European Cities Are 32.81% Cheaper In January
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European Cities Are 32.81% Cheaper In January

08 October 2019

Fancy a winter break? Us too. But don't waste your hard earned cash by heading off in December — wait until January comes and save an average of 32.81% on a city break in Europe. We've got the maths to prove it...

Using the power of Trivago's Hotel Price Index and Momondo's flight price insights, vouchercloud can definitively reveal that the average 6 night European city break will be over 30% cheaper if booked in January. And that's just on average — read on to see which gorgeous city comes in 68% cheaper!

The Numbers

Price Drops in 37 out of 38 European Destinations

Incredible scenes. Montenegro's gorgeous capital Podgorica comes in at 68.44% cheaper in January than December time, so save yourself some Euros and wait until the new year.

Out of the 38 European capitals we surveyed, 37 were found to be significantly cheaper in January than December. You’ll save over 33% in 20 capitals - including Prague, Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna and beyond.

Hotels are £6.32 per person per night cheaper

That’s 12.74% compared to December prices. Stay a few days and that'll quickly add up!

Flights are £72.96 cheaper

Whilst hotels are cheaper, it’s in booking your flight that you’ll make the most savings. The average January flight to a European capital is a huge 43.28% cheaper than in December. That’s an average saving of £72.96 per person each way.

Buenos Aires Is Best Value Outside of Europe

Outside Europe, Buenos Aires has the biggest % savings when booked in January instead of December - it’s 36.53% cheaper. New York, Rio, Hong Kong, Cape Town and many more are over 25% cheaper in January compared to December.


Greg Le Tocq, vouchercloud founder, said:

"We’ve all heard of the January sales, but customers might not be aware just how much they could save by delaying their winter break. The same destinations will be available for half the price in many cases — with the same weather but far less crowded. It might well be worth taking some of your 2020 annual leave early to maximise your savings!

It's such a small change, but has massive results. It's telling that 37 of the 38 destinations we researched were significantly cheaper just one month out."

Book your own dream trip

We've got a hotline to the greatest winter break with TripAdvisor, Expedia,, and many more. Check out our travel vouchers page for your quickest route to savings. If you'd like some inspiration, have a look at our best value wine and cheese guide, which ranks 27 countries in Europe famed for their great produce.


We’ve taken a standard trip to be a return flight from London and 4 nights sharing an average double room in the destination city centre. Prices are per individual. (Rest of World holidays are defined as 6 nights away).

Flight data was taken from Momondo and hotel prices were taken from the Hotel Price Index.

Hotel data for Podgorica was taken from the city of Budva as Podgorica data was not available. Budva is the next largest city in Montenegro to have price data in the Hotel Price Index.

Currency conversions were performed using Google Finance on 8th October.

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