The Dyson Airwrap vs Corrale — which is the best hair styler for you?
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The Dyson Airwrap vs Corrale — which is the best hair styler for you?

18 October 2021

 If you're looking to treat yourself or someone special to a premium hairdryer or the best hair straighteners in the industry, you can't go wrong with Dyson.Whether you have fine, long, straight or afro hair, check out our Dyson Airwrap vs Corrale review to discover which Dyson hair styler is right for you. From money-saving Dyson Airwrap offers to a cheeky Corrale sale, you'll find all the best discounts with vouchercloud.

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Round 1 — what you get for your money

Dyson Airwrap Discount Image
If you like to experiment with your look, you're in luck — the Dyson Airwrap Complete will work some serious magic on your mane. The box contains a varied selection of attachments, including two different-sized curling wand barrels as well as a blow dryer and brushes.

Those with thick, curly hair that’s prone to frizz will enjoy the smooth and control attachments while folks with fine, flat hair will find the volume and shape tools give their locks some oomph. When it comes to versatility, this jack-of-all-trades is the one hot tool to rule them all.

In comparison, the Dyson Corrale is more straightforward — a luxury cordless hair straightener with no extra bells and whistles. However, it’s less bulky than the Airwrap with a cordless design that enables you to easily reach every part of your head with a battery life of up to 30 minutes.

While you may find a few Dyson Airwrap offers around Black Friday or in the January sales, the Corrale clocks in at a solid £50 cheaper than the Airwrap all year round. But keep a close eye on retailers like Curry's, Boots, Amazon, and John Lewis for a Dyson straightener sale every little helps.

Round two — may the best hair straightener win

Dyson Corrale Sale Image
Both the Dyson Airwrap styler and the Dyson Corrale straightener made waves in the beauty world, thanks to trademark tech that equals less hair-damaging heat.

The Airwrap employs a rather nifty aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect which attracts your hair to the brush, styling with air rather than intense heat so you can kiss goodbye to frazzled ends.

You can also use this tool on damp, freshly washed hair — in fact, it’s recommended you do so to ensure the style holds — so there’s no need to blow dry before styling and subject your precious strands to more heat.

The hairdryer attachment makes swift work of drying even thick and curly hair, saving you time when getting ready, but when it comes to straight-up straightening, we think the Corrale has the edge.

Dyson Straightener Sale Vouchercloud
Although it can only be used on dry hair, the Dyson Corrale’s flexible magnesium copper plates bend around each section of hair for an even finish, offering three heat settings so you can adjust according to hair type. This means it works equally well on both thin and thick hair, distributing the heat evenly to get that glossy look, fast.

But compared to the Ariwrap, is the Dyson Corrale really worth it?

Some Dyson Airwrap reviews have found that coarser, thicker hair types have struggled to nail as sleek a finish as the Corrale straighteners offer. So, folks with curly hair should look out for a Dyson Corrale sale if they want to straighten their locks for less.

Round three — Dyson hair curlers at the ready

Dyson Airwrap Offers Vouchercloud

Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the hype? When it comes to styling, we have to say a resounding YES.

If you’re in the market for a high-grade Dyson curling wand, you may have just found your Holy Grail — bouncy, romantic waves are the Dyson Airwrap curler’s speciality! The long barrel attachments are designed to master a ‘do of any length, transforming short hair into a wavy bob or long hair into natural-looking curls. You're just one YouTube tutorial away from dreamy Dyson-grade waves.

You can also create curls with the Dyson Corrale straightener, but it does take a bit of practice to get the knack.

So which is better, the Airwrap or Dyson Corrale?

Dyson Airwrap and Dyson Corrale Sale Vouchercloud

Both tools can be used as curling straighteners and both work for a wide range of hair types — it really just depends on your needs as to which Dyson hair set is best for you.

The Dyson Airwrap styler is perfect for bouncy curls and voluminous yet smoothing blowdrying at lower temperatures than the Dyson Corrale. Plus, it can take you from wet hair to a glamorous finish in a flash.

However, if poker-straight, sleek hair is your main aim, particularly if you are of the thicker, curly-haired persuasion, then the Dyson Corrale is the best hair straightener for your money. It’s the cheapest straightener of the pair, and a Dyson Corrale discount might just save you even more.

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