Andy Murray hit a very Unique Milestone on 23rd April...
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Andy Murray hit a very Unique Milestone on 23rd April...

19 April 2017

It takes remarkable consistency, world-class quality and a little bit of luck in the major tournaments to achieve the ultimate in tennis - ranking as World number 1.

Andy Murray, on the 23rd April 2017, hit a very unique milestone; 168 days into his reign at the top of the tables, he surpassed the average duration of a stay at World number 1.

The average World number 1 stays on top for 24 weeks - or 168 days - despite some truly enduring historical reigns from the likes of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

The research into the history of the ATP Rankings System also revealed some pretty interesting insights into what the reign of a World number 1 looks like.

24 weeks is the length of the average reign as World number 1, but each player typically reaches 88 weeks at the top spot throughout their career - across 3-4 separate stints (3.65 average).

Of course, some players have heavily skewed the average - Federer's 302 total weeks at the top of the World rankings could prove insurmountable for generations, despite Pete Sampras (286) and Ivan Lendl (270) finishing their careers at a point that wasn't too far behind.

The research also showed off the build-up to taking the World number 1 spot - and how much it can vary. Four players - Andy Roddick, Ivan Lendl, Lleyton Hewitt and Marcelo Rios - actually reached the number 1 spot without winning a single Grand Slam, a stark contrast to Mats Wilander's seven career majors before he topped the pile.

So, congratulations to Andy for first taking that coveted position of World number 1 - but also for besting the average!

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