Cheap date ideas for winter that don't involve leaving the house
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Cheap date ideas for winter that don't involve leaving the house

13 December 2021
Cheap winter date ideas vouchercloud

When the weather outside leaves a lot to be desired, and your bank balance is feeling the burn, why not get creative with cheap date ideas that don’t involve leaving the house?

Whether you’re both major movie buffs, foodies or self-care fans, our fun indoor date ideas are guaranteed to get those sparks flying.

Winter cocktails and YouTube karaoke

It doesn’t take a full drinks cart to pull off a winter cocktail night — you just need to scale down the ingredients and plan the menu accordingly.

Snap up a cut-price bottle of whisky from Aldi to concoct a warming hot toddy — all you need is a dash of cinnamon, cloves, honey and lemon to warm the cockles of your heart. Follow this up with a couple of Old Fashioned cocktails, using bitters, sugar and a slice of orange to nail this classic recipe. Alternatively, why not liven up the night with a fresh Irish coffee? A tasty slug of whisky will help that brew go down a treat!

Once you’re sufficiently loosened up, tune into your favourite songs — complete with lyrics — on YouTube and have yourself a very merry singalong. Cheap cocktails and free entertainment? It’s the ideal winter date!

Old fashioned cocktail cheap winter date ideas vouchercloud

Cook up a seasonal storm

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, why not swerve the expensive restaurant meal and cook up a storm at home instead?

All you need for a romantic winter date night indoors is a meal subscription service, like Mindful Chef, that offers discount codes for your first box and the ability to cancel at any time. All the ingredients are perfectly portioned for you while detailed step-by-step recipes walk you through the process — you’ll have everything you need to cook a thoughtful meal with minimal hassle and stress. With a menu that caters for dinner date ideas a-plenty, from five-spiced glazed duck to jerk mushrooms with coconut rice, you may never go out to eat again.

Meal subscription box cheap winter date ideas vouchercloud

Get competitive on games night

Forget expensive board games designed for all the family. Thanks to the creative folks on

Etsy, you can create your own couple’s games night for less than a fiver.

Try this Couple’s Feud Card Game to test your limits as a couple (or potential couple) and see if you can match each other’s answers for points. Expect to answer questions like ‘who is most likely to become a serial killer?’ and ‘who would last the longest on a desert island?’ with plenty of lols along the way.

Why not scroll through the couple’s games on Amazon for something with a little more spice? A cheekier game of innuendo-filled ‘What am I?’ could be just what the doctor ordered, and a little bit of friendly competition might just get your hearts racing.

Games night cheap winter date ideas vouchercloud

Movie night done right

Of all the free date ideas out there, a movie marathon night is always a winner. But you’ve got to create the right atmosphere to pull it off with finesse.

Firstly, snap up a free trial or grab yourself a discount code for NOW TV. The cinema bundle offers a huge range of films, so whether you want to keep those feel-good Chirstmassy vibes going all winter long or snuggle up for a scary screamfest, you’re bound to find something to suit. Don’t forget to grab a warm throw along with a nice big bowl of popcorn to share — there’s no better excuse to cuddle up and get cosy.

Movie night cheap winter dates vouchercloud

A couple’s pamper night

Set the mood for romance and create your very own DIY spa experience, all in the comfort of your own home. Light some candles, fill the bath with bubbles and pop your dressing gowns or towels on the radiator to make sure they are toasty warm. Then pour yourself a glass of wine or a relaxing herbal tea and enjoy a steamy soak together.

Once you’re out of the tub and dry, take it in turns to give each other a relaxing hand, foot or shoulder massage. All you need is some massage oil or scented moisturiser from Superdrug to give your winter skin some TLC. Then pop on a sheet mask for minimal mess and maximum pampering — just don’t forget to grab a little selfie as a memento of your date.

DIY spa cheap winter date ideas vouchercloud
These thoughtful yet cheap winter dating activities will save pennies, win brownie points and add some good vibes to those long, dark nights. For more codes for saving money while living life to the full, explore all your favourite brands on vouchercloud.

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