Earth’s Resources Depleted by Technological Advancements
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Earth’s Resources Depleted by Technological Advancements

22 January 2018

Every year smartphone technology takes huge steps, with the launch of new phones, systems and devices taking our experiences up a notch. Major tech brands like Apple and Microsoft are especially prominent in the market, having released a long line of digital advancements over the years. Demand for further technological improvements across the board only continue to increase, but there may be a problem in meeting that demand…

Technological advancements over recent years have resulted in a major reduction of Rare Earth Elements (REEs), which are needed for the production of smartphones, TVs, laptops and hard drives. Surges in innovation and invention have left the earth’s natural resources near the end of their supply – which is a pretty scary thought – but there are almost no programs in place for recycling them. This leaves us with an urgent need to rethink the way we use and abuse the earth’s resources, and how sustainable technology must take a focus if we are to continue moving into a future of even more amazing tech.

E-cycling is all about reducing, reusing and recycling out-dated, old or broken devices, to lower technological waste. Plenty of smartphone users discard their handsets as soon as a new model comes out, but few people give much thought to recycling their old phone. Instead, the valuable REEs used to make those apparently redundant devices are wasted when literally thrown in the dustbin.

With REEs becoming dangerously depleted, future generations may not have the luxury of sustainable technology unless we do something today – and recycling Rare Earth Elements is just one solution to improving sustainable technology.

To highlight the problems, resolutions and hurdles, vouchercloud has created this infographic about REEs, e-cycling and sustainable technology to evoke more thought surrounding the future of the world’s natural resources:

Sustainable Technology Infographic

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