Nintendo Switch vs PS5: which is the best gaming console for you?
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Nintendo Switch vs PS5: which is the best gaming console for you?

25 October 2022

Thinking of treating the kids to a gaming console for Christmas? Or maybe you're hoping to spoil yourself in the Black Friday sales? We thought we’d give you a helping hand by comparing two of the most popular consoles around – the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch.

Both have great games and unique perks that make them a must-have for many customers, but which is right for you? Rather than do a direct console comparison, we’ll examine which one we’d recommend for different scenarios, so you can find your perfect match.

The best family console

Best Family Console

Though there are a wealth of kid-friendly games for toddlers to enjoy, deciding which console offers the best investment is another matter. Both the Playstation and Nintendo have more than their share of great games for young players but which gives the most fun and accessibility? There’s only one clear frontrunner The Switch.

With a game library that includes the likes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart, child-friendliness and accessibility can be seen across many of the top Nintendo Switch games. Mario himself is a gaming symbol for players of all ages, with many adult gamers today tracing their first gaming experiences back to the iconic plumber. There are over half a dozen games on the Switch in which Mario alone features – so why not choose the console with greater variety? Please be aware that like the Playstation such games don’t come included with the console and will need to be bought separately (unless you buy a console and game bundle).

Though the PlayStation has its own share of child-friendly titles to get started with, there’s simply too much competition from Nintendo for us to recommend it over its longstanding rival.

The top two-player console

It Takes Two PS5

Luckily, both the Nintendo Switch and PS5 have been out for at least several years, meaning there’s been a steady trickle of fun party games that can be enjoyed without an internet connection. Popular 2-player PS5 games include the likes of It Takes Two, Rayman, Untitled Goose Game and Overcooked (be warned, cooking together has never been so stressful!), though all of these titles are also available on the Switch.

However, some of the best Switch exclusives like Splatoon and Mario Party can only be enjoyed on Nintendo. Mario Party is especially good fun for groups of up to four, which is why when it comes to PS5 vs Nintendo Switch, it's the Switch that comes out top for family fun.

The standout single-player console

Horizon Forbidden West PS5

If you’re buying a game console as a special treat for yourself, there are a few things you need to consider.

First and most obvious, the Nintendo Switch is less advanced than the PlayStation 5, meaning that the latter outcompetes the former both in performance and graphical displays. What’s more, the better tech in the PS5 means minimal loading times and huge amounts of storage space – which means less waiting around and a greater variety of games to play.

Second is how practical a console would be for your home setup. One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch is its portability, meaning it can be played both with and without a TV. Playsation requires a TV to play, so if your home only has one, the Switch will certainly mean less tension over who gets to use the telly. However, if a more defined gaming experience is the priority and you have the TV to yourself, our hearts are with the PS5.

Thirdly, and arguably most important, is the matter of console-exclusive games. PlayStation’s longstanding rivalry with Xbox has pushed the brand to make its exclusives stand out from the crowd, and many of the best Playstation 5 games can only be played on that console.

Nintendo has a great selection itself, with the best Switch exclusives including the hugely popular Mario, Zelda and Fire Emblem franchises. However, if you’re looking for titles that push the boundaries of innovative gameplay, storytelling and AI, you won’t find better than PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us, Horizon and God of War – none of which can be played on a Nintendo.

So with all things considered, what do we think? If you love a good solo session, we can’t deny the superior experience offered by the PS5.

Before you buy

PS5 Price
While we’ve gone through the different perks offered by each gaming console, there are also more practical aspects that you need to consider when considering PS5 vs Nintendo Switch.


In comparison, the Switch recently saw an updated re-release in the form of the Switch OLED which – despite being far newer – can often be picked up for less than £300, usually bundled with a complimentary game. This makes the Switch a no-brainer for budget buyers – especially those who don’t mind a handheld gaming experience.


Those eager to get their gaming fix ASAP, may want to order a Switch before the day's end because odds are you’ll be waiting for a PS5.

As one of the most anticipated consoles of all time – combined with its initial release during Covid lockdown – the PlayStation 5 has been in constant demand since it hit shelves in 2020. Even today, there’s still a shortage of models to match demand with PS5 deals almost always selling out within minutes of coming online.

Our top tip? If your heart's set on a Playstation, sign up to a stock-tracking website like StockInformer. They’ll notify you of restocks at retailers like Amazon, Very and Currys within seconds – it’s the best option to secure your own at retail price.

Those eager to cut costs with a PS5 Black Friday deal should make a note in their calendar, as they’ll need to be online as soon as a discount PS5 comes in stock to even have a chance at securing it. By comparison, those eager to nab a Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday discount will find plenty of options that won’t sell out in minutes.

Anyone eager to get their hands on a cheap Nintendo Switch should check out Groupon’s Nintendo Switch deals page for up-to-date prices from top retailers. If you’re curious about what other items are worth buying on Black Friday – along with extra information on the Nintendo Switch and PS5 – check out our best things to buy on Black Friday guide.


As we’ve mentioned already, the Nintendo Switch is the only console you can play both connected and disconnected from a TV. This makes it great not only for playing in privacy but also for taking with you while you travel. Though this may not be a big deal for youngsters busy with school, adult gamers can really utilise this portability for some mobile fun – whether on public transport or while away on holiday.

So, is the Nintendo Switch better than the PS5?

Switch OLED Bundle

After all that, it’s fair to say there’s no simple answer to this question. In terms of hardware and performance, the PlayStation comes out on top, but that’s not what every customer seeks from their games console.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time and it’s easy to see why. It's reasonably priced, portable, and comes with a wealth of exclusives, child-friendly and party games. With a standard model costing over a third less than the PS5, the Switch is the clear frontrunner for casual gamers and families seeking some easy entertainment for their children.

So what do you think? Are you looking for a cutting-edge console that sets the bar for immersive gameplay or something smaller that’s cheaper and easier to play? Whatever choice you make, we guarantee there’ll be no shortage of fun.


Is Switch more powerful than PS5?

Absolutely not. When it comes to raw power, the PS5's 16GB of SDRAM blows the Switch's 4GB out of the water. The result is that the Playstation 5 is capable of rendering far more abundant and detailed graphics than its Nintendo counterpart, with striking improvements in visuals across the board.

Is Playstation better than Nintendo Switch?

If you're looking at hardware there's simply no competition - the Playstation comes out on top. However, this doesn't consider console exclusives as well as practicalities like price and portability, so do your research and pick the console that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

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