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Having set the bar for home viewing and entertainment, Samsung TV sales have become more popular with every passing year. However, when you look at the ever-expanding line-up of Samsung Smart TVs – including their signature QLED TVs, 8K-ready models, Crystal UHDs and the new and enhanced Neo QLED range – it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options. That’s why we here at vouchercloud are here to help, offering you a lowdown on the many features, perks and considerations you should take into account, leaving you to make the most of our Samsung voucher codes.

Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung QLED TV

Odds are if you’re even remotely familiar with modern entertainment systems, you’ve heard of a Samsung QLED TV. The leading style of Samsung TV since their inception in 2017, QLEDs stand apart from OLED TVs offered by competitors (despite the very similar name) in almost every way, from the technology they use, to their pricing and the size of their screens. To summarise briefly, here are the big differences when it comes to QLED vs OLED:

OLEDs – Stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which relates to the individual pixels on-screen. Each one (of the many thousands onscreen) can control and emit its own light and colours individually, allowing for epic on-screen contrast and unparalleled energy efficiency. Simply put, if you had a home with a purpose-built entertainment room where you could control the lighting, OLEDs would offer incomparable visual quality for high-resolution films and TV shows. However, due to the relatively new technology, you can expect high-end OLEDs from brands like LG to sell for as much as £8000, making them unaffordable for many.

QLEDs – Samsung’s answer to the OLED TV, QLED refers to Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode. QLED technology bears far more similarity to that previously employed on LEDs – with one unique catch, a sheet of quantum dots has been inserted between the front LCM screen and the backlight unit. These quantum dots enhance colour when light shines through them at different distances, resulting in high luminance visuals with deeper colour palettes and enhanced brightness. While not quite matching the organic lighting of an OLED, QLEDs compensate by being offered at far more reasonable prices – with typical prices ranging between £500 and £1500 – and by being available in wider screen sizes.

When looking at the two on paper, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that an OLED is always the way to go when you want a top-tier viewing experience – but there’s a catch. With OLED technology still advancing, the cost of integrating this tech into larger TV sets grows exponentially with the screen size, making them far pricier. In comparison, QLEDs are simply enhancing a previously developed display system – making it quicker, easier and cheaper to create them. For example, the Sony Bravia XR55A84JU 55" Smart 4K TV is currently sold at £1179, while the same sized Samsung QE55Q80AATXXU is sold on the same site for £699 – that’s a difference of £480! We’d recommend anyone looking for a great balance between stellar visuals and affordability to opt for QLED – the difference in price far outweighs the difference in picture quality.

Best Samsung TVs in 2022

Samsung TVs

Now that we’ve covered the basis for QLEDs, time to cover the different types of Samsung TVs available as of 2021 – and boy, is there a motley crew to pick between.

Samsung Neo QLED


Released at the end of 2020, Samsung Neo QLEDs represent the next step in QLED technology. Replacing the standard LED backlight with a Mini LED model, these TVs can render brightness at a much more detailed level – putting them closer to the pixelated precision of OLEDs. Expect Neo QLEDs to be more affordable as their novelty wears off – especially around Black Friday and holiday sales.

Samsung Crystal UHD

Crystal UHD TVs

The new name for Samsung’s UHD TV range, Crystal UHDs are named after the Crystal processor, allowing for near-instant rendering without motion blurring. Partner this with the fact that Samsung Crystal UHD TVs come with HDR , you can enjoy colour contrast rendered in 4K resolution. With their lower price tags (you can pick up a 50" model for just over £500), these are ideal choices for lower-budget shoppers.

Samsung 8K TV

8K TVs

If you simply weren’t satisfied with the staggering 3840 x 2160 pixels offered from a 4K TV, then you can step up to a Samsung 8K TV instead, showcasing a jaw-dropping 7680 x 4320-pixel display. These are essentially future-proofed TVs, as most films, games and other media are not currently capable of supporting such crisp-clear visuals - but they will be soon.

Samsung Serif TV

Lifestyle TVs

For those looking for more than just a TV, the Lifestyle range incorporates new and original ways to enjoy the visual medium. New additions like Samsung’s The Frame and the Serif TV allow you to enjoy your favourite creative renderings when the TV is off via a seamless wall-mounted display (The Frame) or through an artistic standalone design (The Serif).


Regardless of the type of TV you want or the budget you’re working with, you can expect several free tools to be built-in to every Samsung Smart TV:

Smart View – The modern viewing method for the multimedia age, Samsung Smart View allows you to effortlessly mirror videos, music and photos from your laptop or mobile device onto your Samsung TV for the optimal viewing experience. Smart View is automatically installed onto Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets; otherwise it can be downloaded for free via the Google Play store, Android store or as a downloadable Windows app via the Samsung website. After that just hook up your TV’s Wi-Fi to the same network as your device, then you’re good to go.
Samsung TV Plus – If TV licences or subscription-based streaming platforms are too much for your budget, know that every Samsung Smart TV incorporates TV Plus – an ad-supported selection of free TV channels. There are live and on-demand channels to pick between, with absolutely no subscriptions or hidden fees – yes that’s right, it just gives you free TV! As well as watching at home, any Galaxy device with Android 8.0 or higher can stream Samsung TV Plus on the go – wherever you are.
Voice Control – Whether you’re an Alexa fan, use Bixby or already have Google Home installed in your house, there are options for each with Samsung Voice Control. As soon as you set up your TV, head to the settings and pick your preferred voice assistant – after that you can connect your TV to your other devices for an all-inclusive smart home experience. Dimming your lights for an evening movie or checking traffic for the morning commute, you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa.


Now that you’ve got to grips with the options and essential features included in Samsung televisions, here’s our selection of the top Samsung TV deals for the most popular QLEDs on the web:

Samsung au7100

Samsung AU7100 (55 inch)

If you’re looking for a lower budget Samsung then you’ll instantly fall for AU7100. With a Crystal UHD 4K processor for immaculate rendering, adaptive sound to suit everything from movies to game shows, plus a Motion Xcelerator and Auto Low Latency mode for crisper displays while gaming, this device has great value considering its minimalist price.

Samsung au9000

Samsung AU9000 (65 inch)

The step-up to the AU7100 outdoes its counterpart in almost every way. Featuring a sleek AirSlim design, the AU9000 adds improved motion detection along with a Super Ultrawide GameView option for an unparalleled gaming experience. Pair this with precise 3D surround sound and enhanced colour display and you’ve got a must-have for media fans.


Samsung q80a

Samsung Q80A (55 inch)

One of the most popular Samsung QLED TVs on the web, the Q80a ensures even a packed living room has a home cinema experience thanks to its wide viewing angle. It includes all the aforementioned gaming enhancements, plus six built-in speakers and pin-sharp contrast that results in lighter whites and darker blacks.

Samsung qn90a

Samsung QN90A (65 inch)

The only Neo-QLED to make the list, the Qn90ashowcases an even wider viewing angle bolstered by an anti-reflection screen that allows you to enjoy even the darkest movies in full detail. With eight built-in speakers, all the gaming modes mentioned before and a near bezel-less display, this is a big investment for the hardcore gamer and film enthusiast.

Samsung Frame TV

Samsung Frame TV (65 inches)

Built for the artistically minded, The Frame TV and its slim fitted wall mount is designed to blend seamlessly with your interior décor. This applies even more so when it’s not streaming television, as The Frame doubles as your own personal photo gallery to showcase your favourite pieces of art. Whether that means admiring some personal illustrations of your own, Japanese woodblock prints or your picks from Van Gogh is entirely up to you – The Frame is your canvas!


Maximise your savings with a Samsung discount code

TVs can be big investments – even when buying a small Samsung TV – which is why it always pays off (literally) to shop smart and save either with an exclusive Samsung coupon code or by browsing the next Samsung TV sale. There’ll be opportunities to cut the cost of your next Samsung 4K TV throughout the year, simply pick the best option for your budget:

Black Friday – Perhaps the most obvious savings opportunity, Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday include some of the biggest and best Samsung deals of the year. It’s not unusual for the Samsung Black Friday deals to feature as much as £500 off their high-end models, so patience can certainly pay dividends if you’re looking for top value. To see what bargain you can land this November, check out our dedicated Black Friday voucher codes page.

Samsung Sales – Like any leading retailer, Samsung loves to tempt customers with seasonal sales on their phones, fridges, microwaves and – of course – their TVs. Be sure to check out our Samsung discount code page for the latest sale highlights and Samsung voucher codes. Alternatively, you can bag a bargain at another retailer sporting the same merchandise, for example the Currys Samsung TV and Argos Samsung TV ranges are fairly extensive – with some of their best discounts beating even those offered by the brand.

Student Discount – If you’re a student aching to add anything Samsung to your inventory, then there are some easy savings waiting for you. Log in and verify your student email through their dedicated page and you’ll net a Samsung student discount of 10% off the entire range. The discount is run through UNiDAYs, so Samsung can check your student status within seconds, after which you’ll have your discount automatically applied to your basket.

Wait for new models – Just like with new PCs and gaming consoles, you can expect previous QLED models to start selling for cheap once the next best Samsung TV arrives on the scene. Check if a new model or – even better – an enhanced variant of a previous one is about to enter the market. If you can wait, you can expect hundreds to drop off the previous model’s price as demand decreases.

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