£1 Easter Eggs are the Best Value for Money Chocolate Around - even before Easter...
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£1 Easter Eggs are the Best Value for Money Chocolate Around - even before Easter...

22 February 2018

You should probably stop shelling out on anything but £1 Easter eggs for your chocolate fix. New supermarket data has shown that, not only are £1 ‘medium’ eggs better value for money than normal chocolate bars in the build up to Easter, but they’re also better value than the common 3 for £10 deals on larger eggs.

In fact, as a complete contrast to just about anything else you can buy in the supermarket, Easter eggs actually become worse value for money as you buy the bigger sizes.

The research, collated by money-saving brand Vouchercloud, has revealed that the classic £1 ‘medium’ Easter egg - popular among a huge variety of both Cadbury and Nestle brands - cost between 71p and 82p per 100g.

Even compared to the typical three for £10 deal on ‘large’ Easter Eggs seen across the supermarkets - normally priced at £4 each - a price per 100g of £1.22 - £3.33 shows a stark contrast in value for money (which decreases even further if bought at their typical £4 price tag).


Product (Best Value Available)



Price per 100g


Mars Medium Milk Chocolate / KitKat Chunky Easter Egg




Morrisons Cadbury Chocolate Buttons Egg (2 for £2) £1.50 138g 72p


Cadbury Creme Egg Medium Easter Egg





Cadbury Double Decker Bar





Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Easter Egg





Nestle Caramel Collection Easter Egg





Large Easter Eggs (3)





Cadbury Crunchie Giant Easter Egg




Morrisons Cadbury Chocolate Twirl Large Easter Egg 3 for £10 786g £1.22

(Data included the heaviest Easter egg package available where possible to show the best possible value for money - 3 for £10 and 4 for 2 deals averaged three/four heavier packages)

2 Medium or 1 Large?

If you want more than 1 medium Easter egg, you’re better off buying multiple mediums rather than opting for a large - they get increasingly worse value the more you spend. For instance, ASDA’s 3 Medium Easter Eggs bundle works out at 74p per 100g of chocolate - and you get 402g. A similar amount of chocolate in one large Cadbury egg can cost anywhere between £1.29 and £2.14 per 100g.

Eggs v Bars

The prices are even a bargain compared to typical chocolate bars, with a Double Decker bar - at its typical 60p RRP - costing £1.11 per 100g, the same as a large Easter egg in terms of value for money.
A Freddo rocks in at £1.45 per 100g - though that’s still better value for money than the bigger eggs available on the market, which sit at a stressful £1.65 - £3.33 per 100g.

The Overall Winner

As things stand, ASDA reigns supreme here - with its very well priced medium Eggs, ASDA boasts the 8 most economic Easter Eggs on the market. The cheapest are its Mars Medium Egg and the KitKat Chunky Medium Egg, which cost just 71p / 100g of the sweet stuff - enjoy!

Ben Harrow, who also created the Freddo Index for Vouchercloud, commented:

"Having already tackled the travesty of Freddo prices, it’s about time somebody shared some positive news about chocolate pricing. Knowing that you can get an Easter egg instead of your chocolate bar and get better value for money for about the same price is a dream, despite it perhaps taking the edge off some of the magic.

"It’s also worth highlighting that buying more of the smaller eggs means you can get a greater variety of chocolate, too. If you’re someone that can’t pick between your Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs around Easter, it’s nice to know that buying a variety won’t increase the cost!"

Even multipack bars and chocolate pouches available at the supermarkets can’t compare with £1 eggs when it comes to value for money. Four Wispa bars — in a multipack costing £1.50 and weighing in at 120g — hits £1.25 per 100g, with a typical chocolate pouch (like Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles) weighing in about the same.

Prices and deals correct as of 11th March 2019.

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