TV Shows - from Pilot to Renewal
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TV Shows - from Pilot to Renewal

02 September 2016

Most people have felt the pain of having a beloved TV show cancelled at one time or another, but few of us understand how these decisions are reached; or, for that matter, the process involved in selecting the shows we view.

The reality is that producing successful TV is hard. Every year hundreds of scripts are pitched to networks, with only a small number becoming pilots, and fewer still being picked up for a full series. Statistically, this places the success rate at as low as 1%, with only 0.4% making it past season one.

In our infographic below, you will find out what a TV pilot is, how they are commissioned, and what factors go into deciding whether or not they get picked up. You'll also learn the most common reasons why TV shows get the axe, how the standard rating systems work, and the new opportunities brought about by the digital age.

TV Shows Graphic

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