Death of the Disc
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Death of the Disc

02 September 2016

The face of media consumption has changed dramatically over the last few decades as we transition further into a digital age, with many of the traditional conventions of media ownership becoming a faded memory of the past.

In the last few years alone, many high-street favourites such as Blockbuster and HMV have closed their doors as more and more people opt for the convenience and accessibility of digital downloads over physical copies of games, films and music. The notion of walking to the local video rental store to fulfil your weekend home entertainment has become somewhat redundant with online subscription services offering viewers enormous libraries of material right at their fingertips.

As the ‘on-demand generation’, have we dug the grave of physical media for good? Or will our love of owning collections and sharing them with our peers keep the traditional platforms of media consumption alive and well? Are there consequences of an entirely digitalised world we haven't fully considered?

Take a look through the infographic below to discover whether the ‘Death of the Disc’ is inevitable.

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