The best supermarket mulled wine offers in 2023
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The best supermarket mulled wine offers in 2023

10 December 2021

Updated December 2022. Mulled wine is like Christmas in a cup. This sweet (yet spicy) warm beverage comes just once a year to usher in the festive season — could there be a better way to boost your Christmas spirits?

Nothing brings on festive cheer more than a glass of this sweet, fruity Nectar of the Christmas gods. Sure, you could fork out £5 to sip mulled wine from a plastic cup at a Christmas market, but when you can save money and binge on some festive films at the same time, why wouldn’t you?

Best supermarket mulled wine | vouchercloud

To recreate the Christmas market experience without bracing the December chill, vouchercloud has unveiled (or uncorked) the best supermarket mulled wine and all the top offers to get cheap mulled wine from Morrisons, Waitrose, Amazon and beyond.



Cheapest mulled wine deal
2 Best supermarket mulled wine
3 Best non-alcoholic mulled wine
4 Best mulled wine spices
5 Tips for getting the best mulled wine deals & offers

The cheapest mulled wine deal this Christmas

supermarket mulled wine
Soaring to the top of our cheapest supermarket mulled wines is Tesco Mulled Wine at £2.50 for Clubcard users, or 58p per 175ml glass—cheaper than a meal deal and possibly even cheaper than chips. There’s no holding back in the supermarket wars for your festive pounds: Aldi tails Tesco with the own-brand ALDI Mulled Wine for £2.69 a bottle with Morrisons Mulled Wine and ASDA Mulled Wine just a pinch more expensive at £2.99 and £3.00 respectively.

Although not compulsory, we strongly encourage pairing your mulled wine with a classic Christmas movie. The Holiday or Elf will do nicely.

Rank Supermarket Mulled Wine £ per bottle £ per 175ml glass ABV
1 Tesco Tesco Mulled Wine 75cl £2.50 (Clubcard price) £0.58 5.5%
2 Aldi Mulled Wine 75cl £2.69 £0.63 5.5%


Festive Mulled Wine 75cl £2.99 (currently out of stock) £0.70 5.5%
4 ASDA Mulled Wine 75cl £3.00 £0.70 5.5%
5 Ocado Three Mills Mulled Wine 575cl £4.00 £0.93 5.5%


Christkindl Mulled Wine 75cl

£4.99 £1.16 8.7%
6= Amazon Morrisons The Best Mulled Wine 75cl £4.99 £1.16 10%
7 Waitrose Waitrose Mulled Wine 75cl £5.49 (or 2 for £10) £1.28 11%
8 Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Mulled Wine Taste the Difference 75cl £6.00 (buy 6 for a 25% discount) £1.40 7%

The best supermarket mulled wine

best supermarket mulled wine
We’re all looking for that sweet spot between cost and deliciousness. Here are the best mulled wines with over a 4-star customer rating that will knock your Christmas socks off:

  1. 5 stars for £4.50 for Tesco’s Gluhwein By Felix Solis Mulled Wine (12% ABV): £4.50 (Clubcard price)
  2. 5 stars for ASDA's Extra Special Mulled Wine (11% ABV): £5.00
  3. 5 stars for Morrisons’ Winter Warmer Mulled Wine (8% ABV): £3.89 (currently out of stock)
  4. 4.5 stars for Waitrose Mulled Wine (11% ABV): £5.49 (or 2 for £10)
  5. 4.3 stars for Amazon’s Gluhhein Mulled Wine 1 litre bottle (8.5% ABV): £13.95
  6. 4.3 stars for Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Mulled Wine (11% ABV): £6.00 (or 2 for £10)
  7. 4.2 stars for Amazon's Morrisons The Best Mulled Wine (10% ABV): £4.99
  8. 4.1 stars for Ocado's M&S Mulled Wine (11% ABV): £5.50 or 2 for £10)

That said, here are the worst-rated mulled wines you might find in your Christmas stocking if you happen to be on Santa’s Naughty List.

  1. 2.5 stars for Ocado’s Three Mills Mulled Wine (5.5% ABV): £4.00
  2. 3 stars for Tesco’s Mulled Wine: £2.50 (4% ABV) (Clubcard price)

The best non-alcoholic mulled wine

The only spirits you’ll find here are Christmas ones. For a festive season that’s extra merry without the wine headache, the best non-alcohol mulled wine on the market is

Lidl’s Deluxe Non-Alcoholic Mulled Punch at £1.99 a bottle, or 46p a pop. In second place is Morrison's Non-Alcoholic Mulled Zero Wine at £2.00 with third place held jointly by Sainsbury's Non-Alcoholic Merry Berry Mulled Punch and Tesco Eisberg Alcohol-Free Mulled Wine at £2.50 per bottle.

Ocado's Saturnus 1893 Mulled Wine Glogg Concentrate can be mixed with water or any alcohol-free red wine — reviewers suggest one bottle of concentrate to two bottles of red wine. if you choose water, it works out as 58p a glass. For a similar Glogg Concentrate, Amazon sends the price skyrocketing literally off the charts, offering a bottle priced at £35.00! Penny-pinchers — look elsewhere.

Rank Supermarket Mulled Wine £ per bottle £ per 175ml glass
1 Lidl Deluxe Non-Alcoholic Mulled Punch 75cl £1.99 £0.46
2= Morrisons Mulled Zero Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine 75cl £2.00 £0.47
2= Ocado Three Mills Non-Alcoholic Mulled Punch 75cl £3.50 £0.82
4 Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Non-Alcoholic Merry Berry Mulled Punch 75cl £2.50 £0.58
5 Ocado Saturnus 1893 Mulled Wine Glogg Concentrate 50cl £5.00 for 500ml £0.58*

*If mixed with a 2:1 ratio of water

The best mulled wine spices

traditional mulled wine spices
? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, mulled wine bubbling on the stove. ?

If you’re all about a homemade Christmas, whipping up a mulled spice blend is a breeze. Traditional mulled wine requires cinnamon, star anise, cloves and nutmeg, but if you're feeling adventurous, we like this citrusy Mulled Wine Recipe by Food Network.

The cheapest mulled wine spices are just the Morrisons Mulled Wine Spices for just 99p. But as they are currently sold out, why not pay a penny extra for Sainsbury's Mulling Spices at £1.00. Bear in mind that you’ll need to supply a bottle of red to brew with your spices which will jack your spending up.

Rank Supermarket Mulled Wine Price
1 Morrisons Morrisons Mulled Wine Spices 17.75g £0.99
2 Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Mulled Wine Spices 18g £1.00
3 Tesco Mulled Wine Spices 21g £1.40


Bart Wine Mulling Spice 40g £2.75
4= Waitrose Cooks Ingredients Mulling Spice 14g £2.75
5 Amazon Shropshire Spice Mulled Wine Spice Mix 8g £2.95


Data sourced from retailers' websites, correct as of December 8th 2022.

Tips for getting the best mulled wine deals & offers

  1. Check vouchercloud discount codes. We're specialists in saving, and that includes your Christmas tipple. Try our food and drinks vouchers for discounts on your next bottle, and you might want to head to browse our Morrisons, Tesco and Amazon vouchers too.
  2. Shop around. Prices are not universal — by shopping at another retailer, you could save anything from a few pence to a couple of tens.
  3. DIY it. If you have star anise, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg knocking around your spice rack already, there's no reason you can't Mary Berry it and create your own delicious mulled wine at home.
  4. Buy more than one. Several retailers offer discounts for buying two or buying six. Winter's only just kicking in, so you may as well stock up!
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