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Black Friday EE Deals 2024 | vouchercloud

20 October 2021

Black Friday EE

The big day is finally here and EE is pulling no punches, offering up top value mobile phone deals on Apple and Samsung smartphones this Black Friday. Bolstered by some phenomenal SIM-only deals that guarantee greater data than ever before alongside discounts accessories including AirPods, tablets and smartwatches, 2021 promises better tech at lower prices with EE.

EE Black Friday deals

iPhone 13 - £144 off over 24 months

EE iPhone 13

Having only been on the market for a few months, EE is already offering up Apple’s snazzy new smartphone with a tantalising discount. Featuring a freshly updated Pro camera with better motion control and editing options, this nifty piece of kit is great for anyone who loves snapshotting their adventures with friends and family. With improved battery life to ensure you can chat, text, stream and snap for longer, there’s no reason no tech whizz won’t fall in love with the iPhone 13 - especially when EE are offering triple-digit discounts on a 2-year contract.

Samsung Galaxy S21 - £528 off over 24 months

EE Samsung Galaxy S21
Whilst not as new as its Apple counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has already proven to be one of the most robust and reliable Android smartphones on the market. Those who love their mobile YouTube viewing can capitalise on discounts as high as £25 off per month on high data contracts - resulting in over £500 saved across 2 years. With an equal-sized screen and Megapixel camera, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has the capabilities to keep up with even the most fervent socialiser.

What is the Black Friday EE sale?

Essentially a British take on the USA’s tradition of marking down products after Thanksgiving, the EE Black Friday Phone sale showcases the best price drops of the whole year – which means smart tech with big savings. Providers tend to offer the biggest deals on bestselling phones, which means you’re bound to see Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and iPhone Black Friday deals this year. Luckily for you, we at vouchercloud are here to detail some of last year’s best bargains, along with our predictions for the most likely mobile phone deals for Black Friday 2021.

When to expect EE Black Friday offers

Black Friday 2021 this year lands on Friday 26 November through to Sunday 28 November. However, you’re more than likely to see EE drip-feed deals from the beginning of November, though the best Black Friday phone deals will be reserved for the final weekend of the month. To top it off, those who miss out on Black Friday bargains can still get a great deal on new tech thanks to EE’s Cyber Monday mobile phone deals. The offers will include some carryovers from the Black Friday weekend as well as new deals that’ll feature for one day only on Monday 29 November.

EE: The best Black Friday deals of 2020

The best Black Friday deals from 2020 in the UK (unsurprisingly) were those applied to the iPhone 11, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Google Pixel 4a. Unlike most other retailers that offer straight price cuts for Black Fridays, mobile suppliers like EE instead tend to offer additional perks or free gifts on new contracts without raising the price. This means choosing the best deal for you is much more down to preference – web browsers for example will benefit from a bigger data plan, whilst those who prefer to stream Spotify through their phone will appreciate a free pair of earbuds. To get an idea of the potential bonuses on offer this year, here are our highlights of the bestselling Black Friday phone deals of 2020:

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

1GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for £29 a month.

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

Free LG 43 inch UHD 4K TV, 10GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for £31 a month and £30 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Model

10GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for £37 a month and £70 upfront.

Oppo A72

Oppo A72

Free Nintendo Switch, 10GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for £29 a month and £30 upfront.


Our predictions for the top Black Friday EE deals 2021

We at vouchercloud will always have the best Black Friday deals on mobile phones shortlisted on our dedicated page. However, to help give you an idea of what to expect from this year’s bargains early on so you can budget accordingly, we’ve compiled a short selection of what’s expected to go under the hammer this November.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Black Friday deals

As seen above, the Galaxy S20 was offered up at an extraordinary monthly rate of £37 last year. With that in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is most likely to see a discount monthly payment deal come Black Friday – especially when EE is already offering £18 off its current monthly contract! If that wasn’t enough, this year also showcased the release of the space-saving Galaxy Z Flip3 alongside the creatively-oriented Fold3, which will undoubtedly see prices slashed or freebies added to their contracts near November’s end.

iPhone 13 Pro

Apple Black Friday Deals

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S20 was the newest and hypest release at the end of last year, Apple countered by supplying the best value contract of the sale through its Black Friday iPhone 11 deal – keeping monthly costs below £30! It seems the shoe might be on the other foot this year, as the snazzy new iPhone 13 only dropped this September, with EE already offering contracts of £34 a month with the right trade-in. With both the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max also available, we’re likely to see an equal price drop on the deluxe models or at least some free AirPods thrown in to sweeten the deal.

SIM only

SIM-Only Black Friday Deals

If you’re already satisfied with your current handset and simply want to get more from it, then EE will have a SIM only Black Friday plan for you. Seeing as a whopping 160GB of monthly data, unlimited calls and texts were offered for a measly monthly rate of £20 in 2020, you can bet to expect equal treatment in this year’s sale. Whether you sport the latest Samsung or opt for a more cost-effective smartphone for day-to-day use, don’t expect to be spending much over £200 a year for top-notch data deals.

Google Pixel 5

Black Friday Google Pixel Deals

Unlike other mobile brands this year, Google is still confident enough in last year’s Pixel 4a to currently be offering the phone for as little as £23 a month brand new. Also offering additional incentives such as zero upfront payment to keep costs low, the 4a is bound to be one of the best value handsets of this year’s selection. On the other hand if you’re a sucker for something new, the Pixel 5 will be marking its first birthday this year, meaning it’s bound to feature a freebie or a competitively priced package when the sale period starts.

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