Which Brands Have The Biggest Black Friday Bump?
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Which Brands Have The Biggest Black Friday Bump?

27 November 2019

Black Friday is undoubtedly the biggest Friday of the year. And that’s including other famous Fridays like ‘TGI’ and ‘the 13th’.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at which brands enjoy the biggest Black Friday bump - the largest proportional increase in traffic compared to their daily average:

  • vouchercloud data reveals brands can experience up to 18x greater traffic on Black Friday than on an average day of the year.
  • Fossil, Perfume Shop and Gearbest have the biggest uplift - all with over 16x the expected interest from consumers
  • What's more, vouchercloud experiences 2.7x the usual traffic on Black Friday

Using Google Analytics data from the vouchercloud website, we compared the number of users on all our pages on Black Friday 2018 in comparison to the daily average for 2018. The ones that experienced the biggest proportional surge are at the top!

Watch out: Fossil visitors increase by 18.57x

Watch and lifestyle brand Fossil enjoys an 18-fold surge in traffic on discounts site vouchercloud - the highest of any brand on its website.

Smells like Black Friday: The Perfume Shop comes 2nd with 16.20 times more visitors on Black Friday than average.

Big hitters shopDisney, Gearbest and Iconic London also have extreme uplifts on BF, in our top 10 surging brands for the day.


Greg Le Tocq, vouchercloud founder, says

“Black Friday is a huge deal for brands and customers alike, we were fascinated to see just what it can do for huge names like Shop Disney and Molton Brown, whilst being really beneficial for smaller brands like Happy Socks and Daniel Wellington. There really is something for everyone on Black Friday, so there’s every reason for brands and customers to be involved!”

Black Friday Deals 2019

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