Ygritte, or go wild with our GIF here.

Jorah and Daenerys

Those longing, lingering looks have to stand for something, don't they?

Despite basically being a spy, Jorah Mormont has touched the heart of our all-powerful Queen of various things. He was most recently dismissed from her service, only to capture Tyrion, save her life and come together again for an emotional almost-farewell.

If he cures his greyscale, he's basically in.

Jorah and Daenerys Child - Game of Thrones Children

And should that slightly odd pairing take place, our young Queen has been created with the cured greyscale included - and passed down.

Jorah's sword has also been passed down to our young princess, though her golden hair and once again violet eyes are very much a Targaryen trait.

Her style is general is very much a clash of the almost-essential armour you need in the Game of Thrones world, combined with the desert-appropriate Jorah get-up we're very much accustomed to.

You can take a look at the greyscale-ish-infant here, take a look at our graphics for Jorah and Daenerys, or our GIF which is a combination of the three here.

In case you're that way inclined, you can download all the individual images, GIFs and assets featured in this post here and here.

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So, those are the kids-to-be of the Game of Thrones world - which ones do you like, and which ones do you think would be different? Or, do you have any perfect names for our characters? Feel free to let us know!

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