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About Car Wash

When the rain is falling and the wind is howling, it doesn’t take long for your car to turn into a camouflaged muddy mess as you drive around town, or through the countryside. If you don’t particularly enjoy the weekend ritual of washing your car by hand, the good news is that you can skip the soapy buckets and take it to a local car wash instead. Vouchercloud have hammered out some exclusive savings, so grab a Car Wash Voucher from this page and start heading down to an establishment near you. Soon you’ll be driving around town in a sparkly car that looks like it just rolled off the showroom forecourt, for a whole lot less.

There are lots of different types of car washes available in the UK, including traditional hand car washes that involve a team of cleaners tackling the exterior and interior of your car with chamois’, sponges, vacuum cleaners and polish. There are also fully automated car washes that utilise machines for all of the heavy lifting. Our Car Wash Offers cover both options, so you can pick and choose according to what you have available in your local area. There are even different packages usually available, so you can either go for a regular clean that won’t break the bank or splash out on a couple of layers of wax that will really bring out the shine of the bodywork.