Skin savers - how to avoid a cold chapped everything
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Skin savers - how to avoid a cold chapped everything

20 November 2018

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s not just time to switch up your wardrobe - your beauty routine needs attention too. While winter might be the most wonderful time of the year for some, those icy temps may mean your usual lotions and potions struggle to deliver, leaving you with sore, chapped or scaly skin - not the most festive look! But before you stock up on seasonal swaps, take a peek at these common skincare misconceptions to help you winter-proof your face and body with the very best chance of success.

Fib: Hot baths are hydrating.

Fact: You’d think a steamy bath would pack the highest punch of moisture into your skin - not so! Subjecting your body to hot water actually has a dehydrating effect while soaps and fragrances can also strip your skin of moisture. Avoid the alligator look by keeping the water lukewarm and adding a few essential oils like sweet almond or jojoba to your bathwater. Then slather on a luxurious cream like Weleda Skin Food Light to leave your skin feeling replenished and satiny-smooth.

Fib: All lip balm prevents chapping.

Fact: When the north wind doth blow, it’s all too easy to reach for a cheap and cheerful chapstick. However, balms that contain petroleum jelly create an artificial film over lips, signalling your skin to stop producing moisturising lipids and causing it to dry out. Why not try Elizabeth Arden’s Intensive Lip Repair Balm from Boots? It contains a conditioning formula that’s been scientifically proven to lock in lip moisture - there’s no better way to perfect your pout!

Fib: My skin is too sensitive for skincare products.

Fact: Whipping winds and central heating are much more likely to irritate sensitive skin without the correct protection in place. Instead of shying away from skincare products, look for those that contain active soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties such as those in the lookfantastic sensitive skincare range. A concentrated serum can target multiple causes of irritation and redness to deliver the soft, dewy skin of your dreams.

Fib: Exfoliating in winter dries out your skin.

Fact: The right exfoliator will remove dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores and reveal the softer, brighter skin below the surface. The trick is to choose a gentle formula. You could mix up your own home remedy using equal parts of sugar, sea salt and coconut oil, or invest in a treat like this award-winning Evolve exfoliating mask from bodykind. Containing absolutely no parabens, phthalates or other questionable chemicals and infused with rich cacao, it’ll leave your skin feeling like you took it to a fancy launderette - smooth, clear and clean.

With our host of health and beauty offers to hand, you can banish those winter skincare woes with ease. Getting your glow on has never been easier!

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