Top 5 travel gadgets
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Top 5 travel gadgets

22 May 2018

Whether travelling through the airport, via car, or on a bus or train, there are a number of accessories and gadgets that can make the journey easier. Some gadgets provide personal comfort, while others will help you dodge those dreaded extra baggage fees, and pack more efficiently. These handy products are compact enough that they can easily slot into your luggage. Below we list some of the top five travel gadgets to help make your journey easier.

1. The travel pillow

Whether you can't get comfortable on a long-haul flight, an eight-hour bus ride, or even a road trip, a travel pillow is a vital accessory on your trip. Travel pillows come in all shapes, styles, and forms nowadays, and whether you opt for a simple, yet comfortable travel pillow, or a morph style pillow that transforms into a pouch, just ensure you bring one with you. Uncomfortable long-haul journeys should be a thing of the past.


2. The digital hanging luggage scale

Is there anything worse than excessive baggage fee charges? To avoid spending money, it's a good idea to purchase the ultimate travel gadget: digital luggage scales. They easily hook on to suitcases, backpacks or purses and they aren't oversized so can perfectly fit into your luggage without taking up precious space.


3.The money minder

In a world where theft is common, it's always important to ensure that you take the necessary precautions to hide your money when you're travelling. A great way to do this is to invest in a "travel money minder". This is a simple gadget that will keep your credit cards, money, and valuable documents hidden and safe from pickpockets.

money mind


4. The Meyoung adjustable airplane hammock

Transform a cramped seat in a bus, or in an airplane seat into a more comfortable experience with the Meyoung adjustable airplane hammock. This quirky travel gadget is a hammock for the feet that is perfect for shorter adults or kids whose feet cannot reach the floor or, simply, for those who require additional foot support. It's easily transported when folded and weighs only three ounces.



5. Portable solar cooker

If you find yourself on the road often, or simply enjoy a meal outdoors surrounded by nature, then this is a brilliant travel gadget for you. The Solarvore solar portable cooker allows you to cook food from anywhere with you've got sunlight! By using the sun’s energy, this gadget transforms into a hands-free cooker that cooks for 2 people in 2 hours. You can find lots of these fantastic travel gadgets on John Lewis and gain great discounts thanks to vouchercloud. Don't wait around too long though, or you might miss out on some fantastic deals.

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