The Cinematic Experience
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The Cinematic Experience

02 September 2016

The cinematic experience has evolved immensely over time.

Nowadays, the industry is battling with significant changes in consumer behaviour and rival products - streaming services and video streaming services included - to keep audiences entertained. It isn't just the case in the UK and US either; across the world different countries are experiencing a wide variety of changes.

Cinema attendance figures are even still growing in certain markets, in among the climate of steady decline. Our infographic looks at the history of cinema, the current marketplace and what audiences can expect to experience in the digital landscape.

The infographic shows a highly diverse marketplace today, as audiences in countries such as the US and Britain - and all across central Europe - are experiencing falling attendances. Eastern European, Mediterranean and Asian markets are seeing growth however, as more people enjoy films there than ever before. There are also many new pull factors, such as 3D cinema like Vue and Odeon as well as IMAX cinemas, enhancing the viewer experience and attracting some new audiences.

The cinematic experience has also changed dramatically over time. The infographic highlights the evolution of sound technology, colour and filming capabilities, alongside the improvements in the actual filming of movies. Cinemas themselves have even improved, as seats have become wider and in a 4DX experience they can even shake and bring the movie to life.

Over the last few years, digital technology has really enhanced how people engage with the cinematic experience. Social media has played a huge role in engaging audiences before movies are even released, with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all being used to attract viewers. The latest Terminator film even invited audiences to engage the movie using an app whilst in the cinema itself, suggesting a future of audience participation.

The future of cinema looks diverse and highly entertaining too, aimed at bringing back a wide range of audiences. Hot tub, outdoor, underground and roof top cinemas are becoming much more common, and using cinemas to stream live sporting, comedy and musical events is also becoming more popular as cinemas look for new income streams.

One thing is for sure, the whole concept of cinematic experience is forever improving in among an industry in turmoil - and the future is uncertain!



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