The 10 best things to buy on Black Friday
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The 10 best things to buy on Black Friday

04 October 2022

While the cost of living crisis has put the brakes on spending for spending’s sake, if you’re planning ahead for Christmas or hoping to replace a pricey household item, prepare to score a bargain in the Black Friday sales. With a more considered Christmas on the cards for all, we’ve put together this guide to the 10 best things to buy on Black Friday 2023 to help you only buy what you need.

The best things to buy on Black Friday vouchercloud

Will things get cheaper on Black Friday?

First of all, let’s address the golden question. Is it actually worth buying anything on Black Friday? Or are there better times of year to grab yourself a deal? The short answer is yes, you can expect to find cheap Black Friday deals that will stand you in good stead for Christmas. Especially if you’re shopping for technology or household appliances, as this is where the most exciting discounts appear.

However, just because a Black Friday sale is on, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good one. This is why it pays to do your research and plan your shopping in advance, or you could risk getting caught up in a Black Friday frenzy and spending money on products that might be cheaper at a different time of year. That's why we're here to tell you what to buy on Black Friday 2023.

Our top saving tip? Check out the discount codes at vouchercloud and Groupon ahead of the Black Friday sales to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Here's what to buy on Black Friday 2023

1. Nintendo Switch

The best things to buy on Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals | vouchercloud
If the kids are dead set on a games console this Christmas, you’re in luck. Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are some of the most popular of the season. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is the most searched-for item in the sale!

Generally, the longer a piece of tech is out, the more likely you’ll be to find it at a discounted Black Friday price. So, the 2021 launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED might mean the price of the regular Switch takes a dive. But if you can’t resist the call of the OLED’s increased storage and vibrant display, don’t fret — we predict price drops on those bundles too!

Where will the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals be?

With Very and Amazon Black Friday sales featuring cheap Nintendo Switch bundles in past years and Currys offering to price match any other retailer, this is one big-ticket item that even Santa himself would buy on Black Friday. But it's also worth watching the dedicated Groupon Nintendo Switch deals page where the best offers are updated every month.

Once you've locked down the console, don't forget to hunt for good Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch games too — Argos has limited but wallet-friendly stock!

2. Apple AirPods

The best things to buy on Black Friday AirPods deals | vouchercloud

Crystal clear sound, a snug fit, and excellent noise cancellation — it’s no wonder Apple AirPods are one of the most searched-for products at this time of year.

As the Apple AirPods Pro’s silicone ear-buds and the over-ear Airpods Max battle it out for the title of Most Coveted Black Friday Headphones, savvy shoppers should turn their attention to the AirPods 3rd Gen and even 2nd Gen models for the best Black Friday bargains.

What store has the cheapest AirPods?

While Currys, John Lewis and Argos may offer some heavily discounted Black Friday AirPods this year, we predict Amazon to be the one to watch. Last year the Amazon Black Friday Airpods Pro deals dropped to under £200 for the first time — much cheaper than they were priced on the official Apple site.

3. Apple Watch

The best things to do on Black Friday Apple Watch deals | vouchercloud
This line of smartwatches is a Black Friday bestseller every year. From its exceptional fitness tracking to its ability to sync with your iPhone and make calls, each Apple Watch series brings bigger and better features to the table. With seven iterations of this popular piece of tech to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits your budget among this year’s Black Friday Apple Watch deals.

Where can I find the best Apple Watch deals?

Last year we spied an Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday sale on Amazon with a 24% discount. So, if you’ve been lusting after this wearable for a while or are shopping for a gift for a gym lover, this is the time to strike.

Alternatively, bookmark the Groupon Apple Watch deals page for the best discounts throughout the year.

4. iPhone

The best things to buy on Black Friday iPhone deals | vouchercloud
Keeping up with the latest handsets is a luxury that the cost of living crisis is making many people reassess. But that’s not to say you can’t enjoy all the benefits of Apple technology — not with iPhone 12 and 13 handset prices set to take a deep dive this November!

When the iPhone 14 hits the market, older iPhone models will become instantly more affordable. So, whether you’re ready for an upgrade or shopping for a gift, a Black Friday iPhone is well within reach.

Where to find the best Black Friday iPhone deals in 2023?

From cut-price contracts to SIM-Only deals, keep your eyes peeled for affordable Black Friday iPhone deals from the likes of Vodafone, O2 and Carphone Warehouse.

5. Smart TV

The best things to buy on Black Friday Smart TV deals | vouchercloud

If you’re dreaming of cosying up on the couch this winter in front of a Smart TV, you’ll be happy to hear that this product is one of the best things to buy on Black Friday 2023. In fact, we wouldn’t buy a TV at any other time of year… except for maybe Amazon Prime Day. Say hello to all the entertainment you could wish for, streamed directly to your living room.

Where can I find the best Black Friday TV deals 2023?

Expect Smart TV Black Friday deals on everything from high-end 4K smart TVs to more budget-friendly HDTV models. Last year we saw price drops of £250 on Samsung 50-inch Smart TV Black Friday deals from Currys and record-low discounts of up to £70 on Hisense 55-inch Smart TVs at Argos. And the Groupon TV deals page collates the cheapest models, each and every month.

6. Dyson hair tools

The best things to buy on Black Friday Dyson hairdryer deals | vouchercloud
Sleek, fast-drying, and engineered for a range of different hair types, Dyson’s electrical beauty appliances are miles ahead of the competition. And that’s reflected in the price!

Luckily, Black Friday Dyson hairdryer deals are on the horizon, ready to take the financial sting out of your purchase. If you’re in the market for a hair styler rather than a hairdryer, we’d recommend looking out for discounts on the Dyson Corrale or a Dyson Airwrap Black Friday sale. Find out which Dyson hair tool is the best choice for you with our handy comparison guide.

Does Dyson do Black Friday deals?

While Dyson itself rarely drops its prices, you’re likely to find some excellent Black Friday Dyson deals on sites like Argos and Currys. Look for a Corrale or Dyson Airwrap at John Lewis or Amazon and give your locks a new lease of life.

7. PS5

The best things to buy on Black Friday Dyson airwrap deals | vouchercloud
Another big-ticket item that the kids might be hoping to find under the tree, the PS5 is the second most popular games console that people search for on Black Friday. And with super-fast load times and high-grade graphics, this powerful piece of tech is worth the investment.

What is the best website to buy a PS5 from?

Look for the best PS5 controller Black Friday deals from Amazon and Currys this year. Just choose a gear and games bundle for the best value for money. We’re also expecting to see discounts on PlayStation Plus membership, so take advantage while you can as it could amount to significant savings over the year.

8. Microwave

The best things to buy on Black Friday microwave deals | vouchercloud
The king of convenient kitchen appliances may not be the most exciting item to shop for, but you’d be foolish to ignore the Black Friday microwave deals that drop every November. From a Smart Samsung microwave to a stylish yet affordable Swan, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs whether you want to whip up a student meal or pop some popcorn for movie night.

Where to find the best Black Friday microwaves?

Last year we saw some excellent Currys microwave deals as well as discounts from John Lewis and AO. Plus, as you might expect, Amazon blessed us with top-tier offers, such as 60% off the Hoover Chefvolution microwave. Packed with features for a jaw-dropping price, this kind of deal just goes to show that Black Friday’s the most wonderful time of the year if you need to kit out your kitchen.

9. iPad

The best things to buy on Black Friday iPad deals | vouchercloud

Whether you’re streaming movies, checking your emails or reading books before bed, the iPad is a top piece of multi-tasking tech. Treat the student in your life to the iPad Air, a solid all-rounder for research, presentations and note-taking. Or snap up an iPad Mini in the sale for gaming and streaming shows on the road.

Do iPads have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, you can expect Black Friday iPad deals in November, but don’t expect huge drops in price. However, we believe that when it comes to Apple products, every little helps!

Last year the Amazon iPad Black Friday deals came out on top, including £30 off the iPad Air and £20 off an iPad Mini. Our top saving tip is to check the prices on Amazon Prime Day too or look for a refurbished iPad for a very competitive price.

10. Laptop

The best things to buy on Black Friday laptop deals | vouchercloud
Perfect your work-from-home set-up or upgrade your gaming station with a brand new Black Friday laptop. This is one product category that consistently enjoys the best Black Friday discounts at this time of year, so it’s an excellent time to invest. We predict early laptop deals to kick into gear from the start of the month, so whether you’re after an Apple laptop or an Acer, start your research now.

Where can I find the best Black Friday laptop deals 2023?

In search of a Black Friday gaming laptop? Last year, Currys offered up to £200 off Asus and Acer models. Looking for a low-cost option for school or uni? Argos is your friend with its range of budget laptops that dropped to around £199 in November 2021. We also recommend exploring Amazon, Dell, and Very for unbeatable Black Friday deals on laptops.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The Black Friday 2023 UK sale is scheduled to hit on Friday 24th November this year.

How long do Black Friday sales last?

Black Friday officially runs all weekend until Cyber Monday when a fresh batch of deals is released. But realistically, early Black Friday deals can be found as soon as November kicks into gear.

Need more shopping inspiration? You'll find the latest and greatest bargains on vouchercloud and in the Groupon Black Friday deals. Remember, the discounts start to drop as early as the start of November, so start prepping your shopping list now!

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