The Superfood Myth - How Marketing Trumps Nutrition
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The Superfood Myth - How Marketing Trumps Nutrition

02 March 2017

If you have ever been drawn in by the rather wonderful idea that a particular food has almost magical superpowers and health benefits aplenty, you’ll have most certainly seen the word “superfood” being brandished about. The media, wellness bloggers and self-made nutritionists discuss the merits of certain “superfoods” on an almost daily basis, as a cure-all for many ailments, a boost to brain power or a brilliant weight loss aid - and even all of the above.

Food and drink has always been interlinked with health and wellbeing, which is perfect for savvy marketers who can add some marketing spin to make products appeal to the public; for example, Ovaltine—the hot malt beverage—has been marketed as both a sleep-aid during the great depression and an energiser throughout the fifties.

Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with adding more fresh produce into your diet, as we all know if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. How much of what we are told is really just a load of marketing spin and are there really any “superfoods” out there?

Superfoods Infographic How Marketing Trumps Nutrition


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