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About Students - Food & Drink

If there is one thing any student needs, it’s a good feed every once in a while. Let’s face it, normally you’d be waiting for Mum or Dad to come and visit, who insist on taking you out for a good feed or taking you to nearest supermarket to do a food shop that could last you for a few weeks. Well, that’s not going to happen often enough in a school year, and at some point you might even like to take someone out for a meal yourself! That’s where vouchercloud comes in to save your bacon, and student loan. With student food discount for top eateries across the UK you can rest assured you’ll your tummy filled with some great-tasting grub without going over your budget.

No matter what tickles your fancy, there will be money off to be had on your food bill. From top Italians like Zizzi and Bella Italia to authentic Mexican, Sushi, Thai and gourmet burger joints too, your eyes won’t be bigger than your belly or your wallet! Just download the vouchercloud mobile app to your smartphone to browse the fantastic student food vouchers available, and receive notifications when you’re near a restaurant with great deal going on. From 2 for 1 on mains to ‘buy a burger and get a burger for £1’ offers, you’ll be amazed at how well you can eat for just a few quid. Plus, it’s not just top notch savings to be had on real good grub, your drinks will come in under budget too! If you’re wise enough to keep your NUS to hand, you might even find specially curated offers for supermarkets, diners, fast food joints and coffee shops too!