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More about Sky

More about Sky

Great Entertainment at Home

Sky want you to “Believe in Better” and have been working hard to make is easier for everyone to enjoy entertainment and technology at home. With a Sky bundle you can incorporate the very best television, film and communication expertise directly into your home. With so many extras on offer too, you can create a Sky package that’s current and affordable. 

Sky strives to continuously offer the best deals and the best extras. From high street vouchers to free periods of broadband, there are some enticing treats to be had at Check out the offers pages before you buy so you can appreciate free months of unlimited broadband, discounts on upgrades and much more. Plus, when you refer a friend and they sign up to Sky you could both receive a reward for being so kind! Find out what discounts and deals are available right now on the Sky offers pages here.

vouchercloud Top Saving Tip

To get the best value out of your subscription, create a personalised bundle for an upgrade on entertainment without the bigger price tag. Create your own Sky TV bundle and Sky Talk plans here to save money on the entire package.

How do I use Sky voucher codes?

A Sky voucher code is a great way to start enjoying entertainment at home, for less! Whether you want unlimited sporting action, family films on tap, top nature programmes or all of the above, get it for much less with your very own entertainment discount codes. Follow these simple steps to redeem a discount that's worth talking about.

  • Click here to go straight to the Sky online shop where you can choose a package for your TV or talk plan
  • When you’ve chosen the perfect bundle for you, click ‘Join Sky’, or ‘Upgrade’ if you’re already a member
  • The following pages give you the option to personalise and add extras to your bundle
  • Look out for the ‘Got an offer code?’ question at the top of the page by the package’s monthly cost and click the ‘Enter it here’ link
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can copy and paste, or type, your Sky voucher into the box provided and click ‘Submit’
  • You will be taken back to your purchase options where you can continue with the ordering process
  • Next you may need to enter your landline phone number to check availability of Sky in your area
  • Continue with the set up and payment process as normal whilst enjoying your massive discounts on a new entertainment package from Sky!

Sky voucher codes

Sky Products

Why choose Sky?

People choose Sky to create the ultimate entertainment experience at home. With millions of people already enjoying the benefits of TV and talk packages in their homes, Sky really is the choice of the nation. Plus, as a Sky customer, you’ll get exclusive extras and perks that make the whole experience even more valuable. Don’t be dictated by the TV guide! Watch when you want to! Call the important people when you need to without paying a lot more too. Plus, enjoy fast connections for business, family entertainment and on demand shows. If you want to find out the difference between Sky and other company packages, click here.

Sky TV

If entertainment is your thing, you’ll love Sky TV. There’s something for the whole family, visiting guests and Friday nights in. The latest shows are all available to watch at home, including current titles like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, as well as box sets of the classics, including Lost and The Sopranos. When you buy Sky TV, you get Sky+ too- so you can keep up to date and in the know with the ultimate in TV catch up.

Sky Channels

Are you ready to discover more? Sky have there own collection of channels for news, culture, edge-of-your-seat entertainment and more. Watch some of these channels with your new Sky TV package.

Sky 1

Sky Atlantic

Sky 3D

Sky Sports

Sky Living

Sky Arts

Sky Movies

Sky News

Ways to Watch Sky TV

To make it easier for you to watch your favourite shows when you want to, Sky TV is available on a range of devices as well as on demand. With Sky+ you can hit stop whenever you need a break, then continue to watch when you like. Pause live TV, rewind to the best bits and record to save your favourite comedy moments.

Use your smartphone or tablet to control your Sky+ box to make sure you never miss an opportunity to be entertained. Prepare your evening TV scheduled on the way home from work by downloading the biggest shows to your Sky+ box. 
Sky On Demand offers the greatest catch up around! Missed a whole series? Watch it all On Demand. Fancy a movie night? Pick from a library of titles whenever you like. Catch up on the dramas, soaps and real life stories from your favorite TV channels and never feel out of the loop again.

Watch on your laptop, tablet or smartphone for a whole new TV experience with Sky Go. Enjoy your favourite show in peace, watch on the go and never miss a thing with live TV available on your device. Sky Go Extra lets you download films and TV shows to your device too, so you can take the entertainment you love with you on holiday or away from WiFi, 3G and 4G signals.

Another great way to catch up with Sky is by rewatching the first episodes on their First Episodes YouTube channel here. Find out how your favourite show began to make sure you’re on top of the game with the rest of the season.

Find out more about the different ways you can enjoy Sky TV here.

How much is Sky TV?

There are different prices for different Sky TV packages. All packages are paid monthly and range from the cheapest ‘Original Bundle’ to the full package ‘Family Bundle’. For TV deals, prices range from around £20 to up to around £40 - although when there are Sky deals available you could pay much less for your bundle! For the first 6 months you’ll usually pay less for your Sky bundle and the price will then increase for the remaining months of your contract. Find out how much your ultimate TV bundle is here.

Sky Broadband and Talk

When you choose Sky for your internet and phone line, you’ll receive a wireless Sky hub, internet security for your home, an on call support network and great phone packages for cheaper communications when it matters. Pick between unlimited broadband packages, fibre broadband and the big fibre pro. There’s an option for gamers, movie fans, peak time chatters and anyone that just uses email and web. Click here to discover the range of broadband packages available with Sky and include your talk plan for great savings on your overall utility costs.

How do I check your broadband speed?

Want to know how fast your new broadband could be? Use Sky’s broadband availability checker to test your area. Click here and click the ‘Broadband speed checker’ button. Then simply enter your landline number, postal code and current provider. You can also just check your address if you don’t currently have a phone line. If you are eligible for Sky broadband products you will get a message letting you know. You can check your results in the details of the bundle.

Sky Broadband speed checker

Buying and Installing Sky

If you’ve chosen Sky, you’ve made the right decision! For help with purchasing and installing Sky, visit the support centre here. You can find out how to register your new Sky box or Sky Go products, set up your router or HD box and even learn about how to get the most out of your remote control! If you’re moving house or changing your entertainment system, the team are on hand to make sure you are set up and ready for the next episode of your favourite show! 

Watch this quick video for an overview of how to connect your Sky+ box to your internet service.

Switching to Sky

More and more people are switching to Sky for TV, communication and entertainment that works for them. You’ll get the best choice of entertainment and great value when you choose a bundle that fits your needs. Are you ready to make the move to the biggest TV and broadband provider around? Switch with ease by following the guides online here. Once you’ve ordered online you’ll receive all of the information you need to get started with Sky. If you’re completely new to Sky, usually you’ll be offered an installation date within 1 week of signing up. Track your Sky order here to find out where it is. A trained Sky engineer will arrive in your chosen time period and will get to work installing your products. This usually takes around an hour. As soon as your products are installed you can start enjoying the great variety on offer. You can be taken through the demo too and find out the ins and outs of your chosen package.

Sky Bundles

The Original Bundle

The first step on the ladder of Sky TV. You’ll get more than 35 Sky channels as well as the standard 240 free channels. Use Sky catch up, Sky GO and enjoy HD options too!

The Variety Bundle

Perfect for a household or family of enthusiasts. Get more than 80 dedicated channels with a variety of news, shows and factuals programmes for any age, plus the standard channels, catch up, Sky Go and HD.

The Family Bundle

The ultimate Sky experience, Sky’s Family Bundle fits in the home of entertainment fanatics. Enjoy everything from the basic bundles, plus catch up in HD, more than 50 dedicated HD channels and Sky TV in 3D. Plus enjoy your favourite box sets any time of day, every day of the week!

Sky Movies

Choosing the Sky Movies bundle puts you in the front row for the latest and greatest flicks to hit the box office. Buy the package here and get the definitive movie experience. With Sky, you’ll be the first to see the newest films with exclusive access 12 months before other subscription services. You and the kids can also enjoy exclusive Disney films as well as an updated movie selection every single week. Your Sky Movies package lets you watch when it’s right for you. Everyone with the movies bundle receives On Demand and Sky Go as standard so you can create a cinema experience at home any day of the week. Make your living room the go-to place for everyone in your household with the hundreds of titles available with Sky.

See what’s happening in the world of Sky Movies on their official YouTube channel here. Watch the latest trailers and hot interviews with stars straight from Hollywood!

Sky Sports

Never miss the sporting moments that make the news with a Sky Sports TV package. There’s exclusive coverage on Sky Sports for football fans, golf fanatics, tennis watchers and more of the biggest sports from around the world. Depending on whether you’re a new customer or are upgrading your Sky package, you could be enjoying the 7 best Sky Sports channels, HD TV, dedicated sporting channels and entertainment channels too! For hardcore sports fans, Sky Go offers the latest fixtures on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with WiFi, 3G or 4G. Catch the matches that matter to you in excellent quality and at an awesome price with Sky Sports. Find out more and buy here.

How much is Sky Sports?

Sky offers excellent value on the best sporting action this season with Sky Sports packages. If you’re new to Sky you’ll pay less than £50 a month for your subscription. When you upgrade your current Sky package to include Sky Sports you’ll pay less than £30!

Sky Kit

When you choose Sky, you’re choosing the very best entertainment technology option. The Sky boxes are available to fit with your needs and your current set up. Choose between the standard Sky+HD box and Sky+HD 2TB, both with WiFi but with different storage capacities depending on your useage. For anyone with a larger home or different screens to use Sky, the HD Multiscreen Box is the best way to incorporate your entertainment options into every room in the house. A Sky Hub is your one stop router for wireless broadband and on demand TV for the entire home. Add on the perfect remote controls for watching sports or for watching your favourite Sky channels and you’ll be ready to experience Sky in the best way possible.

Find out more about the Sky Kit here and create a seriously entertaining night in.

Get the Most out of Sky

Find out what Sky has to offer on the TV highlights pages here. Whether you’re into documentaries, dramas, soap operas, musicals, comedy series, chat shows, or anything else, make the most out of your TV subscription and keep up to date with what Sky is playing today. The latest TV and film releases are just a few clicks away, ready to watch now or record for later. With Sky you can set your box to record all of your favourite series so you never miss an episode. Use Sky’s TV Guide here to plan your week of entertainment. Choose the day, channel and your location to find out what’s coming up. 

Like the look of these titles? Then you’ll love using Sky!

Sky Highlights

Your Sky

When you buy a Sky product you’ll receive details for your online Sky account. Sign in for an easier way to manage your Sky payments, packages and add on little extras to enhance your experience. Your Sky account allows you to update your personal details, change your PINs and settings and even pay the bills! Use your tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer to view your latest bill from Sky and check your usage this month so far. Upgrade to the newest Sky equipment for your broadband or TV products to make the most of your Sky packages. If you’ve ordered a new Sky product, or are transferring your Sky account to a new home, find all of the information you need to track your order or transport your entertainment systems.

Sky customers get the best deals, as well as news updates about the latest shows to hit the screens. Your Sky account helps you stay up to date with offers to make your Sky experience better, for less. Click here to find out more about My Sky and how you can sign up.

In Store with Sky

Find Sky away from the web and in a shopping centre near you! There are currently more than 250 Sky stores across the UK offering you the chance to experience a range of products before you buy and speak to the staff in the know. See entertainment extras in person and have a first hand experience using the gadgets and technology that make Sky awesome. The in store teams are available to demo new Sky products, take you through the features and help you explore the possibilities of Sky entertainment. 

To find a Sky store on your local high street or in a shopping centre near you, use the online Sky store locator here. Enter your postcode in the ‘Find a Store’ box and click ‘Check for stores’. Browse the store list for a shop that sells what you need in your town or city. Click on the link by your chosen store to view a map of where the shop is located. 

Sky store locator

Other Services

Sky go one step further than just providing great entertainment. You can get completely set up and fully protected with their extra services. 

Start off with Sky Protect to make sure everything you own from Sky is covered. Buy insurance directly from Sky to cover everything from the box to the remote controls. With your policy you can get repairs, replacements and help every day of the week. Click here to find out more about Sky Protect and how you can enjoy entertainment with peace of mind.

If you’re in need of a new remote control, or some extra tech to enhance your Sky experience, check out Sky Accessories here. There are a range of exclusive Sky TV controllers to choose from- all designed with your enjoyment in mind. Add on wireless boosters, 3D glasses and link cables and you’ll wonder why you didn’t move to Sky sooner! Visit the Sky Accessories shop here and discover how much more you can get from your favourite provider.

Contact Sky

Contact Sky by telephone, email or instant message for assistance directly from the help team. Visit the contact page, choose your query topic, pick a category and find out the best way to contact Sky and find a solution. There are different telephone numbers for different Sky services, so use the online tool to help you find a direct number for the team who can help you. You can also contact Sky through their customer care Twitter page!

Live chat is an easy way to speak with the people who know about Sky too. Send instant messages through the web for convenient and quick contact. Live Chat is available Monday to Sunday between 8:30am - 8pm.

Sky Support

Having problems with your Sky product? Find useful guides and support online. Use the Sky forums, troubleshooting advice and help articles to to find answers to your questions or see what other people have done to resolve similar issues. The ‘Service Status’ page is another place to find out why there are outages or issues in your local Sky network.

Getting Social with Sky

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