50 Apps to Track Everything
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50 Apps to Track Everything

02 September 2016

Our mobile phones are powerful - crazy powerful. We're approaching a point now where our Android or iPhone is essential to our everyday lives, and attached to us almost every minute of every day.

But, we also want more control. Technology is a great way for us to analyse and optimise our lives, and with our phones by our sides, there are endless opportunities to know where we spend our time, what we're doing, and who we're doing it with. We can now track everything with our smartphone, and a wide range of technologies can be mixed in to our everyday habits to bring an analytical approach to even the smallest things.

App developers have known this for years, and there are now scores of apps out there ready and waiting to track everything in our lives - from the mundane to the slightly scary.

vouchercloud has compiled the top 50 apps to track EVERYTHING in your life, and there are some crackers. Take a look at the infographic below, and see if we can persuade you to track your sleeping habits, your social circle, and your everyday life.

From the world of health - with 'I'm Expecting' and 'Ovuview' letting the women of the world keep on track of their periods and pregnancy - you can track some of the more specific niches or keep on top of your exercise and eating habits more generally (and even keep on top of your sleep).

You can also tackle technology itself, tracking your music habits or analysing the very use of your phone itself. From mobile data ('My Data Manager') to call habits ('Call Meter 3G'), you can try and lower your costs and reduce your spend - and maybe even save some battery - by using the apps themselves to keep on top of things.

Bear in mind some of these apps eat up the memory - so if your current mobile is a little lacking, give an EE Mobile discount code a look-in to see if you can save on your next handset!

50 apps to track everything infographic

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