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More about Weight Watchers

more about weight watchers

Simple Healthy Living, for Less

Choosing to live healthier and lose weight is a big decision for many people. You need the confidence of a simple eating and exercise plan to meet the results you are striving for. Both men and women are discovering a simpler, healthy solution with easy to follow plans from Weight Watchers. People all over the world are using Weight Watchers as their starting point and support network to lose weight in a healthy way and feel great every day - without sacrificing the foods they love! Whether you’re new to healthy eating and weight loss, or are looking for an alternative to an unsuccessful diet, get the best value plan with Weight Watchers online.

How do I use Weight Watchers vouchers?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on transforming your life into a healthier one with special diets and expensive foods. Make sure you get the best value plan by using a Weight Watchers promo code when you sign up online. Follow these steps to see the pounds drop off!

  • Click on the Weight Watchers promotion code on our website to take you straight to the member signup page
  • If you’re registering from the Weight Watchers homepage, click ‘Get Started’ and then select ‘Join Today’ from the membership options
  • On the signup page, select your payment plan and then click to ‘Enter Promotion code’
  • Copy one of our Weight Watchers vouchers into the box and click to ‘Apply code’
  • See your discounts in your payment total straight away!
  • Complete the registration process and start your healthy weight loss plan for less


weight watchers vouchers

The Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers want to make your journey to a healthier you as easy as possible - without the worries of calorie counting, fad diets, cutting out delicious foods or having to sacrifice the tastiest treats. As a Weight Watchers member you’ll be helped every step of the way, to ensure you reach your goal and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle that suits you.

How does Weight Watchers work?

Weight Watchers have made it even easier for you to learn about the best ways of getting healthy and losing weight. Their simple plan allows you to begin with an introduction to nutrition, healthy food and the Weight Watchers SmartPoints system.

Once you sign up you’ll hit the ground running with help from Weight Watchers. Choose from delicious food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and dessert, that are memorable and will help you stay full, without the bother of counting calories or measuring portions.

As you progress with your Weight Watchers plan you’ll find it easier to include healthy eating into your daily routine, choosing snacks that are low or even zero SmartPoints! As you continue to eat healthily and enjoy the right foods, the transition to using SmartPoints will be a breeze. You’ll be enjoying the same delicious, nutritious meals and snacks whilst focusing on your daily SmartPoints goals.

weight watchers food

What are Weight Watchers SmartPoints?

SmartPoints aren’t the same as calorie counting. With Weight Watchers, every food is given its own value in SmartPoints, using expert nutritional knowledge. Each food’s SmartPoints value is calculated by measuring its value in a balanced diet.

Check out the Weight Watchers healthy living pages here to find out more about the biology, psychology and physics behind each element of your balanced weight loss or healthy eating plan.

How does Weight Watchers SmartPoints work?

The SmartPoints system is tailored personally to you, using your height, weight, age and gender to create an individual allowance.  As each food is allocated its own SmartPoints value, you can fit the foods you enjoy into your plan, staying within your allowance and still eating all of the food you love. Weight Watchers are with throughout, with tips, recipes and advice to help you create meals, choose healthier snacks and eat out, whilst sticking with your goals. Your SmartPoints are there to help you eat enough and still enjoy tasty good that’s good for you - that’s how you can improve your lifestyle and stay healthy whilst losing weight!

How many Weight Watchers SmartPoints can I have?

Weight Watchers knows that everyone is different, so you will have a different SmartPoints allowance to your friends. To find out what your numbers are, you’ll need to complete register with Weight Watchers, which measures your height, weight, age, gender and assesses your lifestyle. Sign up here to find out your personal SmartPoints allowance and start eating healthier meals straight away.

When you’re following the plan, you can get advice and recipes from Weight Watchers to create the perfect meals for your plan.

What is the Weight Watchers No Count plan?

Although you can use Weight Watchers SmartPoints to keep track of how much you eat and what you’re eating, to stick within your allowance, some people choose the freedom of No Count. Instead of following a healthier eating plan within a certain number of SmartPoints you can focus on choosing the best food for your needs and getting healthier.  Whilst you’re eating healthily, you’ll look and feel great so there’s no need to keep track of allowances every day. Of course, sometimes we all want a little treat and with the No Count plan there’s a weekly allowance for anything that’s no on the healthy eating list.

How much weight can I lose with Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers are here to help you get healthy and if you want to, lose weight safely but remember, everyone is different. By signing up to Weight Watchers here, you can find out what your BMI (Body Mass Index) is, what your ideal weight might be and how you can use Weight Watchers plans to reach a healthier you.

Membership Options

Weight Watchers Online

Joining Weight Watchers online gives you access to your very own Weight Watchers account, where you’ll receive guides, tips, recipes and more tools that work for your personalised plan. With thousands of recipe ideas and nutritional advice available at the click of a button, making meals that work with your plan is easy to do from home. Track your progress and calculate your SmartPoints from using your online account and reach your goals. 

Is there a Weight Watchers app?

Yes! You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet and take your Weight Watchers support tools with you everywhere you go. Gain access to the database meal ideas, articles and features from Weight Watchers, as well as a shopping list tool to help you during your supermarket trips. Follow your plan at home, on holiday or at your friend’s house with online support tools that go with you.

The apps are free when you sign up to Weight Watchers. Find out more here.

weight watchers app

The Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

You can enjoy Weight Watchers online and offline with their monthly pass. The pass saves you money overall and gives you the benefits of meetings, online help, mobile app tools and more - all in one easy package!

Sign up for a monthly pass here and you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited meetings and Weight Watcher leader guidance
  • The lowest meeting rates
  • The Weight Watchers mobile app
  • No registration fees

vouchercloud Top Saving Tip

Choose the 3 month plan to receive all of the Weight Watchers digital benefits for a lower monthly price! If you commit to 3 months of smarter eating with Weight Watchers you can save yourself money whilst you kick start your healthier eating plan. Sign up for the Weight Watchers 3 month plan here!

Local Meetings

Where are Weight Watchers meetings?

Run by knowledgeable, personable and experienced Weight Watchers Leaders, your local meetings are designed to offer you support during your weight loss journey. The fun and motivational sessions happen weekly, offering everyone the guidance they need to succeed with the Weight Watchers plan. Meet people that are as dedicated as you are to a weight loss or healthy living plan that works, track your progress with a private weigh in and get tips and advice from people that know how to move towards a healthier lifestyle successfully.

What happens at Weight Watchers meetings?

All meetings are run by Weight Watchers Leaders who have already tried and tested the Weight Watchers plan. There is usually a group discussion to being the session, giving you the chance to get advice from fellow members, as well as help others with your own inspirational stories. The Leader will help you complete your confidential weigh in each week, before offering support for the challenges ahead, as well as motivation through your achievements!

Where is my nearest Weight Watchers meeting?

There are over thousands of meetings across the UK, so there’s no excuse! To find your nearest Weight Watchers, use the online search tool here. Enter your postcode to view a map and a list of the meetings closest to you.  Filter your search results to find a meeting that is convenient, searching by times and specific days. Weight Watchers really can fit with anyone’s lifestyle!

weight watchers meeting

How much is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers offer plans to suit anyone’s lifestyle and everyone’s budget. The plans range from less than £10 a week for meetings, to only a little more than £10 for passes and online plans. For the latest Weight Watchers prices see the further details available here.Remember, there are usually great Weight Watchers offers and deals available for new customers so check out our vouchers before you sign up!

Your Online Community

When you join Weight Watchers, you become part of a community of thousands of others with healthy living and weight loss goals. Whether it’s a small loss or a bigger fitness challenge, you can gain a lot with the Weight Watchers online community. Speak with people that have completed their personal weight loss challenge for inspiration, or share motivational tips and tricks with those who are still working at it. You might even give someone else the advice they need to continue their week of eating well. Simply register online here, create your profile and begin to exchange stories with other Weight Watchers members. Participate in fun challenges with a team for the ultimate group support!

weight watchers community

The Weight Watchers online community is packed full of advice to keep you motivated when you’re struggling, as well as help you focus if when returning to your plan after a break. Read the message boards and post your own comments to help others on topics about diets, exercise, recipes, habits and more. Read the Weight Watchers community blogs too for secrets from the Weight Watchers experts. You can even join in with the online recipe swap to revitalise your weekly meals, whilst always keeping to your SmartPoints allowances. Browse through thousands of ideas and add your own recipes too!

Sometimes the best advice comes from unexpected places. The Weight Watchers team and the community of followers are all about healthy eating, physical health, weight loss support and personal management. Use the knowledge of the Weight Watchers experts to find out about motivation, healthy living and helpful weight loss tips.

Sign up to Weight Watchers now and you’ll get access to all of these great benefits.

Here are some of the best tips to remember during your journey with Weight Watchers

  • Set goals
  • Reward yourself
  • Use the community to stay motivated
  • Keep a healthy balance
  • Discover new treats, guilt free!

Weight Watchers Food and Recipes

When you start your Weight Watchers plan, you don’t have to recreate a whole new lifestyle or let a diet dictate what you and your family eat. Keep things simple with Weight Watchers SmartPoints recipes and speciality meals. The range of food, ready meals and drinks from the Weight Watchers range gives you everything you need to fill the gaps between meal times or to make a busy day much easier to manage. Buy your Weight Watchers food during your weekly supermarket shop to create a simpler weight loss programme at home.

You can find new breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas from Weight Watchers online and the community recipe swap pages. It’s up to you to choose the meals you want to include in your day, whilst Weight Watchers helps you choose the food that best fit your goals and helps you stay within your allowance. Find the latest healthy recipes and cooking tips, discover the best way to enjoy a meal out, or get the season’s best foodie tips!

Discover great ideas to help you stick to your plan, including snack menu plans and family meal ideas too!

weight watchers snack plan

The Weight Watchers YouTube channel is also full of ideas to make mealtime easier, healthier and maybe even fun! Check out the updates from previous months, including an easy roast chicken recipe and this Weight Watchers friendly Victoria Sponge recipe. Make sure you follow Weight Watchers on Youtube to keep up to date with what’s new every month.

Where can I buy Weight Watchers food?

You’ll find Weight Watchers meals, drinks and snacks at your favourite local supermarket, so it’s always easy and convenient for you to keep to your plan and enjoy delicious dishes at home. Find their own range of food in most supermarkets, as well as the Asda, Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury’s online stores.

Weight Watchers Magazine

To make sure you stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the world of Weight Watchers, subscribe to the magazine and have news, reviews, recipes and more delivered to your door every month! The magazine is full to the brim with beauty ideas, the latest fashions, new, events, competitions and much more.

Read inspirational stories and find out what worked for the Weight Watchers magazine cover stars. As a Weight Watchers member you can get a great discount on your subscription too! Find out more about how to subscribe here.

Contact Weight Watchers

Send an email to the Weight Watchers customer service team and receive answers to questions regarding your membership, meetings, subscription and other services. Find the email address for the relevant department here or send your general query to uk.help@weightwatchers.co.uk 

Write to Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Customer Service 
Millennium House
Ludlow Road

Find full contact details for Weight Watchers here. You can also find answers to lots of frequently asked questions in the online help pages here.

What is the Weight Watchers contact number?

Telephone the Weight Watchers call centre

08457 123000

Getting Social with Weight Watchers

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