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Though we already offer our fair share of Playstation vouchers to help you save on games, maximising your savings on a console to play them on can be a whole other story. This is thanks to the record breaking Playstation 5 released last year, which – when combined with millions isolating at home – rapidly rose to become the most wished for console on the market.

With both the PS5 and PS4 featuring technology capable of rendering the latest 4K visuals, 3D audio and 60 frames per second as standard, it’s fair to say any new piece of Playstation hardware can cost a pretty penny. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to shortlist the best PS5 offers and PS4 deals alongside price checks on the latest accessories, topped off with our recommendations on where to look for the best PS5 Black Friday deals of 2021.

Playstation 5 Deals

PS5 Deals

The latest iteration of the staple home console comes with a wealth of improvements, including a far superior SSD, over 600GB of memory, a streamlined interface and the ability to play any games from both this and the previous generation.

With that being said, securing one for your home setup is a mission unto itself, with PS5 deals almost always selling out within minutes of coming online. With that in mind, any dedicated gamer should sign up to a stock-tracking website like StockInformer. They’ll notify you of restocks at retailers like Amazon, Very and Currys within seconds – it’s the best option to secure your own at retail price and avoid shelling out hundreds extra to scalpers. Combine this with keeping an eye on the PS5 Stock UK Twitter feed and you’ll have a good shot at bagging a console when stock shifts.

We at Groupon endeavour to provide our customers with PS5s at the cheapest price possible, so give yourself the best chance by planning well and spending less on Sony’s flagship console.

Playstation 5 Bundle Deals

A great alternative to bagging a console is partnering it with additional games or accessories – there are many who can’t afford more than the console price or want to conserve cash to invest in games separately. That being said bundle deals do come at a higher price, though not without anything to show for it.

The widely lauded PS5 controller included with each console deserves a partner, even if it’s just so you can cycle charging times during solo play. A PS5 console bundle with a game or headset meanwhile ensures you get great value from your investment by bulking out your game selection at a discount or enhancing the playing experience.

What’s included can differ substantially between retailers, so we’ll shortlist the bundles we think will give you the most for your money (due to ongoing stock issues, the following list will likely include sold out bundles until consoles are more widely available).

GAME PS5 Disc Edition + Spider-Man: Miles Morales + Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut – £571.97
ShopTo PS5 Digital Edition + Pulse 3D Headset – £443.85 PS5 Disc Edition + Additional Controller + Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut – £579.00
BT PS5 Disc Edition + Additional Controller + Charging Station – £533.98

PS4 Console Deals


This year will mark the eighth birthday of the long-standing PS4, with the console still a solid, viable choice for gamers and budget shoppers worldwide. With the 2020 release of its snazzy new counterpart, PlayStation 4 deals are now even more affordable and in much greater stock.

With most new-gen titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Back 4 Blood still being made compatible with the previous generation of consoles, PS4 users can still enjoy the latest games whilst paying far less for their console – albeit at lesser resolutions and reduced framerates.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your hardware’s performance whilst keeping costs low by investing in a PS4 Pro instead, which includes a stronger CPU and GPU that are capable of rendering up to 2160p (4K) without putting so much pressure on the machine itself. What’s more, PS4 Pros are as cheap as they’ve ever been, with a few more years on the market promising redundancy for the tried and tested console. With a wealth of top gaming and electronics retailers to pick between, here are our picks for the best PS4 deals alongside top discounts on PS4 Pros:

Amazon PS4 Slim 500GB - £184.99
Argos PS4 500GB - £259.99
PS4 Pro
Amazon PS4 Pro 1TB (used) - £204.99
MusicMagpie PS4 Pro 1TB (used) - £264.99
eBay PS4 Pro 1TB (used) - £285.99
OnBuy PS4 Pro 1TB (used) - £699.99

PS4 Black Friday Deals

With PS5 Black Friday deals likely to sell out long before the sale weekend is over, we can expect plenty of thrifty shoppers to get their gaming fix for minimal expense with a PlayStation 4 Black Friday bargain. For just over half the price of a PlayStation 5, you can net yourself a brand new PS4 or PS4 Pro on Black Friday and still have plenty of spare change to invest in a game or two.

With it being so widely available, you can expect brands to start drip-feeding PS4 Black Friday deals from the beginning of November, though the best bargains will likely wait to the end of the month. If you’re considering sticking to a last-gen console for another year, have a gander at our selection on the best PS4 Black Friday deals of 2022 as and when they come in.

PS4 Bundle Deals

Since so many new games are being made backwards compatible, PlayStation 4 bundle deals are still a top value purchase, especially when they come cheaper than ever before. If your old console is giving up the ghost and you fancy getting your game on without paying hundreds more, consider a PS4 console bundle. This is especially shrewd if there are still plenty of titles you’d like to play from the previous generation – which after eight years on the market, there probably is!

Just the same as with the PlayStation 5, PS4 bundles can differ dramatically between retailers, so instead we will showcase a variety of bundle deals offering anything from games to discount controllers to give you the best chance of finding a deal that gels with you:

GAME PS4 500GB + Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - £275.98 (out of stock)
Currys PS4 Slim 500GB + Spider-Man + God of War - £289 (out of stock)
Very PS4 500GB + Additional Controller - £299.99 (out of stock)

PS5 Controller Deals

PS5 Controller

An absolute sensation since its release, the PlayStation DualSense controller has set the bar for its competitors worldwide thanks to its ergonomic design, built-in microphone, adaptive triggers and reactive vibrations – resulting in gameplay that feels more immersive and responsive than ever.

Any new PS5 owner looking to get an idea of how this responsive gadget improves gameplay should treat themselves to a game of Astro’s Playroom when they get your new console – it comes free on all PS5s and essentially acts as a tech demo for the controller, paying homage to Playstation’s legacy.

Whilst almost all unanimously praise this brilliant piece of kit, finding a PS5 controller at the cheapest price can be a big task – that is until now. To help you get the best price in the shortest amount of time, our tech whizzes at Groupon have done the hard work for you and stockpiled the best prices so you can secure a PS5 controller cheap:

Amazon £54.95
Argos £59.99
Currys £59.99
GAME £59.99

PS5 3D Headset Deals

PS5 3D Headset

The next best thing to a home cinema setup, the Playstation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset often comes paired with console bundles – that’s how essential it’s considered for the next generation of play. Doing away with worrisome wires and obtrusive microphones, the Pulse headset feels snug and remains comfy over long periods of play.

Meanwhile, the 3D aspect of the sound pays dividends on games like the revamped Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut or even older releases like Monster Hunter: World. With the headset on, every gust of wind, rumbling bush and sharp scream has its own direction, distance and volume that anchors you to the world and places you right in the centre of the action.

An added bonus is the absence of batteries, so you can cycle between charging your headset and controller as you need it. To see how big a difference the headset makes to your gaming experience, be sure to pick out the best deal on a PS5 Pulse 3D headset from the selection below:

Amazon £79.95
Currys £84.99
GAME £89.99
Argos £89.99

Other ways to save on PS5s, PS4s, games and accessories

There are just as many ways to save as there are things to buy when it comes to gaming, so here are some of our quick tips on cutting costs on the latest generation of consoles:

  • Look over our page of Black Friday discount codes for top deals in this year’s biggest shopping bonanza.
  • Check out the ‘Electricals’ category page for price cuts on consoles as well as TVs, sound systems and headsets to enhance your gameplay for less.
  • See what PS5 games have hit the sale shelf on our Playstation vouchers page.
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