Where to find the best vegan pizzas in the UK for Veganuary and beyond
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Where to find the best vegan pizzas in the UK for Veganuary and beyond

18 January 2022

With delicious options that include mock pepperoni and spicy sausage — not to mention lashings of faux mozzarella cheese — you might just find vegan pizza is for life, not just for Veganuary. And with top UK retailers stepping up their plant-based pizza game, the best vegan pizza could be right under your nose.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just have a love for good food, here’s where to get your hands on the most lip-smacking vegan pizza deals this year.

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The best vegan pizza near me

WINNER of the best vegan pizza takeaway: Domino’s

Is there vegan Domino’s pizza?

Absolutely! Domino’s has enough plant-based toppings and sides on its menu to make all your vegan pizza takeaway dreams come true.

Created from the brand’s signature vegan pizza dough and smothered in dairy-free cheese, there are four delicious Domino’s vegan pizza flavours to choose from. Spice up your life with the Vegan American Hot, sink your teeth into the Vegan Vegi Supreme or opt for a classic Vegan PepperoNAY or Vegan Margherita.

Each of these Domino’s vegan pizzas is available in the classic crust and Italian-style crust. Plus, they are just as customisable as the non-vegan options. So you can add that pineapple if you really insist.

Top Domino’s pizza deals: Grab a voucher code for buy one get one free with two for Tuesday or 35% off for students. Offers are valid until the end of January 2023.

RUNNER-UP: Papa John’s vegan pizza

Everyone’s favourite Papa has been hard at work tweaking a tantalising vegan menu, proving that swerving the dairy and meat doesn’t mean scrimping on flavour.

There are two ‘vegan pepperoni’ options on Papa John’s vegan pizza menu: Jackfruit Pepperoni and The Vegan Works. Plus, a classic Margherita and a flavoursome veggie pizza named Vegan Garden Party. Just the kind of party everyone wants to be invited to! Expect generous helpings of Papa John’s ‘Sheese’ to enjoy as well as that signature Papa John’s crispy base.

Fancy trying something new? Give the experimental vegan pizza base a whirl. It’s created from butternut squash instead of flour, so it’s perfect for those looking for vegan gluten-free pizza.

Top Papa John’s pizza deals: 50% off pizza orders over £30 until the end of January 2023. And you can earn free pizza with the Papa John’s Rewards Club. All you need to do is create an account and order!

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WINNER of the best supermarket vegan pizza: Tesco

While most of the main supermarket chains have cottoned on to the power of plant-based pizza, we find Tesco vegan pizza to be a cut above the rest.

Choose from the Plant Chef Margherita with its slow-roasted tomatoes and coconut-based mozzarella cheese alternative or the Plant Chef Mushroom Pizza with its aromatic, garlicky herbs.

Top Tesco pizza deal: Get yourself a Tesco Clubcard to access cheaper prices for Dr. Oetker vegan pizza and Goodfellas vegan pizza. Plus, the Tesco Clubcard & Pizza Express collaboration means you can exchange your points for pizza vouchers.

RUNNER-UP: Asda vegan pizza

We were delighted to discover the delicious yet affordable OMV! Asda vegan pizza range. Choose from Roasted Veg and Houmous or the Stonebaked Vegetable Feast — both have rave reviews from very satisfied customers. The thin, crispy bases give the pizzas a gourmet feel, but these Asda vegan pizzas will only set you back £2.00 and £2.50 respectively. So there's no chance of busting your food budget.

Top Asda groceries discount code: Free click and collect on orders over £25 to help cut the cost of your food bill.

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WINNER of the best vegan pizza restaurants: Pizza Express

What pizza chain is best for vegans?

If the way to your heart’s through your stomach, date night at Pizza Express is a must. With its excellent vegan menu, including starters and desserts, you could go all out with a three-course, plant-based meal and sides.

Choose from a dozen sensational vegan pizza flavours, from the American Jack with its smoky jackfruit vegan ‘pepperoni’ to the low-calorie Leggera range. Plus, there’s gluten-free vegan pizza and special deals for kids... Pizza Express is a vegan pizza lover’s paradise.

Top Pizza Express deals: More interested in eating in? Grab this irresistible 20% off selected items voucher and treat yourself.

RUNNER-UP: Pizza Hut

Does Pizza Hut make vegan pizza?

Of course! The Pizza Hut vegan menu has been going strong since 2017 with mouth-watering improvements like the decadent vegan stuffed crust option appearing on a regular basis.

As well as a classic Vegan Veggie, Margherita and Pepperphoni Feast on the menu, you’ll also find the fiery Vegan Flamin’ Buffalo to satisfy your spicy pizza cravings. And if you’re in the mood for something light, there are even two Vegan Flatbread pizzas to try, both clocking in at under 500 calories. The Pizza Hut vegan pizza menu offers more than enough to keep the whole family happy!

Top Pizza Hut deals: If you can’t quite bring yourself to leave the house, batten down the hatches and take advantage of our 40% off pizza orders over £35 deal. What more do you need to savour a quiet night in.

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Whether you’re looking for the best vegan pizza restaurant deals, supermarket food vouchers or a takeaway voucher, we offer great food to suit any mood at prices that will make your mouth water.

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