The £25 ALDI AirPods dupes everyone’s talking about and the best fake AirPods of 2024
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The £25 ALDI AirPods dupes everyone’s talking about and the best fake AirPods of 2024

11 October 2022

If you've been lusting after a set of sleek Apple AirPods but can’t quite bring yourself to pay the hefty price tag, we’ve found several solutions to keep your budget intact. From the famous £25 ALDI AirPods that everyone’s talking about to the best fake AirPods in looks, sound and features, we’ve put together a list of five cheap wireless earbuds that give Apple a run for their money.

The best fake AirPods if you're on a budget | vouchercloud

What are some cheaper alternatives to AirPods in 2023?

1. ALDI AirPods: the best fake AirPods for those on a budget £24.99

ALDI AirPods dupes and the best fake AirPods | vouchercloud
If you’re looking for fake AirPods that are a dead ringer for the original, the ‘ALDIPods’ are the wireless headphones for you! Not only do they easily sync with your tech using Bluetooth 5, but they can also take calls and engage with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.

How do they measure up stats-wise to the Apple Airpods? The 500mAh battery provides 3.5 hours of playback time compared to the Apple 1st and 2nd generation’s 5 hours. But you make a saving of over £100. Not too shabby!

Are these the best dupe for Apple AirPods? The ALDIpods may not be on the frontline of wireless earbud technology, but if you want a decent set of cheap headphones that look great, you can’t go wrong with this supermarket bargain.

2. TikSounds Wireless Earbuds: the best fake AirPods on Amazon £21.99

The best fake AIrPods on Amazon | vouchercloud

Ok, so you won’t mistake these sleek black AirPods alternatives for the little white earbuds from Apple. But these Amazon AirPods dupes are packed with fantastic features, so why would you care what they look like? Not only are they the best AirPods alternatives on Amazon, but they also have over 20,000 glowing reviews. And 20,000 satisfied customers surely can’t be wrong.

If you're looking for cheap wireless headphones that won't disappoint, buy yourself this set for Christmas.

3. Earfun Air Pro: the best noise-cancelling AirPods alternatives £69.99 reduced from £79.99

The best noise-cancelling AirPods alternatives | vouchercloud

While even the best noise-cancelling wireless earbuds are no match for over-ear headphones, if you like to block out as much of the outside world as possible, the Earfun Air Pro could be for you.

One step up from the basic Earfun Air model, these cheap AirPods alternatives combine a classy finish with an effective noise-cancelling feature, activated with three simple taps.

With noise-cancelling in action, low-level noises are diminished, making these earbuds a suitable option for the office. Sure, they may not block out as much noise as the Apple AirPods Pro, but these are the best budget wireless headphones that do the job.

4. Sony WF-C500: the best cheap AirPods dupes for running £49.99

The best cheap AirPods dupes for running | vouchercloudIf you're reassured by the idea of buying your headphones from a reliable household name, try this solid Sony option on for size! At first glance, this no-frills model might not stand out from the crowd, but look a little closer and you’ll find a quality pair of AirPods alternatives that are particularly well-matched to running and sports.

The IPX4 waterproof rating means these headphones can survive significant splashes of water — a must for anyone who plans on running through every season in the UK — while the earbuds are small, lightweight, and give a great sound. But of course, you’d expect nothing less from Sony.

5. Gear Geek Earbuds Pod 2: the best fake AirPods Pro that look just like the real thing £29.99 (reduced from £69.99)

The best fake AirPods Pro at half the price | vouchercloud

Last but not least, we dub the Gear Geek Earbuds Pod 2 the best fake AirPods overall. And the best thing about them? They cost less than half the price of the OGs!

Not only do the Gear Geek Earbuds Pod Pro earbuds look nigh on identical to the coveted Apple AirPods Pro, but they are QI-enabled for wireless charging and boast excellent 3D stereo sound. Throw in a splash of IPX5 waterproofing, auto pairing and a charging box that carries four full charges, and you’ve got an impressive pair of wireless headphones for a steal of a price.

So, are AirPods replicas worth it?

There are no two ways about it, Apple AirPods are popular for a reason. They are comfortable, can be paired easily with any Bluetooth device and can be used alongside voice-activated assistants like Siri. However, we’d say that if you’re on a budget, our AirPods replicas are absolutely worth your money with competitive sound quality, features and aesthetics that can rival the AirPods 1st, 2nd and even 3rd generation models.

Still not convinced by our latest picks? Why not explore Currys collection of cheap AirPod-inspired headphones to fill the AirPod-shaped hole in your life?

Which Apple AirPods are actually worth buying?

If you’re a die-hard Apple fan and your budget allows, go straight for the creme de la creme, the Apple AirPods Pro. The sound quality is superior to its predecessors, thanks to its nifty noise-cancelling technology, so true sound connoisseurs may only be happy with this cutting-edge pair of Pods.

And if you're wondering what store has the cheapest AirPods? Visit Groupon’s Apple AirPods product page where the cheapest prices from your favourite retailers are updated every week.

The best fake Apple AirPods Pro | vouchercloud

Still not found what you’re looking for? Give yourself the gift of crystal clear audio this Christmas and explore Black Friday wireless headphones deals from the likes of Bose, Beats and more. We’ve got it all right here on vouchercloud.

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