Where to find the UK’s cheapest supermarket gin offers 2024
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Where to find the UK’s cheapest supermarket gin offers 2024

23 October 2017

Gin is so in right now. From a classic G&T to a more adventurous cocktail, Mother's Ruin is becoming more of a staple than ever — and the supermarkets know it...

That's why we decided to take an in-depth look at the best cheap gin across the nation's favourite supermarkets and create this guide to the most affordable options. So, you can tuck into your favourite tipple while sticking to your budget.

Here are our top takeaways:

  • Lidl’s award-winning Finton’s Special London Dry Gin (1 litre) retails at £14.19, making it 35p per measure and the cheapest gin (1 litre) we could find in the supermarkets.
  • After Lidl, the cheapest own-brand gin is Sainsbury’s London Dry Gin 70cl at £10.49, 37p per measure. If you’re looking for cheap gin online, this is your sign to buy!
  • The cheapest 1.5 litre gin can be found at Sainsbury’s and ASDA at £23.00, 38p per measure, while the cheapest 35cl gin came courtesy of Sainsbury’s at £6.00, 38p per measure.
  • You’ll find the cheapest Gordon’s gin 1 litre at Morrisons for £17.99 per litre, 45p per measure. And a cheap Gordon’s gin 70cl is available for the best price at ASDA at just £14.00, 50p per measure.
  • When it comes to some of the most popular flavoured gins, you’ll want to visit Tesco for the cheapest sloe gin and the cheapest rhubarb and ginger gin.
  • Looking for cheap pink gin? The biggest bargain can be found at Aldi for £12.99, 46p per measure, along with a host of award-winning flavoured gins.
  • The cheapest and best non-alcoholic gin can be found at ASDA and Tesco at £18.00 per 70cl bottle.
  • The cheapest gin gift set can be found at Tesco. From pink gin gift sets to an Edinburgh gin gift, you’ll find a robust selection here.

The UK's best supermarket gin offers

Cheapest sloe gin offers | vouchercloud

Lidl may take the crown for stocking the cheapest supermarket gin, but if you’re looking for more choice, you should explore Aldi’s gin offers too.

These low-cost supermarkets offer 21 award-winning gins between them, from cheap London gin to pink gin to creatively flavoured gin. Boasting an assortment of prestigious medals from the likes of the World Gin Awards, The Spirits Business and International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), these gins prove you don’t have to pay big bucks for quality.

It might come as a surprise to see that Sainsbury’s gin offers give Aldi, Lidl and ASDA a run for their money. Sainsbury’s is home to the cheapest own-brand gin, one of the cheapest gin 1.5 litre bottles, and the cheapest 35cl bottle, covering all sizes and preferences.

Top tip: You’ll generally get more for your money by choosing a larger bottle of gin. So, if you don’t pick up the 70cl Lidl gin, you should head to ASDA or Sainsbury’s for a 1.5 litre bottle to get the most bang for your buck.

The cheapest gin in supermarkets overall and cheapest gin — 1 litre

Lidl Finton’s Special London Dry Gin 1L £14.19 per litre, 35p per measure
The cheapest supermarket gin 1.5 litre — 1.5 litre ASDA

London Dry Gin 1.5L
Hollow & Bourne London Dry Gin 1.5L
£23.00, 38p per measure
£23.00, 38p per measure
The cheapest supermarket gin — 70cl Lidl Finton’s Special London Dry Gin 70cl £9.99, 35p per measure
The cheapest supermarket gin — 35cl Sainsbury’s Hollow & Bourne London Dry Gin 35cl £6.00, 43p per measure
The best cheap pink gin Aldi Greyson’s Pink Gin 70cl £12.99, 46p per measure
The cheapest Gordon’s gin — 1 litre Morrisons Gordon’s gin 1L £17.99, 60p per measure
The cheapest and best non-alcoholic gin ASDA and Tesco Gordon’s Alcohol-Free £18.00, 50p per measure
The cheapest sloe gin Tesco Tesco Finest The Melodist Sloe Gin £18.00, 60p per measure
The cheapest rhubarb and ginger gin Tesco Limehouse Rhubarb and Ginger Gin 70cl £14.99, 54p per measure

Where to buy gin gift sets under £10

Whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa gin gift or a birthday surprise, the supermarket with the cheapest gin gifts is Tesco with options starting from £5-6. But we’d also recommend the M&S light-up gin at Ocado for an extra special gin gift with the wow factor.

Which non-alcoholic gin is the best?

Don’t leave your sober pals out in the cold! Treat them to the best non-alcoholic gin in the supermarkets so they can join in the gin-based cocktail fun.

The cheapest bottles of Gordon’s Alcohol-Free are from ASDA or Tesco. But we’d like to recommend the CleanCo Clean G Non-Alcoholic Gin Replacement as a quality alternative — this one’s available at Tesco for £19.

The cheapest brands of gin

The least expensive gin in UK supermarkets | vouchercloud

Morrisons gin offers come through when it comes to the big brands — Gordon's gin is just £17.99 per litre compared to the standard £22.50, outpricing ASDA by a penny. But if you’re after a 70cl bottle, you’ll find it cheaper at ASDA.

It’s also worth checking the Tesco gin aisle for any Clubcard discounts. We’ve spotted Clubcard offers for cheap Gordon’s gin 1 litre at £17. So, keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re looking for the cheapest Bombay Sapphire gin and Hendricks gin, you’ll want to look for special offers as these brands currently go for the same price across all the supermarkets. As demonstrated below.

The cheapest supermarket gin: own-brand

Best value Lidl gin

Finton’s Special London Dry Gin 1L £14.19, 35p per measure
Best value Sainsbury’s gin Sainsbury’s London Dry Gin 70cl £10.49, 37p per measure
Best value Tesco gin Tesco London Dry Gin 1.5L £23.00, 38p per measure
Best value ASDA gin ASDA London Dry 1.5L £23.00, 38p per measure
Best value Aldi gin Haysmith’s London Dry Gin 70cl £14.99, 54p per measure
Best value Waitrose gin Waitrose London Dry Gin 1L £16.75, 42p per measure
Best value Ocado gin M&S Dry London Gin 1L £17.15, 43p per measure
Best value Morrison's gin Morrison’s The Best London Dry Gin 70cl £18.00, 64p per measure

Hendricks gin price at every supermarket

Hendricks is one of the most popular gin brands for your average drinker, toeing the line perfectly between affordability and quality, and offering a refreshing drink at an acceptable price. How do the prices measure up though?

Hendricks gin ASDA 70cl

Hendricks gin Tesco 70cl £29.00
Hendricks gin Sainsbury's 70cl £29.00
Hendricks gin Morrisons 70cl £29.00
Hendricks gin Ocado 70cl £29.00
Hendricks gin Waitrose 70cl £30.00
Hendricks gin Ocado 35cl £19.00
Hendricks gin Waitrose 35cl £19.00

The pricing of Hendrick's gin 70cl is identical across every supermarket, except Waitrose. But if you’re after a smaller bottle as a gift, Ocado and Waitrose offer the choice.

Gordon's gin price at every supermarket

Highly refreshing and utterly crisp, Gordon's is the stuff great G&Ts (not to mention a host of cocktails) are made of. But before you go full Tom Cruise and start mixing your own Long Island Ice Tea, make sure you're getting your bottle for the cheapest price.

There’s more variation when it comes to classic Gordon's, but not much. You’ll find the cheapest Gordon’s gin 1 litre bottle at Morrisons and the cheapest 70cl bottle at ASDA. Happy gin-ing!

Gordon's gin Morrisons 1 litre £17.99
Gordon's gin ASDA 1 litre £18.00
Gordon's gin Waitrose 1 litre £22.50
Gordon's gin Sainsbury's 1 litre £22.50
Gordon's gin Ocado 1 litre £22.50
Gordon's gin Tesco 1 litre £22.50
Gordon's gin ASDA 70cl £14.00
Gordon's gin Sainsbury's 70cl £16.00
Gordon's gin Tesco 70cl £16.00
Gordon's gin Ocado 70cl £16.00
Gordon's gin Iceland 70cl £16.00
Gordon's gin Waitrose 70cl £17.00
Gordon's gin Morrisons 70cl £17.00

Which supermarket has the best pink gin offers?

Cheapest pink gin

If you're after something different gin-wise, think pink! Not only can you expect a fresh and fruity flavour, but it makes an excellent gift for gin lovers.

We found that Aldi came out on top for the cheapest pink gin 70cl bottle while Tesco stocked the most expensive. But if you want something a little smaller, Ocado is your best bet… you’d still be paying more than you would for the larger Aldi bottle though. Looks like when it comes to gin, it pays to go big.

Cheapest pink gin by supermarket

Aldi Haysmiths Pink Grapefruit & Rose Gin 70cl

ASDA Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin 70cl £14.00
Morrisons J.J.Whitley Pink Cherry Gin 70cl £16
Ocado Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin 70cl £16.50
Morrisons Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin 70cl £17.50
Waitrose Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin 70cl £17.50
Tesco Greenall’s Gin Wild Berry 70cl £19.50
Ocado Think Pink M&S Gin 50cl £15.00

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