How to DIY your gift wrapping and save money
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How to DIY your gift wrapping and save money

22 November 2018

Whether you’re working to a budget or just fancy trying something different, DIY present wrapping is the way to go - it’s creative, open-ended, and is bound to save you a few quid! Forget printed paper cheesier than a couple’s joint Instagram account and embrace your artistic side with a few of these tips.

A few of my favourite things….

...Yup, you guessed it; good old brown paper and a ball of string are all you need to make your wrapping stand out from the pile - pick some up from Baker Ross with a vouchercloud discount code. Give your presents a rustic feel with a simple white string bow and your Christmas tree will look like something straight out of shabby-chic Pinterest. Better still, make the most of a blank canvas and grab a Sharpie to create truly unique wrapping paper by doodling to your heart’s content - maybe incorporate your loved one’s favourite quotes and hobbies in your design. Why not go to town with a watercolour set from Create and Craft and draw a full-on mural?

Hand-me-down, wrap-me-up

We all hang on to clothes we don’t want any more way longer than we should - and here’s your chance to put those old shirts and scarves to good use. Pick something with a funky pattern and cut into the fabric so you can tie it around your gift in a fancy knot or bow, and the best part is, this wrapping ‘paper’ is fully reusable.

Disguise the surprise

Keep them guessing a little longer by hiding the true shape of your gift with old cardboard cut-offs and boxes, or even (clean!) food tins. Conceal obvious gifts like CDs in a jiffy bag from your last Amazon order, and beauty products like nail varnishes in DIY gift boxes made from washed-out tins and jars. Gorgeous jewellery from the likes of Tiffany & Co and makeup brushes are always appreciated, and with such great offers on Superdrug cosmetics from vouchercloud, now’s the perfect time to find something small for the beauty queen in your life!

Wrap to your own tune

Give that dusty old grade three piano book a new lease of life by using it to wrap up a music lover’s present this festive season. If you don’t personally own any sheet music, pop into your nearest charity shop and you’re sure to find sheaves of the stuff for just a few pennies. Theatre buffs and Classical connoisseurs alike will love their presents wrapped up in their favourite score!

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