From Deliveroo to Domino’s: How to choose healthy takeaway options and find food delivery discounts
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From Deliveroo to Domino’s: How to choose healthy takeaway options and find food delivery discounts

17 January 2022

If you’re cleaning up your food choices, there’s no need to deny yourself the pleasure of your favourite delivery on a cosy night in. Just pick a healthy takeaway and you’re sorted!

Here’s how to choose the healthiest options and find the best takeaway deals, so you can have your cake and eat it.

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It may be one of the most popular takeaway options in the UK, but Chinese takeaway food often includes deep-fried snacks and sweet ‘n’ sour options that are high in fat, salt, sugar, and additives. All of which can leave you feeling sluggish.

Eat this:

Switch up your order and pick the healthiest Chinese food by avoiding anything billed as ‘crispy’ and laying off the sugary sauces in favour of lighter seasoning like Kung Pao or black bean sauce.

Chow down on steamed dumplings for starters while a chicken, tofu or seafood stirfry like chop suey with plain jasmine rice makes for a fragrant main with a decent hit of protein. And don't forget to spice up your order with sides of tasty stirfry veggies like marinated aubergine or broccoli in oyster sauce. With the right choices, low-calorie Chinese food can still pack a punch.

Ready to order? Scroll through this selection of top-rated Chinese takeaways with our discounts for Just Eat, and save yourself some cash. Why not take advantage of our offers and order a few healthy dishes to share? It's the ultimate excuse to experiment!

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While some Indian takeaway food is heavy on ghee and cream, this incredible cuisine offers a huge range of options, many of which can fit right in with a healthy lifestyle.

Eat this:

A smart trick is to swerve the heavy korma, pasanda and masala dishes, and instead choose curries that are tomato-based such as a jalfrezi or spicy madras.

Another great tip is to focus on South Indian cuisine which is heavy on seafood and veggies. Coconut curries and tasty dal dishes traditionally don’t contain as much oil, plus they are high in protein, rich in fibre and super easy to digest.

Complete your healthy Indian takeaway order with a portion of steamed rice and chapati, leaving the deep-fried snacks behind. In fact, sharing a portion of rice and bread will save even more pennies — plus, you can sample a little of both.

Ready to order? Check out the South Indian food deals from Uber Eats for the healthy curry takeaway of your dreams. With regular offers that include everything from discounted dal to free Uber Eats delivery, you can eat like a king for peanuts.

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If nothing truly satisfies you quite like Italy’s finest export, you’ll be delighted to know there are lighter options available that don’t scrimp on flavour.

Eat this:

Say goodbye to fatty, processed meats and stuffed crusts, and get acquainted with inventive veggie toppings and pizzas with a thin and crispy base.

Look out for lower-calorie pizza options like the Domino’s healthy pizza takeaway range ‘Domino’s Delight’ or the vegan pizzas from Papa John’s that can be ordered with a butternut squash base.

Ready to order?

Our pick of the pizzas is the feel-good Flatbread range from Pizza Hut with a super-thin base, plenty of awesome toppings, and a calorie clock-in of 550 or less. See if you can nab a Deliveroo free delivery code with our top takeaway discounts.

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Or get adventurous…

If you’re hungry for a healthy takeaway and aren’t afraid to get adventurous, Deliveroo makes it easy to search for the healthiest top rated takeaways near you. From poke bowls and Pret salads to sushi and soups, the range of restaurant-quality food that can be delivered to your doorstep means you just might never go out to eat again.

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In fact, the only things you need to eat well this winter are our vouchercloud food and drink discount codes. Bon appetit!

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